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Beneath the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesMichael Avallone1970  
House in November, The  Keith Laumer1970extraterrestrialrealistic
Incredible Tide, The  Alexander Key1970war
Half Past HumanHive1T J Bass1970  
Beyond the Burning LandsSword of the Spirits, The2John Christopher1971  
Black MountainsEmpire of the East2Fred Saberhagen1971  
Don't Pick the Flowers
Denver is Missing
  D.F. Jones1971ecologicalrealistic
Gods of Foxcroft, The  David Levy1971ecologicalfantastical
Lathe of Heaven, The  Ursula K. Le Guin1971plaguefantastical
Sleepwalker's World  Gordon R. Dickson1971technologyfantastical
Yngling, TheYngling1John Dalmas1971  
Epicenter  Basil Jackson1971warrealistic
Starship Intercourse  Lambert Wilhelm1971extraterrestrialfantastical
Los Angeles: A.D.2017  Philip Wylie1971ecologicalrealistic
Candle in the Sun  Robert Wells1971deludgefantastical
Day After Judgment, The  James Blish1971supernatural
Moderan  David R. Bunch1971war
Pastel City, TheViriconium1M. John Harrison1971  
Committed Men, The   M. John Harrison1971ecologicalrealistic
Crimson Witch, The   Dean R. Koontz1971warrealistic
Wind Whales of Ishmael, The   Philip Jos Farmer1971ecologicalfantastical
Artery of Fire  Thomas N. Scortia1972cosmicfantastical
Castle Keeps, The  Andrew J. Offutt1972socialfantastical
Fugue For a Darkening Island  Christopher Priest1972warrealistic
Iron Dream, The  Norman Spinrad1972warfantastical
Sword of the Spirits, TheSword of the Spirits, The3John Christopher1972  
Heirs of Babylon, The  Glen Cook1972warrealistic
Breed to Come  Andre Norton1972pestilencefuturistic
Lord's Pink Ocean, The  David Walker1972ecologicalrealistic
Midsummer Century  James Blish1972warfantastical
Regiments of Night, The
Night of the Robots
  Brian N. Ball1972warfuturistic
End Of The Dream, The  Philip Wylie1972extraterrestrial
Time Gate  John Jakes1972warfuturistic
Kuldesak   Richard Cowper1972warfuturistic
Warlock   Dean R. Koontz1972ecologicalfuturistic
Out There  Adrien Stoutenberg1972ecologicalfuturistic
Changeling Earth
Ardneh's World
Empire of the East3Fred Saberhagen1973  
Day of the Shield  Anthony Alban1973warfantastical
Hephaestus Plague, The  Thomas Page1973creaturefantastical
Hiero's JourneyHiero1Sterling E. Lanier1973  
Malevil  Robert Merle1973warfantastical
Inferno, The  Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
Testament XXI  Guy Snider1973warfuturistic
Hero of Downways, The  Michael G. Coney1973unknownfuturistic
Battle for the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesDavid Gerrold1973  
Escape from the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesJerry Pournelle1973  
Wounded Planet, The  Anthology
Roger Elwood
Children of MorrowMorrow1H. M. Hoover1973  
Flight of the Horse  Larry Niven1973war
Inconstant Moon  Larry Niven1973cosmic
One-EyeEyes1Stuart Gordon1973  
Cloud Walker, The   Edmund Cooper1973warfuturistic
Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome   Alexander Kluge1973warfuturistic
Godwhale, TheHive2T J Bass1973  
When the Sky Burned  Ben Bova1973cosmicfuturistic
Earth Lies SleepingGalactic Security Service1Laurence James1974  
Earthwreck!  Thomas N. Scortia1974warrealistic
Population Doomsday  Don Pendleton1974ecologicalfuturistic
Rings of Ice  Piers Anthony1974deludgerealistic
Walk to the End of the WorldHoldfast1Suzy McKee Charnas1974  
Z for Zachariah  Robert C. O'Brien1974warrealistic
Swarm, The  Arthur Herzog1974creaturerealistic
Bridge, The  D. Keith Mano1974socialfuturistic
Ice and Iron  Wilson Tucker1974ecologicalrealistic
New Worlds For Old  David Ketterer1974criticism criticism
