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Storm, TheFury2Alexander Gordon Smith2013  
Darla's StoryAshfall3Mike Mullin2013  
After Earth: Kitai's Journal  Christine Peymani2013ecologicalfantastical
The Fall of the Governor: Part OneWalking Dead, The3Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Hunted, TheEnemy6Charlie Higson2014  
Breakdown, ThePulse2Scott B Williams2014  
Star's Reach: A Novel Of The Deindustrial Future  John Michael Greer2014ecologicalfuturistic
RuinsPartials3Dan Wells2014  
Valley of FiresConquered Earth3J Barton Mitchell2014  
Alone  Jennifer Reynolds2014pestilencerealistic
Not Dead in the Heart of Dixie  R M Kralik2014pestilencerealistic
Clio and Cy: The Apocalypse  Christopher Lee2014warfuturistic
Radio Hope  Sean McLachlan2014warfuturistic
History of the Future, AWorld Made by Hand3James Howard Kunstler2014  
Forbidden Flats, TheSky Jumpers2Peggy Eddleman2014  
SunriseAshfall3Mike Mullin2014  
The Fall of the Governor: Part TwoWalking Dead, The4Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
DescentWalking Dead, The5Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
FirefightReckoners2Brandon Sanderson2015  
InvasionWalking Dead, The6Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
CalamityReckoners3Brandon Sanderson2016