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Past Magic  Ian R. MacLeod2006variousvarious
'48 James Herbert1996pestilencerealistic
2011, The Evacuation of Planet Earth G. Cope Schellhorn1997warrealistic
2012: The War for Souls Whitley Strieber2007cosmicrealistic
Adrift in a Boneyard Robert Lewis Taylor1962unknownrealistic
After London
Wild England
 Richard Jefferies1885ecologicalrealistic
After the Bomb Gloria D. Miklowitz1984warrealistic
After the Rain John Bowen1958delugerealistic
Aftermath LeVar Burton1996socialrealistic
Aftermath, The Samuel Florman2001cosmicrealistic
Agviq Michael Armstrong1990warrealistic
Alas, Babylon Pat Frank1959warrealistic
Alone Jennifer Reynolds2014pestilencerealistic
American Messiah  James Hall2007warrealistic
Among Madmen  Jim Starlin
Daina Graziunas
Anthem  Ayn Rand1946unknownrealistic
Ape and Essence Aldous Huxley1948warrealistic
Apple Herbert L. Levine2000extraterrestrialrealistic
Armageddon at Defcon 1 Teretha G. Houston1999warrealistic
Ashes, Ashes Jo Treggiari2011ecologicalrealistic
Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang, The Bryan W. Alaspa1999unknownrealistic
Barefoot in the Head Brian Aldiss1969warrealistic
Beginning of Sorrows Gilbert Morris1999technologyrealistic
Breaking Earth Keith Laumer1981ecologicalrealistic
Bright Angel Carol Hedges2003unknownrealistic
Broken World Rev. J. L. Byers2002geologicalrealistic
Brother in the Land Robert Swindells1984warrealistic
Bubbas of the Apocalypse Selina Rosen2001pestilencerealistic
Burning Books on Fenwick Street Lee Dravis2003socialrealistic
Burnt Lands Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Califia's Daughters  Leigh Richards2004dieaserealistic
Cannibal Reign Thomas Koloniar2012cosmicrealistic
Caravan Stephen Goldin1975socialrealistic
Carriers Patrick Lynch1995pestilencerealistic
Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Jr.1960warrealistic
Cataclysm Donald Steinberg1999cosmicrealistic
Cataclysm: The Day the World Died Don Pendleton1969ecologicalrealistic
Catastrophe Planet Keith Laumer1966earthquakerealistic
Cell Stephen King2006technologyrealistic
Chernobyl Syndrome Dean Ing1988warrealistic
Children of the Shroud Garfield Reeves-Stevens1987technologyrealistic
Children's Hospital, The Chris Adrian2006deludgerealistic
City in the Sea, The  Wilson Tucker1951warrealistic
City, Not Long After, The Pat Murphy1989pestilencerealistic
Cold Creek Cash Store Russell Hill1986socialrealistic
Cold Sea Rising Richard Moran1986warrealistic
Collision Course David Crawford2012variousrealistic
Comet Dis'Aster L. Eduardo Vega1999cosmicrealistic
Comet, The Robert Charles1985cosmicrealistic
Coming Global Superstorm Art Bell1987ecologicalrealistic
Coming of the Rats, The
Virgin Mistress
 George Henry Smith1961warrealistic
Commander-1 Peter George1965warrealistic
Committed Men, The  M. John Harrison1971ecologicalrealistic
Core Paul Preuss1993ecologicalrealistic
Crazy Horse in Heaven Robert P. Arthur2000warrealistic
Creed for the Third Millennium, The  Colleen McCullough1985ecologicalrealistic
Crimson Witch, The  Dean R. Koontz1971warrealistic
Dallas Down Richard Moran1988droughtrealistic
Dark December Alfred Coppel1960warrealistic
Darkest of Nights, The
Survival Margin
 Charles Eric Maine1964warrealistic
Darkness After, The Scott B Williams2013cosmicrealistic
Davy Edgar Pangborn1964warrealistic
Dawn S. Fowler Wright1929delugerealistic
Day New York Went Dry, The Charles Einstein1964droughtrealistic