Moving Snow, The  Ian Weekley1974ecologicalrealistic
War on Aleph
Galactic Security Service2Laurence James1974  
House of ZeorSime/Gen1Jacqueline Lichtenberg1974  
Sar  John Robert Russell1974warfuturistic
Slaves of Heaven, The  Edmund Cooper1974extraterrestrialfuturistic
Warrior of World's End, TheWorld's End2Lin Carter1974  
Forever War, TheForever War1Joe Haldeman1974  
Conquest of the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesJohn Jakes1974  
Man the FugitivePlanet of the ApesGeorge Alec Effinger1974  
Escape to TomorrowPlanet of the ApesGeorge Alec Effinger1974  
Last Canadian, The  William C. Heine1974pestilence
Memoirs of a Survivor  Doris Lessing1974war
Night Shift [Night Surf]  Stephen King1974pestilence
Rats, TheRats1James Herbert1974  
Two-EyesEyes2Stuart Gordon1974  
Chalk Giants, The  Keith Roberts1974warfantastical
Texas-Israeli War: 1999, The  Howard Waldrop
Jake Saunders
As the Curtain Falls  Robert Chilson1974ecologicalfuturistic
Zardoz  John Boorman1974unknownfuturistic
Aluminum Man, The  G. C. Edmondson1975technologyfantastical
Enchantress of World's End, TheWorld's End3Lin Carter1975  
Neq the SwordBattle Circle3Piers Anthony1975  
New Life for OldGalactic Security Service5Laurence James1975  
No Direction Home  Norman Spinrad1975anthologyanthology
Paradigm Red  Harold King1975warrealistic
Planet of the BlindGalactic Security Service4Laurence James1975  
Solution Three  Naomi Mitchison1975socialrealistic
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang  Kate Wilhelm1975plaguefuturistic
BackflashGalactic Security Service3Laurence James1975  
Caravan  Stephen Goldin1975socialrealistic
Prometheus Crisis, The  Frank M. Robinson
Thomas N. Scortia
Pluribus  Michael J. Kurland1975unknownfuturistic
Coming of the Horseclans, TheHorseclans1Robert Adams1975  
Flyer  Gail Kimberly1975faminefantastical
Cemetary World  Clifford D. Simak1975warfantastical
Seeds of Change  Thomas F. Monteleone1975warfuturistic
Evil Earths  Anthology
Brian Aldiss
No Night Without Stars  Andre Norton1975warfantastical
Journey into TerrorPlanet of the ApesGeorge Alec Effinger1975  
Company of Glory, The  Edgar Pangborn1975warfuturistic
Girl Who Owned a City, The  O. T. Nelson1975pestilence
Three-EyesEyes3Stuart Gordon1975  
Dance of the Apocalypse  Gordon Eklund1976warfuturistic
Hostage for Hinterland  Arsen Darnay1976unknownfantastical
Immortal of World's End, TheWorld's End4Lin Carter1976  
Road to Corlay, TheWhite Bird of Kinship1Richard Cowper1976  
Small Armageddon, A  Mordecai Roshwald1976warrealistic
Sound of Winter, The  Arthur Byron Cover1976warfantastical
Telempath  Spider Robinson1976extraterrestrialfantastical
Time of the Fourth Horseman  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1976pestilencefuturistic
Wreath of Stars, A  Bob Shaw1976cosmicfantastical
Islands  Marta Randall1976deludgefantastical
Iron Rain, The  Donald Malcolm1976extraterrestrialfantastical
Survivors  Terry Nation1976pestilencerealistic
Winter of the World, The  Poul Anderson1976ecologicalrealistic
Deus Irae  Roger Zelazny
Philip K. Dick
Beasts  John Crowley1976socialfantastical
Deadly Messiah, The  David Campbell Hill1976pestilencerealistic
To Renew the Ages  Robert Coulson1976warfantastical
Crack in the Sky, The  Richard A Lupoff1976unknownfuturistic
Siege of Wonder, TheBooks of the Wars3Mark S. Geston1976  
Visions from NowherePlanet of the ApesWilliam Arrow1976  
Escape from Terror LagoonPlanet of the ApesWilliam Arrow1976  
Man, the Hunted AnimalPlanet of the ApesWilliam Arrow1976  
Lord of the ApesPlanet of the ApesGeorge Alec Effinger1976  
Time Connection, The  Thomas F. Monteleone1976warfuturistic
