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Written By:David Drake / Billie Sue Mosiman / Martin H. Greenberg - 1998

  • Armageddon - David Drake / Billie Sue Mosiman / Martin H. Greenberg cover


One Hell of a Party: As the world ends, the staff of an aid mission to a small African country plans its Yuletide Celebration.
Reach Out and Touch Somebody Bodiless! When The Phone Company extends direct-dialing to the Other Side, the line, among much else, goes dead.

Over the Top: Hell spews all its fury on a World War I battlefield.

It's Armageddon Time! But, as the armies of the Kings of the Earth fight the final battle, for the soldiers involved, nothing much has changed.

The Real Armageddon: In 1350 B.C., Pharaoh marshals his army on the Ridge of Megiddo, preparing to meet the Peoples of the Sea -- with chariots, shotguns and cannon.