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In the Drift  Michael Swanwick1985technologyfantastical
Long Mynd, The  Edward P. Hughes1985warfantastical
Pandora's Genes  Kathryn Lance1985ecologicalfuturistic
Postman, The  David Brin1985warfantastical
Saraband of Lost Time  Richard Grant1985unknownfuturistic
This is the Way the World Ends  James Morrow1985warrealistic
Tom O'Bedlam  Robert Silverberg1985socialfuturistic
World Ends in Hickory Hollow, The  Ardath Mayhar1985warrealistic
EclipseSong Called Youth1John Shirley1985  
Mother EarthRamon and Morgan2Mike McQuay1985  
Pure BloodRamon and Morgan1Mike McQuay1985  
Comet, The  Robert Charles1985cosmicrealistic
Burnt Lands  Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Wolf of Shadows  Whitley Strieber1985warrealistic
Artifact  Gregory Benford1985cosmicfantastical
Footfall  Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
After the Flames  Elizabeth Mitchell1985anthologyanthology
Children of the Light  Susan B. Weston1985warfuturistic
Storehouses of the Snow  Heather Bischoff1985deludgerealistic
Wild CountryQuantrill3Dean Ing1985  
Beyond Armageddon  Walter M. Miller Jr.1985waranthology
Earthchange  Clare Cooper1985unknownfuturistic
Horses of the NorthHorseclans13Robert Adams1985  
Bay City BurnoutOutrider4Richard Harding1985  
Built to KillOutrider5Richard Harding1985  
Reprisal, TheSurvivalist11Jerry Ahern1985  
Rebellion, TheSurvivalist12Jerry Ahern1985  
Blood in the AshesAshes, The4William W. Johnstone1985  
Alone in the AshesAshes, The5William W. Johnstone1985  
Bloody AmericaDoomsday Warrior4Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy
America's Last DeclarationDoomsday Warrior5Ryder Stacy1985  
American RebellionDoomsday Warrior6Ryder Stacy1985  
Road WarTraveler5D. B. Drumm1985  
Border WarTraveler6D. B. Drumm1985  
Road Ghost, TheTraveler7D. B. Drumm1985  
First Family, TheAmtrak Wars2Patrick Tilley1985  
Sword of Forbearance, ThePelbar7Paul O. Williams1985  
Trial by FireGuardians, The2Richard Austin1985  
Thunder of HellGuardians, The3Richard Austin1985  
Night of the PhoenixGuardians, The4Richard Austin1985  
C.A.D.S.: Computerized Attack/Defense SystemC.A.D.S.1John Sievert1985  
Ambrov KeonSime/Gen7Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorrah
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome  Terry Hayes
George Miller
Wishsong of Shannara, TheShannara3Terry Brooks1985  
Winter of Magic's Return, TheWinter1Pamela F. Service1985  
Shai's DestinyShai2Daniel Walther1985  
Creed for the Third Millennium, The   Colleen McCullough1985ecologicalrealistic
Kiteworld   Keith Roberts1985warrealistic
Tales of the HorseclansHorseclans0Scott B Williams1985  
After the Bomb  Gloria D. Miklowitz1984warrealistic
Beast of Heaven, The  Victor Kelleher1984warfuturistic
Brother in the Land  Robert Swindells1984warrealistic
Countdown to Midnight  H. Bruce Franklin1984waranthology
Devil on My Back  Monica Hughes1984unknownfuturistic
Emergence  David R. Palmer1984warrealistic
Fishers of Darksea, The  Roger Eldridge1984unknownfuturistic
Flame Upon the Ice, TheIce Prophet2William R. Forstchen1984  
Man Who Melted, The  Jack Dann1984socialfantastical
Melvaig's VisionFaradawn2Richard Ford1984  
Second Kingdom, TheVision of Beasts2Jack Lovejoy1984  
Those Who Favour Fire  Marta Randall1984earthquakerealistic
Warday  Whitley Strieber
James Kunetka
HomecomingYngling2John Dalmas1984  
Jitterbug  Mike McQuay1984pestilencerealistic
