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Nightmare Factor, The Frank M. Robinson
Thomas N. Scortia
No Blade of Grass
Death of Grass
 John Christopher1956blightrealistic
Nobodaddy's Children Arno Schmidt1995warrealistic
Not Dead in the Heart of Dixie R M Kralik2014pestilencerealistic
Not This August C.M. Kornbluth1955warrealistic
Omega Point, The Whitley Strieber2010cosmicrealistic
On the Beach Nevil Shute1957warrealistic
On To Plan B Lawrence Tepper2002cosmicrealistic
One Second After William R. Forstchen2009technologyrealistic
Orange R, The John Clagett1978technologyrealistic
Pandora's Clock John J. Nance1995pestilencerealistic
Paradigm Red Harold King1975warrealistic
Path to Savagery Robert Alter1969deludgerealistic
Pestis 18 Sharon Webb1987pestilencerealistic
Phoenix Rising Karen Hesse1994technologyrealistic
Pilgrimage Drew Mendelson1981warrealistic
Plague  Jeremiah L. Donaldson2006pestilencerealistic
Plains of Heaven, The Thomas Bloom2001warrealistic
Planet for the President, A Alistair Beaton2004pestilencerealistic
Postamble James E. Townshend2001unknownrealistic
Protecting the Source Steven E. Browne1996extraterrestrialrealistic
Public Faces Harold Nicolson1932warrealistic
Pulling Through Dean Ing1983warrealistic
Raiders Sky Mary Haynes1987ecologicalrealistic
Reaper, The Art Wiederhold2001pestilencerealistic
Red Death, The Max Marlow1990pestilencerealistic
Red Shadows Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic
Reign of the Dead Len Barnhart2001pestilencerealistic
Resurrection Day Brendan DuBois1999warrealistic
Return, The
Quiet Place, The
 Richard Maynard1990warrealistic
Revelations: The Final Harvest Douglas J. Edgel1998warrealistic
Rings of Ice Piers Anthony1974deludgerealistic
Ringway Virus, The Russell Foreman1977pestilencerealistic
Rise Again Ben Tripp2010zombierealistic
River and the Dream, The Raymond F. Jones1977cosmicrealistic
River Rats Caroline Stevermer1991warrealistic
Road, The Cormac McCarthy2006cosmicrealistic
Scourge, The Thomas Dunne1978pestilencerealistic
Sea Change James Powlik1999ecologicalrealistic
Second Atlantis James Follett1998ecologicalrealistic
Second Coming Nicholas Lamano2003warrealistic
Seventh Day, The Hans Hellmut Kirst1957warrealistic
Shadow of the Hearth Judith Merril1950warrealistic
Shape of Things To Come H.G. Wells1933warrealistic
Shelter at Papa's Farm, The Elizabeth M. White2012warrealistic
Shiva Descending Gregory Benford
William Rotsler
Silence, The Jim Kraus2004technologyrealistic
Silent Victor, The Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti2001pestilencerealistic
Since Tomorrow Morgan Nyberg2012unknownrealistic
Sixth Seal, The Mary Wesley1969warrealistic
Sixty Days To Live Dennis Wheatley1939cosmicrealistic
Small Armageddon, A Mordecai Roshwald1976warrealistic
Soft Apocalypse Will McIntosh2011socialrealistic
Solar Flare Larry Burkett1997cosmicrealistic
Solstice David Hewson1998cosmicrealistic
Solution Three Naomi Mitchison1975socialrealistic
Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys1961pestilencerealistic
Sparrow's Flight, A Margaret Elphinstone1989warrealistic
Starbright and the Dream Eater  Joy Cowley1999pestilencerealistic
Storehouses of the Snow Heather Bischoff1985deludgerealistic
Stranger Simon Clark2002extraterrestrialrealistic
Strong Motion Jonathan Franzen1992ecologicalrealistic
Sub-Zero  Robert W. Walker1979ecologicalrealistic
Sunstrike George Carpozi Jr.1978cosmicrealistic
Supernova Roger MacBride Allen
Eric Kotani
Survivors Terry Nation1976pestilencerealistic
Survivors John Nahmlos1982warrealistic
Swarm, The Arthur Herzog1974creaturerealistic
Sword of Allah, The Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Temple of Hashem, The Hyam Yona Becker1998warrealistic
Ten to Midnight Toby Murray2000warrealistic
Texas-Israeli War: 1999, The Howard Waldrop
Jake Saunders
The Survivors Will Weaver2012geologicalrealistic
Theodore Savage Cicely Hamilton1922warrealistic
These Words Are Haunted Scott Edelman2001pestilencerealistic
Thinking Seat, The Peter Tate1970ecologicalrealistic
Third Pandemic, The Pierre Ouellette1996pestilencerealistic
This Dark Earth John Hornor Jacobs2012zombierealistic
This is the Way the World Ends James Morrow1985warrealistic
Those Who Favour Fire Marta Randall1984earthquakerealistic
Thunder and Roses  Theodore Sturgeon1947warrealistic
Tide Went Out, The Eric Maine1959droughtrealistic
Tiger Cruise, The Richard L. Thompson1999warrealistic
Time Capsule Mitch Berman1987warrealistic
Time For Survival, A Philip McCutchan1966warrealistic
Time-Slip Graham Dunstan Martin1986warrealistic
Tomorrow! Philip Wylie1954warrealistic
Totallyon R. D. Peters2003warrealistic
Toward the End of Time John Updike1997warrealistic
Toy Shadows Patrick M. Kennedy2000geologicalrealistic
Trench, The Max Marlow1998geologicalrealistic
Trigger Effect, The Dewey Gram1996technologyrealistic
Trinity's Child William Prochnau1983warrealistic
Triton Ultimatum, The Laurence Delaney1977warrealistic
Triumph Philip Wylie1963warrealistic
Tsunami Crawford Kilian1983ecologicalrealistic
Turning, The Marissa Carter2000socialrealistic
Twenty-Fifth Hour, The Herbert Best1940warrealistic
Vanished, The John Peel1998rapturerealistic
Vault of the Ages Poul Anderson1952warrealistic
Virus Bill Buchanan1997technologyrealistic
Warday Whitley Strieber
James Kunetka
Water Wars, The Cameron Stracher2011ecologicalrealistic
Wayward Journey, The Nathan Hale Jefferson2013earthquakerealistic
Week One Gloria D. Miklowitz1987warrealistic
Westminster Disaster, The Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
Wet Work Philip Nutman1993pestilencerealistic
When the Moon Ran Wild Ray Ainsbury1962cosmicrealistic
Where Is Tomorrow? Daniel R. Barrett2002warrealistic
White Plague, The Frank Herbert1982pestilencerealistic
Who Fears Death  Nnedi Okorafor2010warrealistic
Wind From Nowhere, The J.G. Ballard1962ecologicalrealistic
Winter of the World, The Poul Anderson1976ecologicalrealistic
Wolf and Iron Gordon R. Dickson1990economicrealistic
Wolf of Shadows Whitley Strieber1985warrealistic
World Ends in Hickory Hollow, The Ardath Mayhar1985warrealistic
World in Winter, The
Long Winter, The
 John Christopher1962ecologicalrealistic
World Next Door, The Brad Ferguson1990warrealistic
World That Never Was, The  Karl Zeigfreid1963warrealistic
World War III Shelford Bidwell1978warrealistic
World War Z Max Brooks2006pestilencerealistic
Wounded Planet, The Anthology
Roger Elwood
Wrinkle in the Skin, A
Ragged Edge, The
 John Christopher1965earthquakerealistic
Y2K - It's Already Too Late Jason Kelly1998technologyrealistic
Y2K, the Day the World Shut Down Michael S. Hyatt1998technologyrealistic
Y2K: The Millennium Bug Don L. Tiggre1998technologyrealistic
Year When Stardust Fell, The Raymond F. Jones1958cosmicrealistic
Z for Zachariah Robert C. O'Brien1974warrealistic
Zone Soldiers  Daniel Ransom1996pestilencerealistic

