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The Beacon

Written By:Chris Sanderson - 2001

  • The Beacon  - Chris Sanderson cover


They were Metronians, The Peace Keepers of Deep Space. Their duty, to free galaxies of violent and threatening beings. Mor Zandii, commander of a Metronian Enforcer was given an order he could not carry out. The order, total annihilation of the planet Earth. The dominant beings of the planet had been tried and condemned as a violent species contaminating their entire planet. Mor did not agree. He saw Earth as a jewel in an empty galaxy; an ecological treasure that should not be wasted. As for humankind, they should suffer for their actions, yet not to the point of extinction. Risking his own reputation and possibly his freedom, Mor alters the orders he has been given to not only save the planet Earth, but to also give humankind a minuscule chance to survive.

The Survivors:

Lynda Thomas and her son, Rob, were deep in the ground when the alien's gas swept over the area. A fall down a steep bluff into an old deserted mine had saved their lives. They emerge from the mine to discover the death of friends and family. In anguish, they leave their home in hopes of finding other survivors.

In a small town of Boonesville, Iowa they meet up with three senior citizens from a retirement village. Together, the group begins to find young children alive and well, although bewildered and frightened. Not knowing how many children are left alive, Lynda and the other survivors are frantic to find all the children before they perish from neglect.

Evil Lurks close by:

The Metronian's systemic gas merged with an experimental drug that was being used on twelve life-term prisoners. The result of this mix transformed the prisoners into deadly creatures with enormous strength. The combined chemicals kept their brains alive and functioning while their bodies slowly decayed. They would eventually cease to exist, but will it be soon enough for the other survivors?