Sword of Allah, The  Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Terminator, The  Shaun Hutson1984technologyfantastical
Peace War, The  Vernor Vinge1984warfuturistic
Danger Quotient, The  Annabel Johnson
Edgar Johnson
Greenhouse: It Will Happen in 1997  Dakota James1984ecologicalrealistic
Outrider, TheOutrider1Richard Harding1984  
Fire and IceOutrider2Richard Harding1984  
Blood HighwayOutrider3Richard Harding1984  
Prophet, TheSurvivalist7Jerry Ahern1984  
End is Coming, TheSurvivalist8Jerry Ahern1984  
Earth FireSurvivalist9Jerry Ahern1984  
Awakening, TheSurvivalist10Jerry Ahern1984  
Anarchy in the AshesAshes, The3William W. Johnstone1984  
Doomsday WarriorDoomsday Warrior1Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy
Red AmericaDoomsday Warrior2Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy
Last American, TheDoomsday Warrior3Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy
First, You FightTraveler1D. B. Drumm1984  
Kingdom ComeTraveler2D. B. Drumm1984  
Stalkers, TheTraveler3D. B. Drumm1984  
To Kill a ShadowTraveler4D. B. Drumm1984  
Song of the AxePelbar6Paul O. Williams1984  
Guardians, TheGuardians, The1Richard Austin1984  
RenSimeSime/Gen6Jacqueline Lichtenberg1984  
Creation DescendingVision of Beasts1Jack Lovejoy1984  
Brotherhood of Diablo, TheVision of Beasts3Jack Lovejoy1984  
Rhialto the MarvellousDying Earth4Jack Vance1984  
Book of Shai, TheShai1Daniel Walther1984  
Alien CitadelHuntsman3Douglas Hill1984  
Clay's ArkPatternist5Octavia Butler 1984  
DomainRats3James Herbert1984  
Doomsday Plus Twelve  James D. Forman1984war
Viriconium NightsViriconium4M. John Harrison1984  
Alejandra Variations, The  Paul Cook1984warfantastical
Ariel  Steven R. Boyett1983extraterrestrialfantastical
Crucible of Time, The  John Brunner1983cosmicfuturistic
Ice ProphetIce Prophet1William R. Forstchen1983  
Long Voyage Back  Luke Rhinehart1983warrealistic
Orion Shall Rise  Poul Anderson1983warfuturistic
Prelude to ChaosDouglas Convolution3Edward Llewellyn1983  
Pulling Through  Dean Ing1983warrealistic
Single CombatQuantrill2Dean Ing1983  
Unforsaken Hiero, The  Sterling E. Lanier1983warfantastical
Wild Shore, TheThree Californias1Kim Stanley Robinson1983  
Last Gasp, The  Trevor Hoyle1983ecologicalfuturistic
End of the World, The  Martin H. Greenberg
Eric S. Rabkin
Joseph D. Olander
Trinity's Child  William Prochnau1983warrealistic
Champion of the Last BattleHorseclans11Robert Adams1983  
Woman of the Horseclans, AHorseclans12Robert Adams1983  
Web, TheSurvivalist5Jerry Ahern1983  
Savage Horde, TheSurvivalist6Jerry Ahern1983  
Out of the AshesAshes, The1William W. Johnstone1983  
Fire in the AshesAshes, The2William W. Johnstone1983  
Cloud WarriorAmtrak Wars1Patrick Tilley1983  
Ambush of Shadows, AnPelbar5Paul O. Williams1983  
Worlds ApartWorlds2Joe Haldeman1983  
Tsunami  Crawford Kilian1983ecologicalrealistic
Rogers' RangersBuck RogersJohn Silbersack1983  
Warriors of the WastelandHuntsman2Douglas Hill1983  
Unforsaken Hiero, TheHiero2Sterling E. Lanier1983  
Millennium   John Varley1983warfantastical
Citadel of the Autarch, TheUrth: Book of the New Sun4Gene Wolfe1982  
Elfstones of ShannaraShannara2Terry Brooks1982  
Fourth Horseman, The  Alan E. Nourse1982pestilencerealistic
God's Grace  Bernard Malamud1982warrealistic
Maurai and Kith  Poul Anderson1982unknownfantastical
Tapestry of Time, AWhite Bird of Kinship3Richard Cowper1982  
Test of Fire  Ben Bova1982cosmicfuturistic
White Plague, The  Frank Herbert1982pestilencerealistic
