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Beyond the Burning LandsSword of the Spirits, The2John Christopher1971  
Black MountainsEmpire of the East2Fred Saberhagen1971  
Don't Pick the Flowers
Denver is Missing
  D.F. Jones1971ecologicalrealistic
Gods of Foxcroft, The  David Levy1971ecologicalfantastical
Lathe of Heaven, The  Ursula K. Le Guin1971plaguefantastical
Sleepwalker's World  Gordon R. Dickson1971technologyfantastical
Yngling, TheYngling1John Dalmas1971  
Epicenter  Basil Jackson1971warrealistic
Starship Intercourse  Lambert Wilhelm1971extraterrestrialfantastical
Los Angeles: A.D.2017  Philip Wylie1971ecologicalrealistic
Candle in the Sun  Robert Wells1971deludgefantastical
Day After Judgment, The  James Blish1971supernatural
Moderan  David R. Bunch1971war
Pastel City, TheViriconium1M. John Harrison1971  
Committed Men, The   M. John Harrison1971ecologicalrealistic
Crimson Witch, The   Dean R. Koontz1971warrealistic
Wind Whales of Ishmael, The   Philip Jos Farmer1971ecologicalfantastical
After Things Fell Apart  Ron Goulart1970warfuturistic
Beastchild  Dean R. Koontz1970extraterrestrialfantastical
Indoctrinaire  Christopher Priest1970warfantastical
Jesus Factor  Edwin Corley1970warrealistic
Prince in Waiting, TheSword of the Spirits, The1John Christopher1970  
Stars in Shroud, The  Gregory Benford 1970plaguefuturistic
Thinking Seat, The  Peter Tate1970ecologicalrealistic
Year of the Quiet Sun, The  Wilson Tucker1970warfantastical
Tiltangle  R.W. Mackelworth1970freezefuturistic
Overman Culture, The  Edmund Cooper1970unknownfuturistic
Blind Worm, The  Brian Stableford1970unknownfuturistic
Beneath the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesMichael Avallone1970  
House in November, The  Keith Laumer1970extraterrestrialrealistic
Incredible Tide, The  Alexander Key1970war
Half Past HumanHive1T J Bass1970  
Barefoot in the Head  Brian Aldiss1969warrealistic
Damnation Alley  Roger Zelazny1969warfantastical
Four-Gated City, TheChildren of Violence5Doris Lessing1969  
Heroes and Villains  Angela Carter1969warrealistic
Path to Savagery  Robert Alter1969deludgerealistic
Sixth Seal, The  Mary Wesley1969warrealistic
Var the StickBattle Circle2Piers Anthony1969  
Cataclysm: The Day the World Died  Don Pendleton1969ecologicalrealistic
Last Continent, The  Edmund Cooper1969warfuturistic
Giant of World's EndWorld's End1Lin Carter1969  
Out of the Mouth of the DragonBooks of the Wars2Mark S. Geston1969  
Ice Schooner, The  Michael Moorcock1969extraterrestrial
Redbeard  Mike Resnick1969warfantastical
Broken Lands, TheEmpire of the East1Fred Saberhagen1968  
FORTEC conspiracy, The  Richard M. Garvin1968pestilencefantastical
Ice People, The  Rene Barjavel1968earthquakefantastical
Sos the RopeBattle Circle1Piers Anthony1968  
Specter Is Haunting Texas, A  Fritz Leiber1968warfuturistic
Spawn of the Death Machine, TheAndroid Avenger2Ted White1968  
Pool of Fire, TheTripods4John Christopher1968  
Black Easter  James Blish1968supernatural
Einstein Intersection, The  Samuel R. Delany1967unknownfantastical
Ice  Anna Kavan1967warrealistic
Lords of the StarshipBooks of the Wars1Mark S. Geston1967  
Moonspin  Elmer Carpenter1967cosmicfuturistic
Logan's RunLogan1William F. Nolan1967  
City of Gold and Lead, TheTripods3John Christopher1967  
White Mountains, TheTripods2John Christopher1967  
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream  Harlan Ellison1967war
City of Illusions  Ursula K. Le Guin1967warfantastical
Night of the Big Fire
Moon rocket
  John E. Muller1967warfuturistic
Reality Forbidden   Philip E. High1967technologyfuturistic
Robot Brains, The  Sydney J. Bounds1967technologyfantastical
All Fool's Day  Edmund Cooper1966cosmicfantastical
