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Metro 2033  Dmitry Glukhovsky2009war
Windup Girl, The  Paolo Bacigalupi2009extraterrestrial
Year of the Flood, The  Margaret Atwood2009extraterrestrial
One Second After  William R. Forstchen2009technologyrealistic
From the AshesTerminator Salvation1Timothy Zahn2009  
Operation MotherlandAfterblight Chronicles6Scott Andrews2009  
Death Got No MercyAfterblight Chronicles7Al Ewing 2009  
Catching FireHunger Games2Suzanne Collins2009  
Pale Fallen Angels, Part 3 and 4Vampire Hunter D12Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Twin Shadowed KnightVampire Hunter D13Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Suicide KingsWild Cards20George R. R. Martin2009  
Official Movie NovelizationTerminator Salvation2Alan Dean Foster2009  
Cold WarTerminator Salvation3Greg Cox2009  
Maze Runner, TheMaze Runner1James Dashner2009  
Alien Earth: Hope Cometh  James R. Meadors Jr.2009extraterrestrialfuturistic
Enemy, TheEnemy1Charlie Higson2009  
GreenCircle4Ted Dekker2009  
Gathering Storm, TheResistance1William C. Dietz2009  
Scourge of God, TheDies the Fire5S. M. Stirling2008  
WavesongObernewtyn5Isobelle Carmody2008  
Stone Key, TheObernewtyn6Isobelle Carmody2008  
The Lord-Protector's DaughterCorean Chronicles7L. E. Modesitt Jr.2008  
Desert KingsDeathlands81James Axler2008  
Apocalypse UnbornDeathlands82James Axler2008  
Thunder RoadDeathlands83James Axler2008  
Plague LordsDeathlands84James Axler2008  
Grailstone GambitOutlanders44James Axler2008  
GhostwalkOutlanders45James Axler2008  
Pantheon of VengeanceOutlanders46James Axler2008  
Death CryOutlanders47James Axler2008  
Dead and The Gone, TheLast Survivors2Susan Beth Pfeffer2008  
FloodFlood1Stephen Baxter2008  
Gypsy Morph, TheShannara-3Terry Brooks2008  
Yesterday's MagicWinter3Pamela F. Service2008  
Diamond of Darkhold, TheEmber4Jeanne DuPrau2008  
Apocalypse UnleashedLeft Behind: Apocalypse4Mel Odom2008  
Fall with HonorVampire Earth7E E Knight2008  
GoneGone1Michael Grant2008  
ExileGuardians of Ga'hoole14Kathryn Lasky2008  
War of the Ember, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole15Kathryn Lasky2008  
Plague WarPlague2Jeff Carlson2008  
World Made By HandWorld Made by Hand1James Howard Kunstler2008  
Host, The  Stephenie Meyer2008extraterrestrial
Night Work  Thomas Glavinic2008unknown
Valley-Westside War, The  Harry Turtledove2008war
Thunder and AshesMorningstar Strain2Z. A. Recht2008  
Bogus to BubblyUglies0Scott Westerfeld2008  
Roar, TheRoar1Emma Clayton2008  
Dawn Over DoomsdayAfterblight Chronicles4Jaspre Bark 2008  
ArrowheadAfterblight Chronicles5Paul Kane2008  
Hunger Games, TheHunger Games1Suzanne Collins2008  
Dark NocturneVampire Hunter D10Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Pale Fallen Angels, Part 1 and 2Vampire Hunter D11Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Inside StraightWild Cards18George R. R. Martin2008  
Busted FlushWild Cards19George R. R. Martin2008  
Kingdom of TwilightAvatars3Tui T Sutherland2008  
Wall-E  Irene Trimble2008ecologicalfuturistic
Wall-E Intergalactic Guide  Catherine Saunders2008ecologicalfuturistic
Love at First BeepWall-EApple Jordan2008  
Kingdom ComeLeft Behind13Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Sunrise Lands, TheDies the Fire4S. M. Stirling2007  
Cannibal MoonDeathlands77James Axler2007  
Sky RaiderDeathlands78James Axler2007  
Remember TomorrowDeathlands79James Axler2007  
SunspotDeathlands80James Axler2007  
Closing the Cosmic EyeOutlanders40James Axler2007  
