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Afterblight Chronicles

Broken Arrow

Written By:Paul Kane - 2010

  • Broken Arrow - Paul Kane  cover


a legend reborn in the flames of war!- more than a year has passed since robert stokes defeated de falaise, the self-styled sheriff of nottingham. in that time, the hooded man has been training a new force to police the area: the sherwood rangers. but cracks are beginning to appear in this fledgling system – the men are overstretched and a new threat has appeared in the shape of a dangerous satanic cult. meanwhile, an old enemy has persuaded ‘the tsar’, the emperor-like ruler of russia, to move against robert. soon the tsar’s armies are landing on these shores, determined to wipe out the hooded man and his band for good. but there are also more personal aspects at stake: robert and mary’s relationship, for one, placed under threat by a beautiful newcomer – as robert himself struggles with his living legend status. can the hooded man and his friends survive all of this, or will everything be broken for good?




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