This Immortal  Roger Zelazny1966warfantastical
Furies, The  Keith Roberts1966extraterrestrialfantastical
Time For Survival, A  Philip McCutchan1966warrealistic
Catastrophe Planet  Keith Laumer1966earthquakerealistic
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep  Philip K. Dick1966warfuturistic
Eyes of the Overworld, TheDying Earth2Jack Vance1966  
Cugel's SagaDying Earth3Jack Vance1966  
Judgment of Eve, The  Edgar Pangborn1966warfuturistic
Age of Miracles
Day of the Star Cities, The
  John Brunner1965extraterrestrialfantastical
Dr. Bloodmoney  Philip K. Dick1965warrealistic
Genocides, The  Thomas M. Disch1965extraterrestrialfantastical
World Without Women  Day Keene1965pestilencefantastical
Wrinkle in the Skin, A
Ragged Edge, The
  John Christopher1965earthquakerealistic
Commander-1  Peter George1965warrealistic
Time and Stars  Poul Anderson1965anthologyanthology
Martha QuestChildren of Violence4Doris Lessing1965  
Android AvengerAndroid Avenger1Ted White1965  
Who Can Replace a Man?  Brian Aldiss1965technologyfuturistic
Negative Ones, The  John E. Muller1965warrealistic
Last Hope of Earth, The
Creeping Shroud, The
  Lan Wright1965ecologicalrealistic
Davy  Edgar Pangborn1964warrealistic
Day New York Went Dry, The  Charles Einstein1964droughtrealistic
Day the Machines Stopped, The  Christopher Anvil1964technologyfantastical
Day the Oceans Overflowed, The  Charles L. Fontenay1964deludgerealistic
Drought, The
Burning World, The
  J.G. Ballard1964droughtrealistic
Farnhams Freehold  Robert A. Heinlein1964warfantastical
Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce  Ambrose Bierce1964anthologyanthology
Greybeard  Brian Aldiss1964warrealistic
Time of the Great Freeze  Robert Silverberg1964ecologicalfuturistic
Penultimate Truth, The  Philip K. Dick1964warfuturistic
Pail of Air, A  Fritz Leiber1964cosmicfuturistic
Froomb!   John Lymington1964warrealistic
Time Dweller, The   Michael Moorcock1964ecologicalfantastical
Darkest of Nights, The
Survival Margin
  Charles Eric Maine1964warrealistic
To Conquer Chaos  John Brunner1964extraterrestrialfantastical
Prodigal Sun, The  Philip E. High1964warfuturistic
Triumph  Philip Wylie1963warrealistic
Fifth Planet, The  Geoffrey Hoyle
Fred Hoyle
Sign of the Labrys  Margaret St. Clair1963pestilencefantastical
Game Player's of Titan, The  Philip K. Dick1963warfuturistic
Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesPierre Boulle1963  
Wall, The   Marlen Haushofer1963rapturefantastical
World That Never Was, The   Karl Zeigfreid1963warrealistic
World of Tomorrow
World of the Future
  Karl Zeigfreid1963extraterrestrialfantastical
Drowned World, The  J.G. Ballard1962delugefuturistic
Jewels of Aptor, The  Samuel R. Delany1962warfantastical
Wind From Nowhere, The  J.G. Ballard1962ecologicalrealistic
Wizard of Linn  A.E. Van Vogt1962warfuturistic
Eleventh Commandment, The  Lester del Rey1962warfuturistic
World in Winter, The
Long Winter, The
  John Christopher1962ecologicalrealistic
Central passage  Lawrence L. Schoonover1962warfantastical
When the Moon Ran Wild  Ray Ainsbury1962cosmicrealistic
Adrift in a Boneyard  Robert Lewis Taylor1962unknownrealistic
Beyond Time   John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Day the World Died, The  John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Flying Eyes, The   J. Hunter Holly1962extraterrestrialfantastical
Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles, The  Robert Moore Williams1961pestilencefantastical
Green Rain, The  Paul Tabori1961cosmicfantastical
Long Afternoon of Earth, The
  Brian Aldiss1961cosmicfantastical
Some Will Not Die  Algis Budrys1961pestilencerealistic
Dark Universe  Daniel F. Galouye1961warfantastical
Twilight World  Poul Anderson1961warfantastical
