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Valor in the AshesAshes, The9William W. Johnstone1988  
American ParadiseDoomsday Warrior13Ryder Stacy1988  
American Death OrbitDoomsday Warrior14Ryder Stacy1988  
Warlord's Revenge, TheLast Ranger6Craig Sargent1988  
Vile Village, TheLast Ranger7Craig Sargent1988  
Cutthroat Cannibals, TheLast Ranger8Craig Sargent1988  
Damned Disciples, TheLast Ranger9Craig Sargent1988  
Killing GroundZone7James Rouch1988  
Thunder in the EastWingman4Mack Maloney1988  
Twisted Cross, TheWingman5Mack Maloney1988  
Freedom FlightGuardians, The10Richard Austin1988  
Valley of the GodsGuardians, The11Richard Austin1988  
Plague YearsGuardians, The12Richard Austin1988  
Tech SatanC.A.D.S.5John Sievert1988  
Tech InfernoC.A.D.S.6John Sievert1988  
Jump StartTurbo Cowboys1Tony Phillips1988  
Spin OutTurbo Cowboys2Tony Phillips1988  
In Endless TwilightForever Hero3L. E. Modesitt Jr.1988  
ShockwaveFire Brats4Barbara Siegel
Scott Siegel
Adulthood RitesXenogenesis2Octavia E. Butler1988  
Bewitchments of Love and Hate, TheWraeththu2Storm Constantine1988  
Mind-FindMind-Call3Wilanne Schneider Belden1988  
Blood RideRoadblaster3Paul Hofrichter1988  
Death RideRoadblaster2Paul Hofrichter1988  
Death QuestPhoenix3David Alexander1988  
At Winter's EndNew Springtime1Robert Silverberg1988  
When the Tripods CameTripods1John Christopher1988  
Alien Child   Pamela Sargent1988warfuturistic
Aces AbroadWild Cards4George R. R. Martin1988  
Down and DirtyWild Cards5George R. R. Martin1988  
Highway HolocaustFreeway Warrior1Joe Dever1988  
Mountain RunFreeway Warrior2Joe Dever1988  
Ash-OckParatwa3Christopher Hinz1989  
City, Not Long After, The  Pat Murphy1989pestilencerealistic
Dawn's Uncertain Light  Neal Barrett Jr.1989warfuturistic
Farewell Horizontal  K. W. Jeter1989unknownfuturistic
Folk of the Fringe, The  Orson Scott Card1989warfuturistic
Hunter's Fire, A  Floyd D. Dale1989warrealistic
I Feel the Morning Star  Gregory Maguire1989warfuturistic
Magicians' Challenge, TheArmindor3Tom McGowen1989  
Masters of the Fist  Edward P. Hughes1989warrealistic
Monkey Station  Ardath Mayhar1989pestilencefantastical
My Father Immortal  Michael D. Weaver1989warfuturistic
Plague 99Plague 991Jean Ure1989  
Svaha  Charles de Lint1989ecologicalfuturistic
Thunder on Neptune, A  Gordon Eklund1989unknownfuturistic
Thunderstrike!  Michael McCollum1989cosmicfuturistic
Wall Around Eden, The  Joan Slonczewski1989warfuturistic
War of the Sky Lords, TheSky Lords2John Brosnan1989  
Marked Man, The  Charles Ingrid1989pestilencefuturistic
Down to a Sunless Sea  David Graham1989warfuturistic
Sky Lords, TheSky Lords1John Brosnan1989  
Dying Sun, The  Gary L. Blackwood1989ecologicalfuturistic
Last War, The  Martyn Godfrey1989warrealistic
Cascade Empire, The  Esther M. G. Smith1989unknown?
