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Doomsday Warrior


Ryder Stacy

American Paradise13 1988  
American Death Orbit14 1988  
American Overthrow15 1989  
American Ultimatum16 1989  
America's Sword17 1989  
American Dream Machine18 1990  
America's Final Defense19 1991  
12 Monkeys Elizabeth Hand1995virusfantastical
Absolute at Large, The  Karel Capek1927warfantastical
Abyss, The Jere Cunningham1981extraterrestrialfantastical
After Earth: Kitai's Journal Christine Peymani2013ecologicalfantastical
After the Blue Russel C. Like1998extraterrestrialfantastical
After the Zap Michael Armstrong1987technologyfantastical
Age of Miracles
Day of the Star Cities, The
 John Brunner1965extraterrestrialfantastical
Alejandra Variations, The Paul Cook1984warfantastical
Alien Earth Megan Lindholm1992ecologicalfantastical
All Fool's Day Edmund Cooper1966cosmicfantastical
Allamanda Michael Williams1997unknownfantastical
Aluminum Man, The G. C. Edmondson1975technologyfantastical
Amnesia Moon Jonathan Lethem1995warfantastical
Antediluvian R. P. Nettelhorst2000deludgefantastical
Antistar Daniel Foley2000unknownfantastical
Aquamarine Mel Keegan2000deludgefantastical
Arcady Michael Williams1996unknownfantastical
Ariel Steven R. Boyett1983extraterrestrialfantastical
Armageddon David Drake
Billie Sue Mosiman
Martin H. Greenberg
Armageddon Blues, The Daniel Keys Moran1988warfantastical
Artery of Fire Thomas N. Scortia1972cosmicfantastical
Artifact Gregory Benford1985cosmicfantastical
Ashes, Ashes
 Rene Barjavel1943technologyfantastical
Beastchild Dean R. Koontz1970extraterrestrialfantastical
Beasts John Crowley1976socialfantastical
Before and After Matthew Thomas1999ecologicalfantastical
Black Cloud, The Fred Hoyle1959cosmicfantastical
Bloodbane Michael Offutt2003unknownfantastical
Bloodsong Melvin Burgess2005unknownfantastical
Bloodtide Melvin Burgess1999unknownfantastical
Bob Bridges: An Apocalyptic Fable Penny Perkins1999warfantastical
Bunny Modern David Bowman1998technologyfantastical
Candle in the Sun Robert Wells1971deludgefantastical
Canticle for Leibowitz, A Walter M. Miller Jr.1959warfantastical
Castle Keeps, The Andrew J. Offutt1972socialfantastical
Cemetary World Clifford D. Simak1975warfantastical
Central passage Lawrence L. Schoonover1962warfantastical
Chalk Giants, The Keith Roberts1974warfantastical
Childhood's End Authur C. Clarke1953extraterrestrialfantastical
Children of Atwar, The Heather Spears1998unknownfantastical
Chronocide Mission, The Lloyd Biggle2002warfantastical
Chrysalids, The John Wyndham1955warfantastical
City at World's End, The Edmond Hamilton1951warfantastical
City of Illusions Ursula K. Le Guin1967warfantastical
Conflict Peter F. Hamilton1998extraterrestrialfantastical
Consolidation Peter F. Hamilton1997extraterrestrialfantastical
Crystal Island Anita Jewel Lemon2004cosmicfantastical
Crystal of Power, The Adriana deBolt1980unknownfantastical
Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny1969warfantastical
Dark Universe Daniel F. Galouye1961warfantastical
Day of the Shield Anthony Alban1973warfantastical
Day of the Triffids, The John Wyndham1951extraterrestrialfantastical
Day the Machines Stopped, The Christopher Anvil1964technologyfantastical
Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles, The Robert Moore Williams1961pestilencefantastical
Daystar and Shadow James B Johnson1981warfantastical
Dead Morn Roberto Fuentes
Piers Anthony
Demons John Shirley2000extraterrestrialfantastical
Disappearance, The Philip Wylie1951rapturefantastical
Dracula Unbound  Brian W. Aldiss1990warfantastical
