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AugustCountdown8Daniel Parker1999  
DecemberCountdown12Daniel Parker1999  
Sea Change  James Powlik1999ecologicalrealistic
Before and After  Matthew Thomas1999ecologicalfantastical
Cataclysm  Donald Steinberg1999cosmicrealistic
Cold Fusion  Windsor Chorlton1999freezefuturistic
Armageddons  Jack Dann (Editor)
Gardner R. Dozois (Editor)
Armageddon at Defcon 1  Teretha G. Houston1999warrealistic
Beginning of Sorrows  Gilbert Morris1999technologyrealistic
Bob Bridges: An Apocalyptic Fable  Penny Perkins1999warfantastical
Imagining Apocalypse: Studies in Cultural Crisis  David Seed1999criticismcriticism
Third Guardian, The  Jason Brandenburg1999unknownfuturistic
Wings of the Valiant  Mark Edward Jones1999warfantastical
Deadline Y2K  Mark Joseph1999technologyrealistic
Tiger Cruise, The  Richard L. Thompson1999warrealistic
Cyberneural Symbiote  Rick A. Mullins1999extraterrestrialfuturistic
EncounterDeathlands0James Axler1999  
Crucible of TimeDeathlands44James Axler1999  
StarfallDeathlands45James Axler1999  
Gemini RisingDeathlands46James Axler1999  
Gaia's DemiseDeathlands47James Axler1999  
Hellbound FuryOutlanders8James Axler1999  
Night EternalOutlanders9James Axler1999  
Outer DarknessOutlanders10James Axler1999  
Armageddon AxisOutlanders11James Axler1999  
Soul HarvestLeft Behind4Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
ApollyonLeft Behind5Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
AssassinsLeft Behind6Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Hatred in the AshesAshes, The28William W. Johnstone1999  
Standoff in the AshesAshes, The29William W. Johnstone1999  
Tomorrow War, TheWingman16Mack Maloney1999  
Tenth Planet, TheTenth Planet, The1Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Dean Wesley Smith
TimeManifold1Stephen Baxter1999  
Breaking Through the Walls, TheDropas, The1Scott R. Etters1999  
Nicolae HighLeft Behind: The Kids5Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
UndergroundLeft Behind: The Kids6Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Angel Fire EastShannara-6Terry Brooks1999  
Orborgon, TheLast Legacy2Grace Chetwin1999  
Sky Road, TheFall Revolution4Ken MacLeod1999  
FebruaryCountdown2Daniel Parker1999  
MarchCountdown3Daniel Parker1999  
MayCountdown5Daniel Parker 1999  
JuneCountdown6Daniel Parker1999  
JulyCountdown7Daniel Parker1999  
SeptemberCountdown9Daniel Parker1999  
OctoberCountdown10Daniel Parker1999  
NovemberCountdown11Daniel Parker1999  
Evan's Voice   Sallie Lowenstein1999pestilencerealistic
Souls in the Great MachineGreatwinter3Sean McMullen1999  
Burning Road, ThePlague Tales2Ann Benson1999  
Starbright and the Dream Eater   Joy Cowley1999pestilencerealistic
Acts of GodChrist Clone3James BeauSeigneur1998  
After the Blue  Russel C. Like1998extraterrestrialfantastical
Alien Years, The  Robert Silverberg1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
Children of Atwar, The  Heather Spears1998unknownfantastical
Earthweb  Marc Stiegler1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
Fiddler Fair  Mercedes Lackey1998anthologyanthology
Gaia Weeps  Kevin E. Ready1998ecologicalrealistic
History of Our World Beyond the Wave, The  R. E. Klein1998deludgerealistic
I Who Have Never Known Men  Jacqueline Harpman
Ros Schwartz (Translator)
Land of the Golden Clouds  Archie Weller1998warfuturistic
Lanterns of God, TheChronicles of Scar3Ron Sarti1998  
Moonseed  Stephen Baxter1998cosmicrealistic
New Madrid Run, The  Michael Reisig1998geologicalrealistic