Lift Off  J. Hall Stephens1989ecologicalrealistic
Way to Ground Zero, The  Martha A. Bartter1989criticismcriticism
Views From the Oldest House  Richard Grant1989socialfuturistic
Homeward BoundDeathlands5James Axler1989  
Ice and FireDeathlands8James Axler1989  
Red EquinoxDeathlands9James Axler1989  
Time NomadsDeathlands11James Axler1989  
First StrikeBlade1David Robbins1989  
Outlands StrikeBlade2David Robbins1989  
Vampire StrikeBlade3David Robbins1989  
Pipeline StrikeBlade4David Robbins1989  
Pirate StrikeBlade5David Robbins1989  
Seattle RunEndworld14David Robbins1989  
Nevada RunEndworld15David Robbins1989  
Miami RunEndworld16David Robbins1989  
Atlanta RunEndworld17David Robbins1989  
Memphis RunEndworld18David Robbins1989  
Friends of the Horseclans IIHorseclans20Robert Adams
Pamela Crispin Adams
Final RainSurvivalist19Jerry Ahern1989  
FirestormSurvivalist20Jerry Ahern1989  
Trapped in the AshesAshes, The10William W. Johnstone1989  
American OverthrowDoomsday Warrior15Ryder Stacy1989  
American UltimatumDoomsday Warrior16Ryder Stacy1989  
America's SwordDoomsday Warrior17Ryder Stacy1989  
Is This the End?Last Ranger10Craig Sargent1989  
Civilian SlaughterZone8James Rouch1989  
Final Storm, TheWingman6Mack Maloney1989  
Marauders, TheMarauders, The1Michael McGann1989  
Blood KinMarauders, The2Michael McGann1989  
Death-BringerAmtrak Wars5Patrick Tilley1989  
Devil's DealGuardians, The13Richard Austin1989  
Doom CommanderC.A.D.S.7John Sievert1989  
Cybertech Killing ZoneC.A.D.S.8John Sievert1989  
Full ThrottleTurbo Cowboys3Tony Phillips1989  
Spark FireTurbo Cowboys4Tony Phillips1989  
Super ChargeTurbo Cowboys5Tony Phillips1989  
Rat TrapTurbo Cowboys6Tony Phillips1989  
Night RidersTurbo Cowboys7Tony Phillips1989  
Speed ShiftTurbo Cowboys8Tony Phillips1989  
Duster TroubleTurbo Cowboys9Tony Phillips1989  
City of GlassTurbo Cowboys10Tony Phillips1989  
Freedom's RangersFreedom's Rangers1Keith William Andrews1989  
Raiders of the RevolutionFreedom's Rangers2Keith William Andrews1989  
Silver Wings and Leather JacketsEagleheart1C. T. Westcott1989  
Broadsides and BrassEagleheart2C. T. Westcott1989  
Blood and BonesEagleheart3C. T. Westcott1989  
SteeleSteele1J. D. Masters1989  
Cold SteeleSteele2J. D. Masters1989  
ImagoXenogenesis3Octavia E. Butler1989  
Fulfilments of Fate and Desire, TheWraeththu3Storm Constantine1989  
Sparrow's Flight, A  Margaret Elphinstone1989warrealistic
Queen of Springtime, TheNew Springtime2Robert Silverberg1989  
Rebellion 2456Buck RogersM S Murdock1989  
Hammer of MarsBuck RogersM S Murdock1989  
Armageddon Off VestaBuck RogersM S Murdock1989  
Dead, The  Mark E. Rogers1989zombies
Moonbane  Al Sarrantonio1989cosmic
Stark  Ben Elton1989extraterrestrial
Ace in the HoleWild Cards6George R. R. Martin1989  
Omega Zone, TheFreeway Warrior3Joe Dever1989  
California CountdownFreeway Warrior4Joe Dever1989  
ArrivalBuck RogersAnthology1989  
Agviq  Michael Armstrong1990warrealistic
Armageddon: The MusicalArmageddon1Robert Rankin1990  
Black Snow Days  Claudia O'Keefe1990warfuturistic
Echoes of the Fourth MagicChronicles of Ynis Aielle1R. A. Salvatore1990  
Eclipse CoronaSong Called Youth3John Shirley1990  
Fire  Alan Rodgers1990warrealistic
Gift Upon the Shore, A  M. K. Wren1990warfuturistic
Last Recall, The  Charles Ingrid1990pestilencefuturistic
Madness Season, The  C. S. Friedman1990extraterrestrialfuturistic
Pacific EdgeThree Californias3Kim Stanley Robinson1990  
Prayers to Broken Stones  Dan Simmons1990anthologyanthology
