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Stranger  Simon Clark2002extraterrestrialrealistic
Legends of the Night  Stephen Mark Rainey2002anthologyanthology
Chilling Warmth: A Tale of Global Warming, A  Jay Kaplan2002ecologicalfuturistic
Rider of the White Horse  Alan M. Paananen2002warfuturistic
Ancient Future  Charles D. Roper2002unknownfuturistic
Immune  Cheryl Gray2002warfuturistic
My Mistress, Humanity  Chuck Rosenthal2002ecologicalfuturistic
Where Is Tomorrow?  Daniel R. Barrett2002warrealistic
Fallen City  Gregory Austin2002warfuturistic
Life on Sundowner: New Beginning  Johnathan Stillwell2002unknown?
On To Plan B  Lawrence Tepper2002cosmicrealistic
Quest of the Chosen  M. L. Chamaschuk2002cosmicfantastical
I Remember When They Took Her  Mario Watts2002unknown?
Far Side of Nowhere, The  Nelson S. Bond2002anthologyanthology
Crisp, The  Paul S. Brittain2002warfuturistic
Broken World  Rev. J. L. Byers2002geologicalrealistic
Your Brain Is Not Your Own  Rich Zubaty2002unknown?
Fourth State, The  Rick Jackson2002unknown?
Remembrance, The  Robert Williams2002unknownfuturistic
Phase Transition, The  Ryan E. Okerlund2002technologyfantastical
Oneness in a Cocoon  S. Egroeg Reklaw2002warfantastical
Lactose the Intolerable in Prophesies of the Ancients  S. R. Romano2002warfuturistic
Through Eyes of Shiva  R. A. Hawkins2002unknown?
Dark FuturesTerminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles1Russell Blackford2002  
BreakthroughDeathlands57James Axler2002  
Salvation RoadDeathlands58James Axler2002  
Amazon GateDeathlands59James Axler2002  
Destiny's TruthDeathlands60James Axler2002  
Prodigal ChaliceOutlanders20James Axler2002  
Devil in the MoonOutlanders21James Axler2002  
DragoneyeOutlanders22James Axler2002  
Far EmpireOutlanders23James Axler2002  
RemnantLeft Behind10Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Enemy in the AshesAshes, The34William W. Johnstone2002  
AngelfireMagic Time2Marc Scott Zicree
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
LegaciesCorean Chronicles1L. E. Modesitt Jr.2002  
Kindling, TheFire-Us1Nancy Butcher
Jennifer Armstrong
Keepers of the Flame, TheFire-Us2Nancy Butcher
Jennifer Armstrong
What Price Paradise?Timeshift3Phillip Ellis Jackson2002  
Transcendental JourneyDropas, The2Scott R. Etters2002  
Year Zero  Jeff Long2002pestilencefantastical
Rising StormT22S. M. Stirling2002  
Attack of ApollyonLeft Behind: The Kids19Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Dangerous Plan, ALeft Behind: The Kids20Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Secrets of New BabylonLeft Behind: The Kids21Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Escape from New BabylonLeft Behind: The Kids22Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Horsemen of TerrorLeft Behind: The Kids23Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Uplink from the UndergroundLeft Behind: The Kids24Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
MorgawrShannara10Terry Brooks2002  
Sky So Big and Black, TheCentury Next Door4John Barnes2002  
Dark as DayCold As Ice3Charles Sheffield2002  
Skin GameDark Angel1Max Allan Collins2002  
BloodlinesPlanet of the ApesDan Abnett2002  
ForcePlanet of the ApesJohn Whitman2002  
Planet of the Apes: The Ongoing SagaPlanet of the ApesIan Edginton2002  
ResistancePlanet of the ApesJohn Whitman2002  
ExtinctionPlanet of the ApesJohn Whitman2002  
Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, The  Roger Williams2002technology
Deuces DownWild Cards16George R. R. Martin2002  
Clones, TheVirtual War Chronologs2Gloria Skurzynski2002  
Anguished Dawn, The  James P. Hogan2003cosmicfuturistic
City of Ember, TheEmber1Jeanne DuPrau2003  
Kingdom RiverSnowfall2Mitchell Smith2003  
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines  David Hagberg2003technologyfuturistic
Times of TroubleTerminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles3Russell Blackford2003  
Bright Angel  Carol Hedges2003unknownrealistic
After the DarkDark Angel3Max Allan Collins2003  
Apocalypse DawnLeft Behind: Apocalypse1Mel Odom2003  
Sister Alice  Robert Reed2003extraterrestrialfuturistic
Evil Hour, AnTerminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles2Russell Blackford2003  
Earthborn, TheEarthborn Wars1Paul Collins2003  
Beyond the Apocalypse  Michael Mozeleski2003cosmicfuturistic
Bloodbane  Michael Offutt2003unknownfantastical
Burning Books on Fenwick Street  Lee Dravis2003socialrealistic
Revenge of the Infinigons, The  Daniel Kreymer2003unknown?