Dragon Isle Keith Michael Mahan2004ecologcialfantastical
Duende Meadow Paul Cook1985warfantastical
Earth Remembers, The Susan Torian Olan1990unknownfantastical
Earth's Last Citadel Henry Kuttner
C L Moore
Light of Eden, The
 W. A. Harbinson1987unknownfantastical
Egghead Republic  Arno Schmidt1979warfantastical
Einstein Intersection, The Samuel R. Delany1967unknownfantastical
Elegy Beach Steven R. Boyett2009extraterrestrialfantastical
Engine Summer John Crowley1979warfantastical
Escape Hatch  Vladimir Makanin1996unknownfantastical
Eye for Dark Places, An Norma Marder1993unknownfantastical
Family Tree, The Sheri S. Tepper1997ecologicalfantastical
Farnhams Freehold Robert A. Heinlein1964warfantastical
Father John VS the Zombies Karl El-Koura2012zombiefantastical
Fifth Planet, The Geoffrey Hoyle
Fred Hoyle
Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, The John Vornholt2001cosmicfantastical
First Activation D A Wearmouth2013zombiesfantastical
Fittest, The J.T. McIntosh1955creaturefantastical
Flyer Gail Kimberly1975faminefantastical
Flying Eyes, The  J. Hunter Holly1962extraterrestrialfantastical
Footfall Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Footprints of Thunder James F. David1995creaturefantastical
FORTEC conspiracy, The Richard M. Garvin1968pestilencefantastical
Furies, The Keith Roberts1966extraterrestrialfantastical
Gaia Websters, The Kim Antieau1997technologyfantastical
Galapagos Kurt Vonnegut1985ecologicalfantastical
Gay Hunter J. Leslie Mitchell1934warfantastical
Genocides, The Thomas M. Disch1965extraterrestrialfantastical
Gods of Foxcroft, The David Levy1971ecologicalfantastical
Green Rain, The Paul Tabori1961cosmicfantastical
Guide to the Hunger Games Caroline Carpenter2012unknownfantastical
Happy Policeman Patricia Anthony1994warfantastical
Hear Me Scream R M James2013pestilencefantastical
Heart of Ice Dave Morris1994ecologicalfantastical
Hephaestus Plague, The Thomas Page1973creaturefantastical
Hostage for Hinterland Arsen Darnay1976unknownfantastical
Hunger Games Tribute Guide, The Emily Seife2012unknownfantastical
I Am Legend Richard Matheson1954pestilencefantastical
Ice People, The Rene Barjavel1968earthquakefantastical
In Solitary Garry Kilworth1977extraterrestrialfantastical
In the Drift Michael Swanwick1985technologyfantastical
Indoctrinaire Christopher Priest1970warfantastical
Into Wild Places Robert Hoppensteadt1999technologyfantastical
Iron Dream, The Norman Spinrad1972warfantastical
Iron Rain, The Donald Malcolm1976extraterrestrialfantastical
Iron Sunrise Charles Stross2004technologyfantastical
Islands Marta Randall1976deludgefantastical
Jericho Iteration, The Allen M. Steele1994technologyfantastical
Jewels of Aptor, The Samuel R. Delany1962warfantastical
Kingdom Come Carl Huberman2000extraterrestrialfantastical
Kraken Wakes, The
Out of the Deeps
 John Wyndham1953extraterrestrialfantastical
Last Galaxy Game, The Karl Klyne1980warfantastical
Last Vampire, The Kathryn Meyer Griffith1992ecologicalfantastical
Lathe of Heaven, The Ursula K. Le Guin1971plaguefantastical
Long Afternoon of Earth, The
 Brian Aldiss1961cosmicfantastical
Long Mynd, The Edward P. Hughes1985warfantastical
Malevil Robert Merle1973warfantastical
Man Who Melted, The Jack Dann1984socialfantastical
Maurai and Kith Poul Anderson1982unknownfantastical
Mercycle Piers Anthony1991cosmicfantastical
Midsummer Century James Blish1972warfantastical
Millennium  John Varley1983warfantastical
Monkey Station Ardath Mayhar1989pestilencefantastical
Moonfall Heather Spears1998unknownfantastical
Mutant Henry Kuttner1953warfantastical
