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Meridian 144  Meg Files1991warrealistic
Latitude ZeroDeathlands12James Axler1991  
SeedlingDeathlands13James Axler1991  
AfrikorpsAfrikorps1Bill Dolan1991  
Iron HorseAfrikorps2Bill Dolan1991  
Quest StrikeBlade11David Robbins1991  
Deathmaster StrikeBlade12David Robbins1991  
Vengeance StrikeBlade13David Robbins1991  
New Orleans RunEndworld24David Robbins1991  
Spartan RunEndworld25David Robbins1991  
Madman RunEndworld26David Robbins1991  
Chicago RunEndworld27David Robbins1991  
Omega SubOmega Sub1Michael Jahn
J. D. Cameron
Command DecisionOmega Sub2J. D. Cameron
David Robbins
City of FearOmega Sub3Michael Jahn
J. D. Cameron
Blood TideOmega Sub4J. D. Cameron
David Robbins
Blood QuestSurvival 20001James McPhee1991  
Renegade WarSurvival 20002James McPhee1991  
Frozen FireSurvival 20003James McPhee1991  
Legend, TheSurvivalist-1Jerry Ahern1991  
Fury in the AshesAshes, The13William W. Johnstone1991  
Courage in the AshesAshes, The14William W. Johnstone1991  
America's Final DefenseDoomsday Warrior19Ryder Stacy1991  
Return from the InfernoWingman9Mack Maloney1991  
Mutants AmokMutants Amok1Mark Grant1991  
Mutant HellMutants Amok2Mark Grant1991  
Rebel AttackMutants Amok3Mark Grant1991  
Holocaust HorrorMutants Amok4Mark Grant1991  
Christmas SlaughterMutants Amok5Mark Grant1991  
Blood and FireMarauders, The6Michael McGann1991  
Fortress of DeathMarauders, The7Michael McGann1991  
Death ChargeGuardians, The16Richard Austin1991  
Death Zone AttackC.A.D.S.11John Sievert1991  
Tech AssassinsC.A.D.S.12John Sievert1991  
Snow KillFreedom's Rangers6Keith William Andrews1991  
Fugitive SteeleSteele7J. D. Masters1991  
Molten SteeleSteele8J. D. Masters1991  
Druid of Shannara, TheShannara5Terry Brooks1991  
They Came and Ate UsArmageddon2Robert Rankin1991  
Witch's Daughter, TheChronicles of Ynis Aielle2R. A. Salvatore1991  
Nothing Sacred  Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1991warfuturistic
Harmony  Marjorie Bradley Kellogg1991ecologicalfuturistic
One-Eyed JacksWild Cards8George R. R. Martin1991  
Jokertown ShuffleWild Cards9George R. R. Martin1991  
Desert EdenEden1J. M. Morgan1991  
Aestival TideWinterlong2Elizabeth Hand1992  
Anvil of Stars  Greg Bear1992extraterrestrialfuturistic
Children of Men, The  P. D. James1992ecologicalfuturistic
In the Mothers' Land  Elisabeth Vonarburg1992warfuturistic
Return to IsisIsis Rising1Jean Stewart1992  
Strong Motion  Jonathan Franzen1992ecologicalrealistic
Yngling and the Circle of Power, TheYngling3John Dalmas1992  
Children of the EarthCoconino2Catherine Wells1992  
Last Refuge  Elizabeth Ann Scarborough1992warfuturistic
Come Lucky April
After the Plague
Plague 992Jean Ure1992  
Last Vampire, The  Kathryn Meyer Griffith1992ecologicalfantastical
Alien Earth  Megan Lindholm1992ecologicalfantastical
Flare  Roger Zelazny
Thomas T. Thomas
Rhetoric of Antinuclear Fiction  Patrick Mannix1992criticismcriticism
Letter Bomb  Peter Schwenger1992criticismcriticism
Dark CarnivalDeathlands14James Axler1992  
Chill FactorDeathlands15James Axler1992  
Moon FateDeathlands16James Axler1992  
White RhinoAfrikorps3Bill Dolan1992  
Sea StallionAfrikorps4Bill Dolan1992  
Death DiveOmega Sub5J. D. Cameron
David Robbins
Raven RisingOmega Sub6J. D. Cameron