Day the Oceans Overflowed, The Charles L. Fontenay1964deludgerealistic
Deadline Y2K Mark Joseph1999technologyrealistic
Deadly Messiah, The David Campbell Hill1976pestilencerealistic
Deep Fathom James Rollins2001cosmicrealistic
Deluge S. Fowler Wright1928delugerealistic
Deus Irae Roger Zelazny
Philip K. Dick
Devil Delivered and Other Tales, The  Steven Erikson2005ecologicalrealistic
Don't Pick the Flowers
Denver is Missing
 D.F. Jones1971ecologicalrealistic
Doomsday Deposit, The Stanley Johnson1980technologyrealistic
Doomsday Effect, The Thomas Wren1986cosmicrealistic
Doomsday Story, The Elleston Trevor1952warrealistic
Dr. Bloodmoney Philip K. Dick1965warrealistic
Dreamsnake Vonda N. McIntyre1978warrealistic
Drought, The
Burning World, The
 J.G. Ballard1964droughtrealistic
Dry Max Marlow1997droughtrealistic
Earth Abides George R. Stewart1949pestilencerealistic
Earth King Michael Youssef1988warrealistic
Earth Winter Richard Moran1995ecologicalrealistic
Earthwreck! Thomas N. Scortia1974warrealistic
Eater Gregory Benford2000cosmicrealistic
Eleventh Plague, The Jeff Hirsch2011warrealistic
Emergence David R. Palmer1984warrealistic
Empire of Ice, The Richard Moran1994ecologicalrealistic
Empty World John Christopher1978pestilencerealistic
End of the Age, The Pat Robertson1996cosmicrealistic
End Time George A. Matiasz1996warrealistic
Epicenter Basil Jackson1971warrealistic
Epidemic 9 Richard A. Lerner1980pestilencerealistic
Etiquette for an Apocalypse Anne Mendel2012ecologicalrealistic
Evan's Voice  Sallie Lowenstein1999pestilencerealistic
Evil Star Logan Robinson1987cosmicrealistic
Exit Earth Martin Caidin1987cosmicrealistic
Exos Michael T. Ammann2003unknownrealistic
Exterminance Cometh Robert Segarra2000cosmicrealistic
Extinction  Ray Hammond2005ecologicalrealistic
Fallen Sky, The Peter Crowcroft1954warrealistic
Fallen Stars, Bitter Waters Gilbert Morris2000technologyrealistic
False Dawn Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1978warrealistic
False Night  Algis Budrys1954pestilencerealistic
Fatal Climate David Hood2000deludgerealistic
Fight for Life  Murray Leinster1949warrealistic
Final Impact Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic
Fire Alan Rodgers1990warrealistic
Fireball Vic Mayhew1977cosmicrealistic
Fireball Paul Davies1987cosmicrealistic
Flood Philip McCutchan1991deludgerealistic
Floodland Marcus Sedgwick2000deludgerealistic
Fond Farewell to Dying, A Syd Logsdon1981deludgerealistic
Fourth Horseman, The Alan E. Nourse1982pestilencerealistic
Freak's Amour Tom De Haven1979warrealistic
Free Flight Douglas Terman1980warrealistic
Freefall Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Friend of the Earth, a  T.C. Boyle2000ecologicalrealistic
Froomb!  John Lymington1964warrealistic
Fugue For a Darkening Island Christopher Priest1972warrealistic
Fungus, The Harry Adam Knight1985ecologicalrealistic
Gaia Weeps Kevin E. Ready1998ecologicalrealistic
Galileo's Children [The World Is a Sphere] Arthur C. Clarke2005warrealistic
Gauss Factor, The Stephen R. Tasker1997ecologicalrealistic
God's Grace Bernard Malamud1982warrealistic
Gone Gerald Otten2006unknownrealistic
Greenhouse: It Will Happen in 1997 Dakota James1984ecologicalrealistic
Greybeard Brian Aldiss1964warrealistic
Growth Max Marlow1993ecologicalrealistic
Heat Arthur Herzog1977ecologicalrealistic
Heavy Weather Bruce Sterling1991ecologicalrealistic
Heirs of Babylon, The Glen Cook1972warrealistic
Henry's Quest Graham Oakley1988pestilencerealistic
