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Shape of Things To Come  H.G. Wells1933warrealistic
Man Who Awoke  Laurence Manning1933warfuturistic
Public Faces  Harold Nicolson1932warrealistic
Dawn  S. Fowler Wright1929delugerealistic
Deluge  S. Fowler Wright1928delugerealistic
Armageddon 2419 A.D.Buck RogersPhilip Francis Nowlan1928  
Airlords of Han, TheBuck RogersPhilip Francis Nowlan1928  
Absolute at Large, The   Karel Capek1927warfantastical
Moon Men, The  Edgar Rice Burroughs1925extraterrestrial
Moon Maid, The  Edgar Rice Burroughs1923unknown
Theodore Savage  Cicely Hamilton1922warrealistic
People of the Ruins, The  Edward Shanks1920warfantastical
Beyond the Great OblivionDarkness and Dawn2George Allan England1913  
Afterglow, TheDarkness and Dawn3George Allan England1913  
Vacant World, TheDarkness and Dawn1George Allan England1912  
Night Land Volume Two, The  William Hope Hodgson1912cosmic
Night Land: A Love Tale, The  William Hope Hodgson1912cosmic
Purple Cloud, The  M.P. Shiel1901cosmicfantastical
After London
Wild England
  Richard Jefferies1885ecologicalrealistic
Last Man, The  Mary Shelley1826pestilencerealistic
SurvivalBlue Plague2Thomas A. Watson