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To the Vanishing Point  Alan Dean Foster1988unknownfantastical
Maiden Flight  Eric Vinicoff1988warfuturistic
Gold Coast, TheThree Californias2Kim Stanley Robinson1988  
Loremasters, The  Leslie Gadallah1988warfuturistic
Land's End  Frederik Pohl
Jack Williamson
Nuclear War  Gregory Benford1988waranthology
Last Children of Schevenborn, The  Gudrun Pausewang1988warrealistic
WhirlwindPhoenix5David Alexander1988  
Jaiyavara  Eleanor Glaze1988socialfuturistic
Cataclysm, The  Ernest C. Pollard1988criticismcriticism
Henry's Quest  Graham Oakley1988pestilencerealistic
World for the Meek, A  Harry Willson1988warfantastical
Earth King  Michael Youssef1988warrealistic
Pony SoldiersDeathlands6James Axler1988  
Dectra ChainDeathlands7James Axler1988  
Northstar RisingDeathlands10James Axler1988  
Capital RunEndworld9David Robbins1988  
New York RunEndworld10David Robbins1988  
Liberty RunEndworld11David Robbins1988  
Houston RunEndworld12David Robbins1988  
Anaheim RunEndworld13David Robbins1988  
Clan of the Cats, TheHorseclans18Robert Adams1988  
Mid-WakeSurvivalist0Jerry Ahern1988  
OverlordSurvivalist15Jerry Ahern1988  
Arsenal, TheSurvivalist16Jerry Ahern1988  
Ordeal, TheSurvivalist17Jerry Ahern1988  
Struggle, TheSurvivalist18Jerry Ahern1988  
Danger in the AshesAshes, The8William W. Johnstone1988  
Valor in the AshesAshes, The9William W. Johnstone1988  
American ParadiseDoomsday Warrior13Ryder Stacy1988  
American Death OrbitDoomsday Warrior14Ryder Stacy1988  
Warlord's Revenge, TheLast Ranger6Craig Sargent1988  
Vile Village, TheLast Ranger7Craig Sargent1988  
Cutthroat Cannibals, TheLast Ranger8Craig Sargent1988  
Damned Disciples, TheLast Ranger9Craig Sargent1988  
Killing GroundZone7James Rouch1988  
Thunder in the EastWingman4Mack Maloney1988  
Twisted Cross, TheWingman5Mack Maloney1988  
Freedom FlightGuardians, The10Richard Austin1988  
Valley of the GodsGuardians, The11Richard Austin1988  
Plague YearsGuardians, The12Richard Austin1988  
Tech SatanC.A.D.S.5John Sievert1988  
Tech InfernoC.A.D.S.6John Sievert1988  
Jump StartTurbo Cowboys1Tony Phillips1988  
Spin OutTurbo Cowboys2Tony Phillips1988  
In Endless TwilightForever Hero3L. E. Modesitt Jr.1988  
ShockwaveFire Brats4Barbara Siegel
Scott Siegel
Adulthood RitesXenogenesis2Octavia E. Butler1988  
Bewitchments of Love and Hate, TheWraeththu2Storm Constantine1988  
Mind-FindMind-Call3Wilanne Schneider Belden1988  
Blood RideRoadblaster3Paul Hofrichter1988  
Death RideRoadblaster2Paul Hofrichter1988  
Death QuestPhoenix3David Alexander1988  
At Winter's EndNew Springtime1Robert Silverberg1988  
When the Tripods CameTripods1John Christopher1988  
Alien Child   Pamela Sargent1988warfuturistic
Aces AbroadWild Cards4George R. R. Martin1988  
Down and DirtyWild Cards5George R. R. Martin1988  
Highway HolocaustFreeway Warrior1Joe Dever1988  
Mountain RunFreeway Warrior2Joe Dever1988  
Urth of the New Sun, TheUrth: Book of the New Sun5Gene Wolfe1987  
After the Zap  Michael Armstrong1987technologyfantastical
Atheling, TheLast Legacy1Grace Chetwin1987  
Children of the Shroud  Garfield Reeves-Stevens1987technologyrealistic
Exit Earth  Martin Caidin1987cosmicrealistic
Forge of God, The  Greg Bear1987extraterrestrialfuturistic
In the Country of Last Things  Paul Auster1987socialfuturistic
Last Ship, The  William Brinkley1987warrealistic
Liege-KillerParatwa1Christopher Hinz1987  
Man who Pulled Down the Sky, The  John Barnes1987warfuturistic