After The Fall


John Phillip Backus

Hunter1 2010  
Gathering2 2012  

Afterblight Chronicles


Simon Spurrier

Culled, The1 2006  
Kill or Cure2 2007  
School's Out3 2007  
Dawn Over Doomsday4 2008  
Arrowhead5 2008  
Operation Motherland6 2009  
Death Got No Mercy7 2009  
Broken Arrow8 2010  
Children's Crusade9 2010  
Arrowland10 2010  
Blood Ocean11 2012  



Mary Vigliante

Colony, The1 1979  

Ashes, The


William W. Johnstone

Out of the Ashes1 1983  
Fire in the Ashes2 1983  
Anarchy in the Ashes3 1984  
Blood in the Ashes4 1985  
Alone in the Ashes5 1985  
Wind in the Ashes6 1986  
Smoke from the Ashes7 1987  
Danger in the Ashes8 1988  
Valor in the Ashes9 1988  
Trapped in the Ashes10 1989  
Death in the Ashes11 1990  
Survival in the Ashes12 1990  
Fury in the Ashes13 1991  
Courage in the Ashes14 1991  
Terror in the Ashes15 1992  
Vengeance in the Ashes16 1993  
Battle in the Ashes17 1993  
Flames from the Ashes18 1993  
Treason in the Ashes19 1994  
D-Day in the Ashes20 1994  
Betrayal in the Ashes21 1996  
Chaos in the Ashes22 1996  
Slaughter in the Ashes23 1997  
Judgement in the Ashes24 1997  
Ambush in the Ashes25 1998  
From the Ashes: America Reborn26 1998  
Triumph in the Ashes27 1998  
Hatred in the Ashes28 1999  
Standoff in the Ashes29 1999  
Crisis in the Ashes30 2000  
Tyranny in the Ashes31 2000  
Warriors in the Ashes32 2001  
Destiny in the Ashes33 2001  
Enemy in the Ashes34 2002  
Escape from the Ashes35 2003  
The Last Rebel: Survivor36 2004  

Battle Circle


Piers Anthony

Sos the Rope1 1968  
Var the Stick2 1969  
Neq the Sword3 1975  

Big Empty


J.B. Stephens

Big Empty, The 1 2004  
Paradise City2 2004  
Desolation Angels3 2004  
No Exit4 2005  

Blue Plague


Thomas A. Watson

Fall, The1 2012  



Daniel Parker

January1 1998  
February2 1999  
March3 1999  
April4 1999  
May5 1999  
June6 1999  
July7 1999  
August8 1999  
September9 1999  
October10 1999  
November11 1999  
December12 1999