Skull ThroneOutlanders41James Axler2007  
Satan's SeedOutlanders42James Axler2007  
Dark GoddessOutlanders43James Axler2007  
Elves of Cintra, TheShannara-4Terry Brooks2007  
Hiveborn, TheEarthborn Wars3Paul Collins2007  
ExtinctionResident Evil3Keith DeCandido2007  
Valentine's ResolveVampire Earth6E E Knight2007  
Golden TreeGuardians of Ga'hoole12Kathryn Lasky2007  
River of WindGuardians of Ga'hoole13Kathryn Lasky2007  
2012: The War for Souls  Whitley Strieber2007cosmicrealistic
SeraphsRogue Mage2Faith Hunter2007  
HostRogue Mage3Faith Hunter2007  
Plague YearPlague1Jeff Carlson2007  
ExtrasUglies4Scott Westerfeld2007  
Last Light  Alex Scarrow2007technology
Oblivion Society, The  Marcus Alexander Hart2007war
Pesthouse, The  Jim Crace2007war
Phytosphere  Scott MacKay2007extraterrestrialfuturistic
Apocalypse Reader, The  Justin Taylor2007anthologyanthology
American Messiah   James Hall2007warrealistic
Kill or CureAfterblight Chronicles2Rebecca Levene 2007  
School's OutAfterblight Chronicles3Scott Andrews 2007  
True LightRestoration3Terri Blackstock2007  
Dawn's Light Restoration4Terri Blackstock2007  
Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the ProfaneVampire Hunter D6Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Part 1Vampire Hunter D7Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Part 2Vampire Hunter D8Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Rose PrincessVampire Hunter D9Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Savage Survival Savage Survival1Darrell Bain2007  
Splinter   Adam Roberts2007cosmicfantastical
Stone Gods, The   Jeannette Winterson2007warfuturistic
To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories   Poul Anderson2007warfuturistic
World Without Us, The  Alan Weisman2007non-fictionnonfiction
Shadow FallingAvatars2Tui T Sutherland2007  
Monster PlanetZombie3David Wellington2007  
Gone  Gerald Otten2006unknownrealistic
RaptureLeft Behind-2Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
A meeting at CorvallisDies the Fire3S. M. Stirling2006  
Cadmian's ChoiceCorean Chronicles5L. E. Modesitt Jr.2006  
Soarer's ChoiceCorean Chronicles6L. E. Modesitt Jr.2006  
Keeper's Shadow, TheLonglight Legacy, The3Dennis Foon2006  
Fate of EternityDropas, The3Scott R. Etters2006  
A Darkling PlainHungry City Chronicles4Philip Reeve2006  
World War Z  Max Brooks2006pestilencerealistic
Road, The  Cormac McCarthy2006cosmicrealistic
LabyrinthDeathlands73James Axler2006  
Strontium SwampDeathlands74James Axler2006  
Shatter ZoneDeathlands75James Axler2006  
Perdition ValleyDeathlands76James Axler2006  
RefugeOutlanders36James Axler2006  
Rim of the WorldOutlanders37James Axler2006  
Lords of the DeepOutlanders38James Axler2006  
Hydra's RingOutlanders39James Axler2006  
Life as We Knew ItLast Survivors1Susan Beth Pfeffer2006  
Armageddon's ChildrenShannara-5Terry Brooks2006  
Prophet of Yonwood, TheEmber3Jeanne DuPrau2006  
Valentine's ExileVampire Earth5E E Knight2006  
RulePlanet of the ApesJ E Bright2006  
First Collier, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole9Kathryn Lasky2006  
Coming of Hoole, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole10Kathryn Lasky2006  
To Be a KingGuardians of Ga'hoole11Kathryn Lasky2006  
BloodringRogue Mage1Faith Hunter2006  
Cell  Stephen King2006technologyrealistic
SpecialsUglies3Scott Westerfeld2006  
Conqueror Worms, The
Earthworm Gods
  Brian Keene2006deludge
Pandemia  JohnathanRand
Christopher Knight
Small-Minded Giants  Oisn McGann2006extraterrestrial
Dead CityDead World1Joe McKinney2006  