David Robbins
Call to BattleSurvivalist23Jerry Ahern1992  
Blood AssassinsSurvivalist24Jerry Ahern1992  
Terror in the AshesAshes, The15William W. Johnstone1992  
War of the SunWingman10Mack Maloney1992  
SwampmasterSwampmaster1Jake Spencer1992  
Hell on EarthSwampmaster2Jake Spencer1992  
Unholy AllianceSwampmaster3Jake Spencer1992  
Worlds Enough and TimeWorlds3Joe Haldeman1992  
Steel BeachEight Worlds4John Varley1992  
Elf Queen of Shannara, TheShannara6Terry Brooks1992  
Suburban Book of the Dead, TheArmageddon3Robert Rankin1992  
Dream Vessel, The  Jeff Bredenberg1992warfuturistic
Last Rangers, TheLast Rangers, The1Jake Davis1992  
Destination: ShowdownLast Rangers, The3Jake Davis1992  
Nomads of the SkyBuck RogersWilliam H Keith1992  
Double SolitareWild Cards10George R. R. Martin1992  
Dealer's ChoiceWild Cards11George R. R. Martin1992  
Beyond EdenEden2J. M. Morgan1992  
Future EdenEden3J. M. Morgan1992  
Cold Allies  Patricia Anthony1993warfuturistic
Computer One  Warwick Collins1993technologyfuturistic
Dusk of Demons, A  John Christopher1993socialfuturistic
Earth Saver, TheCoconino3Catherine Wells1993  
Escape to the WindWind1Jennifer Dimarco1993  
Eye for Dark Places, An  Norma Marder1993unknownfantastical
Freedom Convoy  Chola Mahes1993unknown?
Wet Work  Philip Nutman1993pestilencerealistic
Hammer of God, The  Arthur C. Clarke1993cosmicfuturistic
Challenges  Ben Bova1993anthologyanthology
Playing the Game  Doris Lessing1993unknown?
Vanishing Point  Michaela Roessner1993rapturefantastical
Core  Paul Preuss1993ecologicalrealistic
Last Oasis, The  Sue Pace1993ecologicalrealistic
Year Seven, The  Molleen Zanger1993unknownfuturistic
Dead Morn  Roberto Fuentes
Piers Anthony
Growth  Max Marlow1993ecologicalrealistic
Plague of Angels, A  Sheri S. Tepper1993ecologicalfantastical
And Battles Long Ago  Donald E. W. Howells1993unknown?
Artificer Asylum  Nicholas Pacuilla1993technologyfuturistic
Third Millennium, The  Paul Meier1993rapturefantastical
Isis RisingIsis Rising2Jean Stewart1993  
Fury's PilgrimsDeathlands17James Axler1993  
ShockscapeDeathlands18James Axler1993  
Earth BloodEarth Blood1James Axler
Rosel George Brown
Lion MountainAfrikorps5Bill Dolan1993  
Cobra CurseAfrikorps6Bill Dolan1993  
War MountainSurvivalist25Jerry Ahern1993  
CountdownSurvivalist26Jerry Ahern1993  
Death WatchSurvivalist27Jerry Ahern1993  
Vengeance in the AshesAshes, The16William W. Johnstone1993  
Battle in the AshesAshes, The17William W. Johnstone1993  
Flames from the AshesAshes, The18William W. Johnstone1993  
Ghost War, TheWingman11Mack Maloney1993  
WandererGan Moondark2Donald E. McQuinn1993  
Parable of the SowerParable1Octavia E. Butler1993  
Drylands, The  Mary Rosenblum1993droughtfuturistic
Talismans of Shannara, TheShannara7Terry Brooks1993  
Icarus DescendingWinterlong3Elizabeth Hand1993  
Isle of WomanGeodyssy1Piers Anthony1993  
Crime Zone, TheLast Rangers, The2Jake Davis1993  
Warlords of JupiterBuck RogersWilliam H Keith1993  
Deus X  Norman Spinrad1993extraterrestrial
Fifth Sacred Thing, The  Starhawk1993extraterrestrial
This Other Eden  Ben Elton1993extraterrestrial
Hot Sky at Midnight  Robert Silverberg1993ecologicalfuturistic
Wall at the Edge of the World, The   Jim Aikin1993unknownfantastical
