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Planet of the Apes

Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Written By:David Gerrold - 1973

  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes - David Gerrold cover


The madness of apes and men erupts in savagery that rocks the earth


It was a quiet, peaceful city.
It was a city ruled by apes and served by men.
It was a city unaware of an angry band of vicious gorillas anxious to revolt and an insane cadre of mutated humans hungry to kill.
It was a city on the brink of an horrendous destruction that had happened once—and was suddenly, inexorably, happening again...

The apes are back in a new shocker from Twentieth Century-Fox


Dawn of Hell

After the Great Destruction, when the nations of earth had finally brought their civilization to dust, there remained, unharmed, a group of apes and humans. This group, led from the ruins into the wilderness by the mighty ape Caesar, founded their own new world: The City of the Apes.

Caesar saw this new world as an arboreal Eden, a place where apes ruled benevolently, where apes learned man's ways and bettered them, knew man's savageries and avoided them.

But Caesar was wrong. What he couldn't see until too late was the future, the terrifying truth that awaited him in the rubble of the old city. The inevitable. The time when man would rise and fight again—and ape would slaughter ape...




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