Coming of the Rats, The
Virgin Mistress
  George Henry Smith1961warrealistic
Cat's Cradle  Kurt Vonnegut Jr.1960warrealistic
Dark December  Alfred Coppel1960warrealistic
Peacemakers, The   Curtis W. Casewit1960warfuturistic
Alas, Babylon  Pat Frank1959warrealistic
Black Cloud, The  Fred Hoyle1959cosmicfantastical
Canticle for Leibowitz, A  Walter M. Miller Jr.1959warfantastical
Level 7  Mordecai Roshwald1959warrealistic
Last Day, The  Helen Clarkson1959warrealistic
Tide Went Out, The  Eric Maine1959droughtrealistic
Catch a Falling Star
100th Millennium, The
  John Brunner1959unknownfuturistic
After the Rain  John Bowen1958delugerealistic
Proper Marriage, AChildren of Violence3Doris Lessing1958  
Year When Stardust Fell, The  Raymond F. Jones1958cosmicrealistic
On the Beach  Nevil Shute1957warrealistic
Sea Siege  Andre Norton1957warfantastical
Seventh Day, The  Hans Hellmut Kirst1957warrealistic
Empire of the Atom  A.E. Van Vogt1957warfuturistic
Man Who Japed, The  Philip K. Dick1956warfuturistic
No Blade of Grass
Death of Grass
  John Christopher1956blightrealistic
End of the World, The  Anthology
Donald A. Wollheim
Bright Phoenix, The  Harold Mead1956warfuturistic
City and the Stars, The  Arthur C. Clarke1956war
Wanting Seed, The  Anthony Burgess1956blight
World Jones Made, The  Philip K. Dick1956war
Chrysalids, The  John Wyndham1955warfantastical
Long Tomorrow, The  Leigh Bracket1955warrealistic
Not This August  C.M. Kornbluth1955warrealistic
Fittest, The  J.T. McIntosh1955creaturefantastical
Pleasures of a Futuroscope, The   Lord Dunsany1955warfuturistic
I Am Legend  Richard Matheson1954pestilencefantastical
Tomorrow!  Philip Wylie1954warrealistic
Fallen Sky, The  Peter Crowcroft1954warrealistic
Ripple from the Storm, AChildren of Violence2Doris Lessing1954  
Slaves To The Metal Horde  Milton Lesser1954war
False Night   Algis Budrys1954pestilencerealistic
Hero's Walk  Robert Crane1954extraterrestrialrealistic
Childhood's End  Authur C. Clarke1953extraterrestrialfantastical
Kraken Wakes, The
Out of the Deeps
  John Wyndham1953extraterrestrialfantastical
Mutant  Henry Kuttner1953warfantastical
Against the Fall of Night  Arthur C. Clarke1953war
Second Variety  Philip K. Dick1953war
Doomsday Story, The  Elleston Trevor1952warrealistic
Long Loud Silence, The  Wilson Tucker1952warrealistic
Star Man's Son
Daybreak-2250 A.D.
  Andre Norton1952warfantastical
Vault of the Ages  Poul Anderson1952warrealistic
LandlockedChildren of Violence1Doris Lessing1952  
Day of the Triffids, The  John Wyndham1951extraterrestrialfantastical
Disappearance, The  Philip Wylie1951rapturefantastical
City at World's End, The  Edmond Hamilton1951warfantastical
Last Revolution, The  Lord Dunsany1951technology
City in the Sea, The   Wilson Tucker1951warrealistic
Shadow of the Hearth  Judith Merril1950warrealistic
Dying Earth, TheDying Earth1Jack Vance1950  
Pebble in the Sky  Isaac Asimov1950war
Earth Abides  George R. Stewart1949pestilencerealistic
Humanoids, The  Jack Williamson1949technology
Fight for Life   Murray Leinster1949warrealistic
Ape and Essence  Aldous Huxley1948warrealistic
Mr. Adam  Pat Frank1948war
Machine Stops, The  E. M. Forster1947technology
Thunder and Roses   Theodore Sturgeon1947warrealistic
Anthem   Ayn Rand1946unknownrealistic
Gather, Darkness!  Fritz Leiber1943warfuturistic
Ashes, Ashes
  Rene Barjavel1943technologyfantastical
Earth's Last Citadel  Henry Kuttner
C L Moore
Twenty-Fifth Hour, The  Herbert Best1940warrealistic
Sixty Days To Live  Dennis Wheatley1939cosmicrealistic
Hopkin's Manuscript, The  R.C. Sherriff1939cosmicrealistic
Black Flame, The  Stanley G. Weinbaum1939pestilence
Wild Harbour  Ian MacPherson1936war
Gay Hunter  J. Leslie Mitchell1934warfantastical