Veil of Darkness  J. A. Bowman2003warfuturistic
David and Arianna  Lori J. Gans2003unknownfuturistic
Shivered Sky, The  Matt Dinniman2003extraterrestrialfantastical
Exos  Michael T. Ammann2003unknownrealistic
Second Coming  Nicholas Lamano2003warrealistic
Malachi's Vision  Norman Lewis Smith2003unknown?
New Skies  Patrick Nielsen Hayden2003anthologyanthology
Totallyon  R. D. Peters2003warrealistic
UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time  Sean Casteel2003non-fictionnon-fiction
PsiChosis: Book TwoPsiChosis1Timothy Paul Roesch2003  
Skydark SpawnDeathlands61James Axler2003  
Damnation Road ShowDeathlands62James Axler2003  
Devil RidersDeathlands63James Axler2003  
Equinox ZeroOutlanders24James Axler2003  
Talon and FangOutlanders25James Axler2003  
Sea of PlagueOutlanders26James Axler2003  
AwakeningOutlanders27James Axler2003  
ArmageddonLeft Behind11Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Escape from the AshesAshes, The35William W. Johnstone2003  
DarknessesCorean Chronicles2L. E. Modesitt Jr.2003  
Kiln, TheFire-Us3Nancy Butcher
Jennifer Armstrong
Dirt Eaters, TheLonglight Legacy, The1Dennis Foon2003  
Dawn-Apocalypse RisingWindows of Heaven, The1K. G. Powderly Jr.2003  
Paladin's Odyssey, TheWindows of Heaven, The2K. G. Powderly Jr.2003  
Predator's GoldHungry City Chronicles2Philip Reeve2003  
BloodfireDeathlands64James Axler2003  
Future War, TheT23S. M. Stirling2003  
Death at the GalaLeft Behind: The Kids25Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Beast Arises, TheLeft Behind: The Kids26Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Wildfire!Left Behind: The Kids27Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Mark of the Beast, TheLeft Behind: The Kids28Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Breakout!Left Behind: The Kids29Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Murder in the Holy PlaceLeft Behind: The Kids30Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Escape to MasadaLeft Behind: The Kids31Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
War of the DragonLeft Behind: The Kids32Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Jarka RuusShannara11Terry Brooks2003  
Drinking Silver WineWind3Jennifer Dimarco2003  
Terminator GeneHuman Rites2Ian Irvine2003  
Dark Heavens  Roger Levy2003ecologicalfuturistic
Book of Air, TheDragon Quartet4Marjorie Bradley Kellogg2003  
Magister, The  Sally Miller Gearhart2003ecologicalfuturistic
Before the DawnDark Angel2Max Allan Collins2003  
PsiChosisPsiChosis2Timothy Paul Roesch2003  
IdlewildIdlewild1Nick Sagan2003  
Singularity Sky  Charles Stross2003technologyfantastical
Capture, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole1Kathryn Lasky2003  
Journey, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole2Kathryn Lasky2003  
Clade  Mark Budz2003deludge
Full Circle  Michael Boyle2003pestilence
Oryx and Crake  Margaret Atwood2003extraterrestrial
Rising, The  Brian Keene2003zombies
Worlds that Weren't [Shikari in Galveston]  S. M. Stirling2003cosmic
OriginsMissing Link3Kate Thompson2003  
Prometheus   Rita Y. Toews2003technologyfuturistic
Dredd Vs DeathJudge DreddGordon Rennie2003  
TakenLeft Behind: The KidsomnibusJerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
PursuedLeft Behind: The KidsomnibusJerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
HiddenLeft Behind: The KidsomnibusJerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
RescuedLeft Behind: The KidsomnibusJerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
StungLeft Behind: The KidsomnibusJerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
EdenbornIdlewild2Nick Sagan2004  
Iron Sunrise  Charles Stross2004technologyfantastical
People of Sparks, TheEmber2Jeanne DuPrau2004  
Terminator 2: Hour of The Wolf  Mark W. Tiedemann2004technologyfuturistic
ApocalypseResident Evil2Keith DeCandido2004  
Crystal Island  Anita Jewel Lemon2004cosmicfantastical
Welcome to the Future  Alexander Rigual2004unknown?