Perseids and Other Stories, The  Robert Charles Wilson1998anthologyanthology
Revelations: The Final Harvest  Douglas J. Edgel1998warrealistic
Second Angel, The  Philip Kerr1998pestilencefuturistic
Signal to Noise  Eric S. Nylund1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
Temple of Hashem, The  Hyam Yona Becker1998warrealistic
Aftermath  Charles Sheffield1998cosmicfuturistic
Personal Demons  Christopher Fowler1998anthologyanthology
Solstice  David Hewson1998cosmicrealistic
Vanished, The  John Peel1998rapturerealistic
Convergence, TheLast on Earth2Marilyn Kaye1998  
Vanishing, TheLast on Earth1Marilyn Kaye1998  
Trench, The  Max Marlow1998geologicalrealistic
Moonfall  Heather Spears1998unknownfantastical
Queen of Darkness, The  Miguel Conner1998warfantastical
Conflict  Peter F. Hamilton1998extraterrestrialfantastical
Final Impact  Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic
White Light  William Barton
Michael Capobianco
Y2K - It's Already Too Late  Jason Kelly1998technologyrealistic
Red Shadows  Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic
Y2K: The Millennium Bug  Don L. Tiggre1998technologyrealistic
Armageddon  David Drake
Billie Sue Mosiman
Martin H. Greenberg
Icefire  Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Second Atlantis  James Follett1998ecologicalrealistic
Bunny Modern  David Bowman1998technologyfantastical
Seal of Gaia, The  Marlin Maddoux1998socialfuturistic
Y2K, the Day the World Shut Down  Michael S. Hyatt1998technologyrealistic
Nightmare PassageDeathlands40James Axler1998  
Freedom LostDeathlands41James Axler1998  
Way of the WolfDeathlands42James Axler1998  
Dark EmblemDeathlands43James Axler1998  
Omega PathOutlanders4James Axler1998  
Parallax RedOutlanders5James Axler1998  
Doomstar RelicOutlanders6James Axler1998  
IcebloodOutlanders7James Axler1998  
Ambush in the AshesAshes, The25William W. Johnstone1998  
From the Ashes: America RebornAshes, The26William W. Johnstone1998  
Triumph in the AshesAshes, The27William W. Johnstone1998  
Return of Sky GhostWingman15Mack Maloney1998  
Parable of the TalentsParable2Octavia E. Butler1998  
Vanishings, TheLeft Behind: The Kids1Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Second ChanceLeft Behind: The Kids2Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Through the FlamesLeft Behind: The Kids3Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Facing the FutureLeft Behind: The Kids4Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Knight of the Word, AShannara-7Terry Brooks1998  
KirinyaChaga2Ian McDonald1998  
FeralMoonstone4Kerry Greenwood1998  
Return, TheLast on Earth3Marilyn Kaye1998  
JanuaryCountdown1Daniel Parker1998  
Patriots: Surviving the Coming CollapseSurvivors1James W. Rawles1998  
Dust  Charles Pellegrino1998extraterrestrial
Mara and Dann: An Adventure  Doris Lessing1998drought
Transall Saga, The  Gary Paulsen1998pestilence
Overshoot   Mona Clee1998ecologicalfuturistic
Birth of an AgeChrist Clone2James BeauSeigneur1997  
Cassini DivisionFall Revolution3Ken MacLeod1997  
Cave RatsMoonstone2Kerry Greenwood1997  
Chronicles of Scar, TheChronicles of Scar1Ron Sarti1997  
Cinderblock  Janine Ellen Young1997technologyfuturistic
Eternity Road  Jack McDevitt1997pestilencefuturistic
Fall Through the SkyWind2Jennifer Dimarco1997  
Gaia Websters, The  Kim Antieau1997technologyfantastical
In His ImageChrist Clone1James BeauSeigneur1997  
Legacy of the AncientsChronicles of Scar2Ron Sarti1997  
Maximum Light  Nancy Kress1997ecologicalfuturistic
Mother Grimm  Catherine Wells1997pestilencefuturistic