Heritage of Stars, A Clifford D. Simak1977socialrealistic
Hero's Walk Robert Crane1954extraterrestrialrealistic
Heroes and Villains Angela Carter1969warrealistic
History of Our World Beyond the Wave, The R. E. Klein1998deludgerealistic
Hole in the Sky Pete Hautman2001pestilencerealistic
Hopkin's Manuscript, The R.C. Sherriff1939cosmicrealistic
House in November, The Keith Laumer1970extraterrestrialrealistic
Hunter's Fire, A Floyd D. Dale1989warrealistic
I Spied a Pale Horse Mark Timlin1999pestilencerealistic
Ice Anna Kavan1967warrealistic
Ice James Follett1978ecologicalrealistic
Ice and Iron Wilson Tucker1974ecologicalrealistic
Ice! Arnold Federbush1978ecologicalrealistic
Icefire Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Icequake Crawford Kilian1978ecologicalrealistic
Impact! R. V. Fodor1979cosmicrealistic
In Iron Years Gordon R. Dickson1980economicrealistic
In Mortal Fear Jeanne Lucchesi2000extraterrestrialrealistic
Incomer, The Margaret Elphinstone1987warrealistic
Inferno, The Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
IQ83 Arthur Herzog1978pestilencerealistic
Jesus Factor Edwin Corley1970warrealistic
Jitterbug Mike McQuay1984pestilencerealistic
Judgment Day Jane Jensen2000pestilencerealistic
Kairos Gwyneth Jones1988warrealistic
Kalki Gore Vidal1978pestilencerealistic
King of the Storeroom, The Antonio Porta1978socialrealistic
Kiteworld  Keith Roberts1985warrealistic
Land's End Frederik Pohl
Jack Williamson
Last Children of Schevenborn, The Gudrun Pausewang1988warrealistic
Last Day, The Helen Clarkson1959warrealistic
Last Day, The Glenn Kleier1997warrealistic
Last Gallon, The William Belanger2013economicrealistic
Last Hope of Earth, The
Creeping Shroud, The
 Lan Wright1965ecologicalrealistic
Last Man, The Mary Shelley1826pestilencerealistic
Last Oasis, The Sue Pace1993ecologicalrealistic
Last Ship, The William Brinkley1987warrealistic
Last War, The Martyn Godfrey1989warrealistic
Last Whales, The Lloyd Abbey1990ecologicalrealistic
Legend Barry Maher2005unknownrealistic
Level 7 Mordecai Roshwald1959warrealistic
Lift Off J. Hall Stephens1989ecologicalrealistic
Lights Out David Crawford2010technologyrealistic
Long Loud Silence, The Wilson Tucker1952warrealistic
Long Tomorrow, The Leigh Bracket1955warrealistic
Long Voyage Back Luke Rhinehart1983warrealistic
Lord's Pink Ocean, The David Walker1972ecologicalrealistic
Los Angeles: A.D.2017 Philip Wylie1971ecologicalrealistic
Lost Traveller, The Steve Wilson1977warrealistic
Lot and Lot's Daughter Ward Moore1996warrealistic
Lucifer's Hammer Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Magazine Beach Lewis Gannett1996warrealistic
Mask for the General, The Lisa Goldstein1987socialrealistic
Masters of the Fist Edward P. Hughes1989warrealistic
Meltdown Max Marlow1991ecologicalrealistic
Memory Boy Will Weaver2001geologicalrealistic
Mercury Anna Kavan1994ecologicalrealistic
Meridian 144 Meg Files1991warrealistic
Meteor Edmund H. North1979cosmicrealistic
Minutes to Burn Gregg Andrew Hurwitz2001geologicalrealistic
Moonseed Stephen Baxter1998cosmicrealistic
Mother of Storms John Barnes1994technologyrealistic
Moving Snow, The Ian Weekley1974ecologicalrealistic
Nature of Balance, The Tim Lebbon2001ecologicalrealistic
Nature's End Whitley Strieber
James Kunetka
Neena Gathering Valerie Nieman Colander1988warrealistic
Negative Ones, The John E. Muller1965warrealistic
New Madrid Run, The Michael Reisig1998geologicalrealistic