Plague of the DeadMorningstar Strain1Z. A. Recht2006  
Culled, TheAfterblight Chronicles1Simon Spurrier 2006  
Children's Hospital, The  Chris Adrian2006deludgerealistic
Night LightRestoration2Terri Blackstock2006  
Demon DeathchaseVampire Hunter D3Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Tale of the Dead TownVampire Hunter D4Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Stuff of Dreams, TheVampire Hunter D5Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Past Magic   Ian R. MacLeod2006variousvarious
Physician's Tale, The Plague Tales3Ann Benson2006  
Plague   Jeremiah L. Donaldson2006pestilencerealistic
Thunder of Time Thunder2James F. David2006  
Death Draws FiveWild Cards17George R. R. Martin2006  
PsykogeddonJudge DreddDave Stone2006  
So This Is How It EndsAvatars1Tui T Sutherland2006  
Choice, TheVirtual War Chronologs4Gloria Skurzynski2006  
Monster IslandZombie1David Wellington2006  
Monster NationZombie2David Wellington2006  
TrackersBirthright Project, The2Kathryn Mackel2006  
On the Last DayDown the Road2Bowie Ibarra2006  
Legend  Barry Maher2005unknownrealistic
Rising: Antichrist is BornLeft Behind0Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Regime: Evil AdvancesLeft Behind-1Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Protector's War, TheDies the Fire2S. M. Stirling2005  
Alector's ChoiceCorean Chronicles4L. E. Modesitt Jr.2005  
Tide of Nemesis, TheWindows of Heaven, The4K. G. Powderly Jr.2005  
Infernal DevicesHungry City Chronicles3Philip Reeve2005  
Black HarvestDeathlands69James Axler2005  
Vengeance TrailDeathlands70James Axler2005  
Ritual ChillDeathlands71James Axler2005  
Atlantis RepriseDeathlands72James Axler2005  
Evil AbyssOutlanders32James Axler2005  
Children of the SerpentOutlanders33James Axler2005  
SuccessorsOutlanders34James Axler2005  
Cerberus StormOutlanders35James Axler2005  
StrakenShannara13Terry Brooks2005  
Freefall  Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Bloodsong  Melvin Burgess2005unknownfantastical
Skyborn, TheEarthborn Wars2Paul Collins2005  
EverfreeIdlewild3Nick Sagan2005  
Tale of the ThunderboltVampire Earth3E E Knight2005  
Valentine's RisingVampire Earth4E E Knight2005  
Hatchling, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole7Kathryn Lasky2005  
Outcast, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole8Kathryn Lasky2005  
PrettiesUglies2Scott Westerfeld2005  
UgliesUglies1Scott Westerfeld2005  
Book of Dave, The  Will Self2005deludge
City of the Dead  Brian Keene2005zombies
Deadlands  Scott A. Johnson2005zombies
Fear of Gravity [Garden Where My Rains Grows, The]  Brian Keene2005deludge
Goodness Gene, The  Sonia Levitin2005war
Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, The  Doris Lessing2005drought
Autumn Autumn1David Moody2005  
The City Autumn2David Moody2005  
Purification Autumn3David Moody2005  
The Human Condition Autumn4David Moody2005  
No ExitBig Empty4J.B. Stephens2005  
Blown Away Sharp North2Patrick Cave2005  
Last LightRestoration1Terri Blackstock2005  
Vampire Hunter DVampire Hunter D1Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Raiser of GalesVampire Hunter D2Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Devil Delivered and Other Tales, The   Steven Erikson2005ecologicalrealistic
Extinction   Ray Hammond2005ecologicalrealistic
Galileo's Children [The World Is a Sphere]  Arthur C. Clarke2005warrealistic
Footprints of ThunderThunder1James F. David2005  
Final Cut, TheJudge DreddMatt Smith2005  
Swine FeverJudge DreddAmdrew Cartmel2005