Psychology of Death in Fantasy and History, The  Jerry S. Piven2004non-fictionnon-fiction
Dragon Isle  Keith Michael Mahan2004ecologcialfantastical
Children of the Crisp  Paul S. Brittain2004warfuturistic
Mars... The Challenge for Survival  Ronald A. Keneske2004unknown?
Mad God's WrathOutlanders28James Axler2004  
Sun LordOutlanders29James Axler2004  
Glorious AppearingLeft Behind12Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
The Last Rebel: SurvivorAshes, The36William W. Johnstone2004  
Dies the FireDies the Fire1S. M. Stirling2004  
GhostlandsMagic Time3Marc Scott Zicree
Robert Charles Wilson
SceptersCorean Chronicles3L. E. Modesitt Jr.2004  
FreewalkerLonglight Legacy, The2Dennis Foon2004  
Broken Paradise, AWindows of Heaven, The3K. G. Powderly Jr.2004  
HellbendersDeathlands65James Axler2004  
SeparationDeathlands66James Axler2004  
Death HuntDeathlands67James Axler2004  
Shaking EarthDeathlands68James Axler2004  
Mask of The SphinxOutlanders30James Axler2004  
Uluru DestinyOutlanders31James Axler2004  
Attack on PetraLeft Behind: The Kids33Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Bounty HuntersLeft Behind: The Kids34Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Rise of the False Messiahs, TheLeft Behind: The Kids35Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Ominous ChoicesLeft Behind: The Kids36Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Heat WaveLeft Behind: The Kids37Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Perils of LoveLeft Behind: The Kids38Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Road to War, TheLeft Behind: The Kids39Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
Triumphant ReturnLeft Behind: The Kids40Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
TanequilShannara12Terry Brooks2004  
Wizard of IsisIsis Rising5Jean Stewart2004  
Life Lottery, TheHuman Rites3Ian Irvine2004  
New York DreamsVirex3Eric Brown2004  
ResurrectionDomain2Steve Alten2004  
MoonriseSnowfall3Mitchell Smith2004  
Apocalypse CrucibleLeft Behind: Apocalypse2Mel Odom2004  
Apocalypse BurningLeft Behind: Apocalypse3Mel Odom2004  
PsiChosis: Book ThreePsiChosis3Timothy Paul Roesch2004  
GenesisResident Evil1Keith DeCandido2004  
Choice of the CatVampire Earth2E E Knight2004  
Rescue, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole3Kathryn Lasky2004  
Siege, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole4Kathryn Lasky2004  
Shattering, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole5Kathryn Lasky2004  
Burning, TheGuardians of Ga'hoole6Kathryn Lasky2004  
Planet for the President, A  Alistair Beaton2004pestilencerealistic
Cloud Atlas  David Mitchell2004war
Cowl  Neal Asher2004war
Crache  Mark Budz2004deludge
Fitzpatrick's War  Theodore Judson2004extraterrestrial
Snow, The  Adam Roberts2004extraterrestrial
Taking, The  Dean Koontz2004supernatural
Apocalypse BluesXombies1Walter Greatshell2004  
Big Empty, The Big Empty1J.B. Stephens2004  
Paradise CityBig Empty2J.B. Stephens2004  
Desolation AngelsBig Empty3J.B. Stephens2004  
Sharp NorthSharp North1Patrick Cave2004  
Califia's Daughters   Leigh Richards2004dieaserealistic
Curse of the Coral Bride   Brian M. Stableford2004cosmicfuturistic
Dry Salvages, The   Caitln R. Kiernan2004warfuturistic
Bad Moon RisingJudge DreddDavid Bishop2004