Apocalypse and Science Fiction  Frederick A. Kreuziger1982criticismcriticism
Cloud of Desolation, The  Sam Baneham1982extraterrestrialfuturistic
Survivors  John Nahmlos1982warrealistic
Witch Goddess, TheHorseclans9Robert Adams1982  
Bili the AxeHorseclans10Robert Adams1982  
OverkillZone5James Rouch1982  
Fall of the Shell, ThePelbar4Paul O. Williams1982  
Channel's DestinySime/Gen5Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorra
Battlefield Earth  L. Ron Hubbard1982extraterrestrialfuturistic
Last Man on Earth, The  Anthology
Isaac Asimov
Time's Dark LaughterNew World2James Kahn1982  
Quest for the FaradawnFaradawn1Richard Ford1982  
Huntsman, TheHuntsman1Douglas Hill1982  
In Viriconium
Floating Gods, The
Viriconium3M. John Harrison1982  
Divine Queen, TheDoom Quest of Ara-Karn2Adam Corby1982  
WintermindMasters of Solitude2Marvin Kaye
Parke Godwin
Breaking Earth  Keith Laumer1981ecologicalrealistic
Cool War  Frederik Pohl1981warfuturistic
Dream of Kinship, AWhite Bird of Kinship2Richard Cowper1981  
House of the WolfPhoenix Legacy3M. K. Wren1981  
ImramBlessing3William Barnwell1981  
Shadow of the SwanPhoenix Legacy2M. K. Wren1981  
Sigma Curve, TheBlessing2William Barnwell1981  
Sword of the LambPhoenix Legacy1M. K. Wren1981  
Sword of the Lictor, TheUrth: Book of the New Sun3Gene Wolfe1981  
Systemic ShockQuantrill1Dean Ing1981  
Abyss, The  Jere Cunningham1981extraterrestrialfantastical
Dark Between the Stars, The  Poul Anderson1981anthologyanthology
Winners  Poul Anderson1981warfuturistic
Bohack: Symbiotic Worlds  L. Linehan1981pestilencefuturistic
Under the City of Angeles  Jerry Brown1981deludgefantastical
Jason and the Astronauts  Karl Klyne1981unknown?
Encores in Fade  William J. Lambert III1981unknown?
Horseclans OdysseyHorseclans7Robert Adams1981  
Death of a Legend, TheHorseclans8Robert Adams1981  
Total WarSurvivalist1Jerry Ahern1981  
Nightmare Begins, TheSurvivalist2Jerry Ahern1981  
Quest, TheSurvivalist3Jerry Ahern1981  
Doomsayer, TheSurvivalist4Jerry Ahern1981  
Hunter KillerZone3James Rouch1981  
Sky StrikeZone4James Rouch1981  
Ends of the Circle, ThePelbar2Paul O. Williams1981  
Dome in the Forest, ThePelbar3Paul O. Williams1981  
Mahogany TrinroseSime/Gen4Jacqueline Lichtenberg1981  
Mind-CallMind-Call1Wilanne Schneider Belden1981  
Catastrophes!  Anthology1981anthologyanthology
WorldsWorlds1Joe Haldeman1981  
Warrior's BloodBuck RogersRichard S McEnroe1981  
Warrior's WorldBuck RogersRichard S McEnroe1981  
Buck Rogers in 25th CenturyBuck RogersJim Lawrence
Gray Morrow
Fond Farewell to Dying, A  Syd Logsdon1981deludgerealistic
Daystar and Shadow  James B Johnson1981warfantastical
Pilgrimage  Drew Mendelson1981warrealistic
Former King, TheDoom Quest of Ara-Karn1Adam Corby1981  
Tintagel  Paul Cook1981pestilencefantastical
Hello America   J. G. Ballard1981ecologicalfuturistic
Sunfall  C. J. Cherryh1981unknownfuturistic
Revolt of the MicronautsMicronauts3Gordon M Williams1981  
Blessing Papers, TheBlessing1William Barnwell1980  
Bright CompanionDouglas Convolution2Edward Llewellyn1980  
Claw of the Conciliator, TheUrth: Book of the New Sun2Gene Wolfe1980  
Free Flight  Douglas Terman1980warrealistic
Riddley Walker  Russell Hoban1980warfuturistic
Shadow of the Torturer, TheUrth: Book of the New Sun1Gene Wolfe1980  
Steel, the Mist, and the Blazing Sun, The  Christopher Anvil1980warfuturistic
This Time of Darkness  H. M. Hoover1980ecologicalfuturistic
Voices in Time  Hugh MacLennan1980warfuturistic
World Enough and TimeNew World1James Kahn1980