Turn of the CardsWild Cards12George R. R. Martin1993  
Card SharksWild Cards13George R. R. Martin1993  
DeathmasquesJudge DreddDave Stone1993  
Savage Amusement, TheJudge DreddDavid Bishop1993  
DreddlockedJudge DreddStephen Marley1993  
Cursed Earth AsylumJudge DreddDavid Bishop1993  
Empire of Ice, The  Richard Moran1994ecologicalrealistic
Happy Policeman  Patricia Anthony1994warfantastical
Jericho Iteration, The  Allen M. Steele1994technologyfantastical
Mercury  Anna Kavan1994ecologicalrealistic
Mother of Storms  John Barnes1994technologyrealistic
Queen City Jazz  Kathleen Ann Goonan1994technologyfuturistic
Souls in the Great MachineGreatwinter1Sean McMullen1994  
Warriors of IsisIsis Rising3Jean Stewart1994  
Yngling in Yamato, TheYngling4John Dalmas1994  
Heart of Ice  Dave Morris1994ecologicalfantastical
North WindAleutian2Gwyneth Jones1994  
Phoenix Rising  Karen Hesse1994technologyrealistic
Furies, TheHoldfast3Suzy McKee Charnas1994  
Wrath of God  Bob Gleason1994warfantastical
Deep EmpireDeathlands19James Axler1994  
Cold AsylumDeathlands20James Axler1994  
Twilight ChildrenDeathlands21James Axler1994  
Rider, ReaperDeathlands22James Axler1994  
Road WarsDeathlands23James Axler1994  
Trader ReduxDeathlands24James Axler1994  
Deep TrekEarth Blood2James Axler
Rosel George Brown
Aurora QuestEarth Blood3James Axler
Rosel George Brown
Treason in the AshesAshes, The19William W. Johnstone1994  
D-Day in the AshesAshes, The20William W. Johnstone1994  
WitchGan Moondark3Donald E. McQuinn1994  
Watchers at the ShrinePlague 993Jean Ure1994  
Shame of ManGeodyssy2Piers Anthony1994  
City, TheRats4James Herbert1994  
Voices in the LightGreatwinter1Sean McMullen1994  
Marked CardsWild Cards14George R. R. Martin1994  
Medusa Seed, TheJudge DreddDave Stone1994  
Dread DominionJudge DreddStephen Marley1994  
Hundredfold Problem, TheJudge DreddJohn Grant1994  
SilencerJudge DreddDavid Bishop1994  
Amnesia Moon  Jonathan Lethem1995warfantastical
Carriers  Patrick Lynch1995pestilencerealistic
Footprints of Thunder  James F. David1995creaturefantastical
Ganymede Club, TheCold As Ice2Charles Sheffield1995  
Kaleidoscope CenturyCentury Next Door2John Barnes1995  
Pandora's Clock  John J. Nance1995pestilencerealistic
Psalms of Herod, The  Esther M. Friesner1995socialfuturistic
Resurrection 2027  J. G. Eccarius1995pestilencefuturistic
Shadow of the Red Moon  Walter Dean Myers1995unknownfuturistic
Mall, Mayhem and Magic  Holly Lisle
Chris Guin
City of Bones  Martha Wells1995droughtfuturistic
Earth Winter  Richard Moran1995ecologicalrealistic
Other Nature  Stephanie A. Smith1995pestilencefuturistic
Killing Star, The  George Zebrowski
Charles Pellegrino
Wagers of Sin  Robert Lynn Asprin
Linda Evans
Nobodaddy's Children  Arno Schmidt1995warrealistic
Evolutions ShoreChaga1Ian McDonald1995  
Genesis EchoDeathlands25James Axler1995  
ShadowfallDeathlands26James Axler1995  
Ground ZeroDeathlands27James Axler1995  
Emerald FireDeathlands28James Axler1995  
BloodlinesDeathlands29James Axler1995  
Left BehindLeft Behind1Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye
AshlingObernewtyn3Isobelle Carmody1995  
Cold as IceCold As Ice1Charles Sheffield1995  
Star Fraction, TheFall Revolution1Ken MacLeod1995  
Book of Earth, TheDragon Quartet1Marjorie Bradley Kellogg1995