Wolf and Iron  Gordon R. Dickson1990economicrealistic
World Next Door, The  Brad Ferguson1990warrealistic
Zulus  Percival Everett1990warfuturistic
Lifeline  Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason
Earth Remembers, The  Susan Torian Olan1990unknownfantastical
Red Death, The  Max Marlow1990pestilencerealistic
Vampire Winter  Lois Tilton1990warfantastical
In a Dark Time  Joseph Dewey1990criticismcriticism
Last Whales, The  Lloyd Abbey1990ecologicalrealistic
Crusher StrikeBlade6David Robbins1990  
Terror StrikeBlade7David Robbins1990  
Devil StrikeBlade8David Robbins1990  
L. A. StrikeBlade9David Robbins1990  
Dead Zone StrikeBlade10David Robbins1990  
Cincinnati RunEndworld19David Robbins1990  
Dallas RunEndworld20David Robbins1990  
Boston RunEndworld21David Robbins1990  
Green Bay RunEndworld22David Robbins1990  
Yellowstone RunEndworld23David Robbins1990  
To End All WarSurvivalist21Jerry Ahern1990  
Brutal ConquestSurvivalist22Jerry Ahern1990  
Death in the AshesAshes, The11William W. Johnstone1990  
Survival in the AshesAshes, The12William W. Johnstone1990  
American Dream MachineDoomsday Warrior18Ryder Stacy1990  
Body CountZone9James Rouch1990  
Freedom ExpressWingman7Mack Maloney1990  
SkyfireWingman8Mack Maloney1990  
Liar's DiceMarauders, The3Michael McGann1990  
Convoy StrikeMarauders, The4Michael McGann1990  
Ghost Warriors, TheMarauders, The5Michael McGann1990  
Earth-ThunderAmtrak Wars6Patrick Tilley1990  
Death from AboveGuardians, The14Richard Austin1990  
Snake EyesGuardians, The15Richard Austin1990  
Suicide AttackC.A.D.S.9John Sievert1990  
Recon by FireC.A.D.S.10John Sievert1990  
WarriorGan Moondark1Donald E. McQuinn1990  
Farseekers, TheObernewtyn2Isobelle Carmody1990  
Search and DestroyFreedom's Rangers3Keith William Andrews1990  
Treason in TimeFreedom's Rangers4Keith William Andrews1990  
Sink the ArmadaFreedom's Rangers5Keith William Andrews1990  
Killer SteeleSteele3J. D. Masters1990  
Jagged SteeleSteele4J. D. Masters1990  
Renegade SteeleSteele5J. D. Masters1990  
Target SteeleSteele6J. D. Masters1990  
Scions of Shannara, TheShannara4Terry Brooks1990  
WinterlongWinterlong1Elizabeth Hand1990  
Prime SquaredBuck RogersM S Murdock1990  
Extinction is Forever  Louise Lawrence1990war
Return, The
Quiet Place, The
  Richard Maynard1990warrealistic
Among Madmen   Jim Starlin
Daina Graziunas
Dracula Unbound   Brian W. Aldiss1990warfantastical
Time of Darkness, a   Sherryl Jordan1990warfantastical
Dead Man's HandWild Cards7George R. R. Martin1990  
Chicago Red  R M Meluch1990warfuturistic
Bone Dance  Emma Bull1991warfuturistic
Dream Compass, The  Jeff Bredenberg1991warfuturistic
Earth Is All That Lasts, TheCoconino1Catherine Wells1991  
Fall of the Sky Lords, TheSky Lords3John Brosnan1991  
Gravity's Angels  Michael Swanwick1991anthologyanthology
Heavy Weather  Bruce Sterling1991ecologicalrealistic
Mercycle  Piers Anthony1991cosmicfantastical
Orbital ResonanceCentury Next Door1John Barnes1991  
Precipice  Bob Langley1991unknown?
River Rats  Caroline Stevermer1991warrealistic
White QueenAleutian1Gwyneth Jones1991  
Flood  Philip McCutchan1991deludgerealistic
Through the Heart  Richard Grant1991socialfuturistic
Fallen Angels  Michael F. Flynn
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Last Prisoner, The  David Lorne1991warfuturistic
Meltdown  Max Marlow1991ecologicalrealistic
Supernova  Roger MacBride Allen
Eric Kotani
Black Hole Affair, The  Jeffrey Klein1991technologyfuturistic