Mask for the General, The  Lisa Goldstein1987socialrealistic
Orvis  H. M. Hoover1987warfuturistic
Paratwa, TheParatwa2Christopher Hinz1987  
Pestis 18  Sharon Webb1987pestilencerealistic
Speaker to Heaven  Atanielle Annyn Nol1987warfuturistic
Swan Song  Robert R. McCammon1987warfantastical
Through Darkest America  Neal Barrett Jr.1987warfuturistic
Tomorrow's MagicWinter2Pamela F. Service1987  
Way of the Pilgrim  Gordon R. Dickson1987extraterrestrialfuturistic
Desert, TheSpider World1Colin Wilson1987  
Dark MessiahPhoenix1David Alexander1987  
Ground ZeroPhoenix2David Alexander1987  
Drowning Towers
Sea and Summer
  George Turner1987deludgefuturistic
Week One  Gloria D. Miklowitz1987warrealistic
Time Capsule  Mitch Berman1987warrealistic
Peace on Earth  Stanislaw Lem1987technologyfuturistic
Incomer, The  Margaret Elphinstone1987warrealistic
Coming Global Superstorm  Art Bell1987ecologicalrealistic
Dome  Steve Perry
Michael Reaves
Evil Star  Logan Robinson1987cosmicrealistic
Magician's Apprentice, TheArmindor1Tom McGowen1987  
Storm Warnings  Eric S. Rabkin
Colin Greenland
George E. Slusser
Phoenix From the Ashes  Carl B. Yoke1987anthologyanthology
Einstein' s Monsters  Martin Amis1987waranthology
Raiders Sky  Mary Haynes1987ecologicalrealistic
Fireball  Paul Davies1987cosmicrealistic
Shudderchild  Warren Norwood1987earthquakefuturistic
Neutron SolsticeDeathlands3James Axler1987  
Crater LakeDeathlands4James Axler1987  
Kalispell Run, TheEndworld4David Robbins1987  
Dakota RunEndworld5David Robbins1987  
Citadel RunEndworld6David Robbins1987  
Armageddon RunEndworld7David Robbins1987  
Denver RunEndworld8David Robbins1987  
Trumpets of WarHorseclans16Robert Adams1987  
Madman's ArmyHorseclans17Robert Adams1987  
Friends of the HorseclansHorseclans19Robert Adams
Pamela Crispin Adams
Terror, TheSurvivalist14Jerry Ahern1987  
Smoke from the AshesAshes, The7William W. Johnstone1987  
American NightmareDoomsday Warrior10Ryder Stacy1987  
American EdenDoomsday Warrior11Ryder Stacy1987  
Death, American StyleDoomsday Warrior12Ryder Stacy1987  
Rabid Brigadier, TheLast Ranger4Craig Sargent1987  
War Weapons, TheLast Ranger5Craig Sargent1987  
Children's Crusade, TheTraveler11D. B. Drumm1987  
Prey, TheTraveler12D. B. Drumm1987  
Ghost DancersTraveler13D. B. Drumm1987  
WingmanWingman1Mack Maloney1987  
Circle War, TheWingman2Mack Maloney1987  
Lucifer Crusade, TheWingman3Mack Maloney1987  
Iron MasterAmtrak Wars3Patrick Tilley1987  
Blood RiverAmtrak Wars4Patrick Tilley1987  
Desolation RoadGuardians, The8Richard Austin1987  
Vengeance DayGuardians, The9Richard Austin1987  
Tech Strike ForceC.A.D.S.4John Sievert1987  
ObernewtynObernewtyn1Isobelle Carmody1987  
The Silent WarriorForever Hero2L. E. Modesitt Jr.1987  
Burning Land, TheFire Brats1Barbara Siegel
Scott Siegel
SurvivorsFire Brats2Barbara Siegel
Scott Siegel
Thunder MountainFire Brats3Barbara Siegel
Scott Siegel
DawnXenogenesis1Octavia E. Butler1987  
Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, TheWraeththu1Storm Constantine1987  
Mind-HoldMind-Call2Wilanne Schneider Belden1987  
Hell RideRoadblaster1Paul Hofrichter1987  
Tower, TheSpider World2Colin Wilson1987  
Fortress, TheSpider World3Colin Wilson1987  
Delta, TheSpider World4Colin Wilson1987  
Aces HighWild Cards2George R. R. Martin1987  
Jokers WildWild Cards3George R. R. Martin1987  
Light of Eden, The
  W. A. Harbinson1987unknownfantastical
Firechild  Jack Williamson1986unknown?