Treasures of MorrowMorrow2H. M. Hoover1976  
PatternmasterPatternist1Octavia Butler 1976  
World Out of Time, A  Larry Niven1976cosmic
Barbarian of World's End, TheWorld's End5Lin Carter1977  
Logan's WorldLogan2William F. Nolan1977  
Ophiuchi Hotline, TheEight Worlds1John Varley1977  
River and the Dream, The  Raymond F. Jones1977cosmicrealistic
Sunset Warrior, TheSunset Warrior1Eric Van Lustbader1977  
Sword of Shannara, TheShannara1Terry Brooks1977  
Triton Ultimatum, The  Laurence Delaney1977warrealistic
Heat  Arthur Herzog1977ecologicalrealistic
Heritage of Stars, A  Clifford D. Simak1977socialrealistic
Time Storm  Gordon R. Dickson1977cosmicfantastical
Virility Factor, The  Robert Merle1977pestilencefantastical
Ringway Virus, The  Russell Foreman1977pestilencerealistic
Lost Traveller, The  Steve Wilson1977warrealistic
Fireball  Vic Mayhew1977cosmicrealistic
Lucifer's Hammer  Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Swords of the HorseclansHorseclans2Robert Adams1977  
Revenge of the HorseclansHorseclans3Robert Adams1977  
Vultures Also Die  James C. Luttaal1977droughtfuturistic
Time-Swept City, The  Thomas F. Monteleone1977warfuturistic
Mind of My MindPatternist2Octavia Butler 1977  
In Solitary  Garry Kilworth1977extraterrestrialfantastical
Micronauts, TheMicronauts1Gordon M Williams1977  
Dreamsnake  Vonda N. McIntyre1978warrealistic
Pirate of World's End, TheWorld's End6Lin Carter1978  
Sigmet Active  Thomas Page1978technologyfuturistic
Stand, The  Stephen King1978pestilencefantastical
False Dawn  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1978warrealistic
Ice  James Follett1978ecologicalrealistic
Ice!  Arnold Federbush1978ecologicalrealistic
Orange R, The  John Clagett1978technologyrealistic
Nightmare Factor, The  Frank M. Robinson
Thomas N. Scortia
Westminster Disaster, The  Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
IQ83  Arthur Herzog1978pestilencerealistic
Sunstrike  George Carpozi Jr.1978cosmicrealistic
Weather War  Leonard Leokum1978technologyfuturistic
World War III  Shelford Bidwell1978warrealistic
Scourge, The  Thomas Dunne1978pestilencerealistic
Icequake  Crawford Kilian1978ecologicalrealistic
King of the Storeroom, The  Antonio Porta1978socialrealistic
MotherlinesHoldfast2Suzy McKee Charnas1978  
Unto Zeor, ForeverSime/Gen2Jacqueline Lichtenberg1978  
Empty World  John Christopher1978pestilencerealistic
Buck Rogers In the 25th CenturyBuck RogersAddison E. Steele1978  
Persistence of Vision, TheEight Worlds2John Varley1978  
Shallows of NightSunset Warrior2Eric Van Lustbader1978  
Dai-SanSunset Warrior3Eric Van Lustbader1978  
Still I Persist in Wondering  Edgar Pangborn1978anthologyfuturistic
SurvivorPatternist3Octavia Butler 1978  
Kalki  Gore Vidal1978pestilencerealistic
Masters of Solitude, TheMasters of Solitude1Marvin Kaye
Parke Godwin
Engine Summer  John Crowley1979warfantastical
Freak's Amour  Tom De Haven1979warrealistic
Juniper Time  Kate Wilhelm1979ecologicalfuturistic
Sudden Star
White Death
  Pamela Sargent1979pestilencefuturistic
Meteor  Edmund H. North1979cosmicrealistic
Impact!  R. V. Fodor1979cosmicrealistic
Cat of Silvery Hue, AHorseclans4Robert Adams1979  
Douglas Convolution, TheDouglas Convolution1Edward Llewellyn1979  
Colony, TheAftermath1Mary Vigliante1979  
Land, TheAftermath2Mary Vigliante1979  
That Man On BetaBuck RogersAddison E Steele1979  
LairRats2James Herbert1979  
Re: Colonised Planet 5: Shikasta  Doris Lessing1979war
Egghead Republic   Arno Schmidt1979warfantastical
Sub-Zero   Robert W. Walker1979ecologicalrealistic
Bander Snatch  Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.1979unknownfuturistic