No Night Without Stars Andre Norton1975warfantastical
Oneness in a Cocoon S. Egroeg Reklaw2002warfantastical
People of the Ruins, The Edward Shanks1920warfantastical
Phase Transition, The Ryan E. Okerlund2002technologyfantastical
Plague of Angels, A Sheri S. Tepper1993ecologicalfantastical
Postman, The David Brin1985warfantastical
Purple Cloud, The M.P. Shiel1901cosmicfantastical
Queen of Darkness, The Miguel Conner1998warfantastical
Quest of the Chosen M. L. Chamaschuk2002cosmicfantastical
Rage Matthew Costello2011cosmicfantastical
Redbeard Mike Resnick1969warfantastical
Robot Brains, The Sydney J. Bounds1967technologyfantastical
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Walter M. Miller Jr.1997warfantastical
Satan Burger Carlton Mellick III2001unknownfantastical
Scientific Romance, A Ronald Wright1997ecologicalfantastical
Sea Siege Andre Norton1957warfantastical
Shivered Sky, The Matt Dinniman2003extraterrestrialfantastical
Sign of the Labrys Margaret St. Clair1963pestilencefantastical
Sin of Origin John Barnes1988unknownfantastical
Singularity Sky Charles Stross2003technologyfantastical
Sleepwalker's World Gordon R. Dickson1971technologyfantastical
Soldier of Light Tom Cool
John DeLancie
Sound of Winter, The Arthur Byron Cover1976warfantastical
Splinter  Adam Roberts2007cosmicfantastical
Stand, The Stephen King1978pestilencefantastical
Star Man's Son
Daybreak-2250 A.D.
 Andre Norton1952warfantastical
Starship Intercourse Lambert Wilhelm1971extraterrestrialfantastical
Strike Midnight D. M. Matera2000rapturefantastical
Swan Song Robert R. McCammon1987warfantastical
Telempath Spider Robinson1976extraterrestrialfantastical
Terminator, The Shaun Hutson1984technologyfantastical
Third Millennium, The Paul Meier1993rapturefantastical
This Immortal Roger Zelazny1966warfantastical
Thunder in Paradise: Satan's Last Storm Jonathan R. Cash2000extraterrestrialfantastical
Time Dweller, The  Michael Moorcock1964ecologicalfantastical
Time of Darkness, a  Sherryl Jordan1990warfantastical
Time Storm Gordon R. Dickson1977cosmicfantastical
Tintagel Paul Cook1981pestilencefantastical
To Conquer Chaos John Brunner1964extraterrestrialfantastical
To Renew the Ages Robert Coulson1976warfantastical
To the Vanishing Point Alan Dean Foster1988unknownfantastical
Twilight World Poul Anderson1961warfantastical
Under the City of Angeles Jerry Brown1981deludgefantastical
Unforsaken Hiero, The Sterling E. Lanier1983warfantastical
Vampire Winter Lois Tilton1990warfantastical
Vanishing Point Michaela Roessner1993rapturefantastical
Virility Factor, The Robert Merle1977pestilencefantastical
Wagers of Sin Robert Lynn Asprin
Linda Evans
Wall at the Edge of the World, The  Jim Aikin1993unknownfantastical
Wall, The  Marlen Haushofer1963rapturefantastical
Waters Rising  Sheri S. Tepper2011ecologicalfantastical
Waterworld Max Allan Collins1995ecologicalfantastical
Wind Whales of Ishmael, The  Philip Jos Farmer1971ecologicalfantastical
Wings of the Valiant Mark Edward Jones1999warfantastical
World for the Meek, A Harry Willson1988warfantastical
World of Tomorrow
World of the Future
 Karl Zeigfreid1963extraterrestrialfantastical
World Without Women Day Keene1965pestilencefantastical
Wrath of God Bob Gleason1994warfantastical
Wreath of Stars, A Bob Shaw1976cosmicfantastical
Year of the Quiet Sun, The Wilson Tucker1970warfantastical
Year Zero Jeff Long2002pestilencefantastical
Z: Zombie Stories J M Lassen2011zombiesfantastical



Bill Dolan

Afrikorps1 1991  
Iron Horse2 1991  
White Rhino3 1992  
Sea Stallion4 1992  
Lion Mountain5 1993  
Cobra Curse6 1993  



AftertimeSophie Littlefield2011