Shade's Children  Garth Nix1997extraterrestrialfuturistic
Strange Deliverance  Mary Brown1997warfuturistic
Three Days in July  Etienne Poirier Jr.1997socialfuturistic
Toward the End of Time  John Updike1997warrealistic
Virus  Bill Buchanan1997technologyrealistic
Last Day, The  Glenn Kleier1997warrealistic
Scientific Romance, A  Ronald Wright1997ecologicalfantastical
Family Tree, The  Sheri S. Tepper1997ecologicalfantastical
Glass  Stephen Palmer1997pestilencefuturistic
Earthling  Tony Daniel1997earthquakefuturistic
Winter  Simon Brown1997warfuturistic
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman  Walter M. Miller Jr.1997warfantastical
Dry  Max Marlow1997droughtrealistic
Star of the Sun  Charles Schaefer1997cosmicfuturistic
2011, The Evacuation of Planet Earth  G. Cope Schellhorn1997warrealistic
Icequake  John Spencer1997ecologicalfuturistic
Plague Saint, The  Rita Donovan1997pestilencefuturistic
Gauss Factor, The  Stephen R. Tasker1997ecologicalrealistic
Bitter FruitDeathlands35James Axler1997  
SkydarkDeathlands36James Axler1997  
Demons of EdenDeathlands37James Axler1997  
Mars Arena, TheDeathlands38James Axler1997  
WatersleepDeathlands39James Axler1997  
Exile to HellOutlanders1James Axler1997  
Destiny RunOutlanders2James Axler1997  
Savage SunOutlanders3James Axler1997  
NicholaeLeft Behind3Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Slaughter in the AshesAshes, The23William W. Johnstone1997  
Judgement in the AshesAshes, The24William W. Johnstone1997  
Sky Ghost, TheWingman14Mack Maloney1997  
Forever PeaceForever War2Joe Haldeman1997  
Dragons on the Sea of NightSunset Warrior5Eric Van Lustbader1997  
Running with the DemonShannara-8Terry Brooks1997  
Phoenix CafeAleutian3Gwyneth Jones1997  
Mississippi Blues  Kathleen Ann Goonan1997technologyfuturistic
Allamanda  Michael Williams1997unknownfantastical
Consolidation  Peter F. Hamilton1997extraterrestrialfantastical
Hope of EarthGeodyssy3Piers Anthony1997  
Book of Water, TheDragon Quartet2Marjorie Bradley Kellogg1997  
Solar Flare  Larry Burkett1997cosmicrealistic
Glimmering   Elizabeth Hand1997ecologicalfuturistic
Plague Tales, The Plague Tales1Ann Benson1997  
Virtual WarVirtual War Chronologs1Gloria Skurzynski1997  
Amnesiascope  Steve Erickson1996socialfuturistic
Arcady  Michael Williams1996unknownfantastical
End of the Age, The  Pat Robertson1996cosmicrealistic
Faraday's Orphans  N. Lee Wood1996ecologicalfuturistic
First King of ShannaraShannara0Terry Brooks1996  
Into the Forest  Jean Hegland1996socialfuturistic
Lot and Lot's Daughter  Ward Moore1996warrealistic
Magazine Beach  Lewis Gannett1996warrealistic
Memory Seed  Stephen Palmer1996ecologicalfuturistic
Protecting the Source  Steven E. Browne1996extraterrestrialrealistic
Revelations  Douglas E. Winter1996athnologyathnology
Trigger Effect, The  Dewey Gram1996technologyrealistic
'48  James Herbert1996pestilencerealistic
Aftermath  John Russell Fearn1996unknown?
Aftermath  LeVar Burton1996socialrealistic
Dead Heat  Del Stone Jr.1996pestilencefanastical
Groogleman  Debra Doyle
James D. Macdonald
Broken Wheel, TheMoonstone1Kerry Greenwood1996  
End Time  George A. Matiasz1996warrealistic
Taming, The  Heather Spears1996warfanastical
Whale RoadMoonstone3Kerry Greenwood1996  
Third Pandemic, The  Pierre Ouellette1996pestilencerealistic
Map of Power  Tess Williams1996technologyfuturistic
CrosswaysDeathlands30James Axler1996  
Keepers of the SunDeathlands31James Axler1996  
Circle ThriceDeathlands32James Axler1996  
Eclipse at NoonDeathlands33James Axler1996  
StonefaceDeathlands34James Axler1996