In Alien Flesh  Gregory Benford1986anthologyanthology
Nature's End  Whitley Strieber
James Kunetka
Pandora's Children  Kathryn Lance1986ecologicalfuturistic
Rumors of Spring  Richard Grant1986ecologicalfuturistic
Shore of Women, The  Pamela Sargent1986warfuturistic
Shift, The  Hugh Cook1986extraterrestrialfuturistic
Dream Catcher, The  Monica Hughes1986unknownfuturistic
Halo  Paul Cook1986cosmicfuturistic
Doomsday Effect, The  Thomas Wren1986cosmicrealistic
Golden Days  Carolyn See1986warfuturistic
After the Flood  P. C. Jersild1986warfuturistic
Cold Creek Cash Store  Russell Hill1986socialrealistic
Cold Sea Rising  Richard Moran1986warrealistic
Ende: A Diary of the Third World War  Anton-Andrew Guha1986unknown?
Milwaukee: The Beautiful  Dakota James1986ecologicalfuturistic
Joshua Factor, The  Donald Clayton1986unknown?
Time-Slip  Graham Dunstan Martin1986warrealistic
Rankin: Enemy of the State  John Osier1986warfuturistic
Perfect People  Robert Lieberman1986socialfuturistic
Marooned in Realtime  Vernor Vinge1986warfuturistic
Pilgrimage to HellDeathlands1James Axler1986  
Red HolocaustDeathlands2James Axler1986  
Fox Run, TheEndworld1David Robbins1986  
Thief River Falls RunEndworld2David Robbins1986  
Twin Cities RunEndworld3David Robbins1986  
Man Called Milo Morai, AHorseclans14Robert Adams1986  
Memories of Milo Morai, TheHorseclans15Robert Adams1986  
PursuitSurvivalist13Jerry Ahern1986  
Wind in the AshesAshes, The6William W. Johnstone1986  
American DefianceDoomsday Warrior7Ryder Stacy1986  
American GloryDoomsday Warrior8Ryder Stacy1986  
America's Zero HourDoomsday Warrior9Ryder Stacy1986  
Last Ranger, TheLast Ranger1Craig Sargent1986  
Savage Stronghold, TheLast Ranger2Craig Sargent1986  
Madman's Mansion, TheLast Ranger3Craig Sargent1986  
Terminal RoadTraveler8D. B. Drumm1986  
Stalking Time, TheTraveler9D. B. Drumm1986  
Hell on EarthTraveler10D. B. Drumm1986  
Plague BombZone6James Rouch1986  
Armageddon RunGuardians, The5Richard Austin1986  
War ZoneGuardians, The6Richard Austin1986  
Brute ForceGuardians, The7Richard Austin1986  
Tech BattlegroundC.A.D.S.2John Sievert1986  
Tech CommandoC.A.D.S.3John Sievert1986  
Dawn for a Distant EarthForever Hero1L. E. Modesitt Jr.1986  
Zelerod's DoomSime/Gen8Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorra
Blue ChampagneEight Worlds3John Varley1986  
TimefallNew World3James Kahn1986  
Children of Ashgaroth, TheFaradawn3Richard Ford1986  
Wild CardsWild Cards1George R. R. Martin1986  
Afterwar  Anthology
Janet Morris
Blood Music  Greg Bear1985pestilencefuturistic
Children of the Dust  Louise Lawrence1985anthologyanthology
Darkness Upon the Ice, AIce Prophet3William R. Forstchen1985  
Dinner at Deviant's Palace  Tim Powers1985warfuturistic
Duende Meadow  Paul Cook1985warfantastical
Fiskadoro  Denis Johnson1985warfuturistic
Fungus, The  Harry Adam Knight1985ecologicalrealistic
Galapagos  Kurt Vonnegut1985ecologicalfantastical