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Judgment of Eve, The Edgar Pangborn1966warfuturistic
Juniper Time Kate Wilhelm1979ecologicalfuturistic
Kanshou, The Sally Miller Gearhart2002ecologicalfuturistic
Killing Star, The George Zebrowski
Charles Pellegrino
Kuldesak  Richard Cowper1972warfuturistic
Lactose the Intolerable in Prophesies of the Ancients S. R. Romano2002warfuturistic
Land of the Golden Clouds Archie Weller1998warfuturistic
Last Book in the Universe, The Rodman Philbrick2000earthquakefuturistic
Last Continent, The Edmund Cooper1969warfuturistic
Last Gasp, The Trevor Hoyle1983ecologicalfuturistic
Last of the Dying, The Brittney Stewart2010unknownfuturistic
Last Prisoner, The David Lorne1991warfuturistic
Last Recall, The Charles Ingrid1990pestilencefuturistic
Last Refuge Elizabeth Ann Scarborough1992warfuturistic
Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome  Alexander Kluge1973warfuturistic
Lifeline Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason
Loremasters, The Leslie Gadallah1988warfuturistic
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Terry Hayes
George Miller
Madness Season, The C. S. Friedman1990extraterrestrialfuturistic
Magister, The Sally Miller Gearhart2003ecologicalfuturistic
Maiden Flight Eric Vinicoff1988warfuturistic
Man Who Awoke Laurence Manning1933warfuturistic
Man Who Japed, The Philip K. Dick1956warfuturistic
Man who Pulled Down the Sky, The John Barnes1987warfuturistic
Map of Power Tess Williams1996technologyfuturistic
Marked Man, The Charles Ingrid1989pestilencefuturistic
Marooned in Realtime Vernor Vinge1986warfuturistic
Maximum Light Nancy Kress1997ecologicalfuturistic
Mecca Earth Paul Harncourt2000unknownfuturistic
Memory Seed Stephen Palmer1996ecologicalfuturistic
Menace: Battle Mountain Alan Rodgers2000extraterrestrialfuturistic
Milwaukee: The Beautiful Dakota James1986ecologicalfuturistic
Mississippi Blues Kathleen Ann Goonan1997technologyfuturistic
Mockingbird Walter S. Tevis1980unknownfuturistic
Moonspin Elmer Carpenter1967cosmicfuturistic
Mother Grimm Catherine Wells1997pestilencefuturistic
My Father Immortal Michael D. Weaver1989warfuturistic
My Mistress, Humanity Chuck Rosenthal2002ecologicalfuturistic
Night of the Big Fire
Moon rocket
 John E. Muller1967warfuturistic
Night of the Triffids, The Simon Clark2001extraterrestrialfuturistic
Nothing Sacred Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1991warfuturistic
Orion Shall Rise Poul Anderson1983warfuturistic
Orvis H. M. Hoover1987warfuturistic
Other Nature Stephanie A. Smith1995pestilencefuturistic
Out of the Dark David Weber2010extraterrestrialfuturistic
Out There Adrien Stoutenberg1972ecologicalfuturistic
Overman Culture, The Edmund Cooper1970unknownfuturistic
Overshoot  Mona Clee1998ecologicalfuturistic
Pail of Air, A Fritz Leiber1964cosmicfuturistic
Pandora's Children Kathryn Lance1986ecologicalfuturistic
Pandora's Genes Kathryn Lance1985ecologicalfuturistic
Peace on Earth Stanislaw Lem1987technologyfuturistic
Peace War, The Vernor Vinge1984warfuturistic
Peacemakers, The  Curtis W. Casewit1960warfuturistic
Penultimate Truth, The Philip K. Dick1964warfuturistic
Perfect People Robert Lieberman1986socialfuturistic
Phytosphere Scott MacKay2007extraterrestrialfuturistic
Plague Saint, The Rita Donovan1997pestilencefuturistic
Pleasures of a Futuroscope, The  Lord Dunsany1955warfuturistic
Pluribus Michael J. Kurland1975unknownfuturistic
Population Doomsday Don Pendleton1974ecologicalfuturistic
Prodigal Sun, The Philip E. High1964warfuturistic
Prometheus  Rita Y. Toews2003technologyfuturistic
Prometheus Crisis, The Frank M. Robinson
Thomas N. Scortia
Psalms of Herod, The Esther M. Friesner1995socialfuturistic
Queen City Jazz Kathleen Ann Goonan1994technologyfuturistic
Radio Hope Sean McLachlan2014warfuturistic
Rankin: Enemy of the State John Osier1986warfuturistic
Reality Forbidden  Philip E. High1967technologyfuturistic
Reckless Sleep Roger Levy2000ecologicalfuturistic
Regiments of Night, The
Night of the Robots
 Brian N. Ball1972warfuturistic
Remembrance, The Robert Williams2002unknownfuturistic
Resurrection 2027 J. G. Eccarius1995pestilencefuturistic
Revolt of the Nons Ronald Fyten2001unknownfuturistic
Riddley Walker Russell Hoban1980warfuturistic
Rider of the White Horse Alan M. Paananen2002warfuturistic
Rock, The J. G. Pajot2000technologyfuturistic
Rumors of Spring Richard Grant1986ecologicalfuturistic
Sar John Robert Russell1974warfuturistic
Saraband of Lost Time Richard Grant1985unknownfuturistic
Saturn 27 Dwight Fiscus2001warfuturistic
Seal of Gaia, The Marlin Maddoux1998socialfuturistic
Seawatcher's Diary, The Dolores B. Tansey2001unknownfuturistic
Second Angel, The Philip Kerr1998pestilencefuturistic
Secret of Life, The Paul J. McAuley2001ecologicalfuturistic
Seeds of Change Thomas F. Monteleone1975warfuturistic
Shade's Children Garth Nix1997extraterrestrialfuturistic
Shadow of the Red Moon Walter Dean Myers1995unknownfuturistic
Shift, The Hugh Cook1986extraterrestrialfuturistic
Shore of Women, The Pamela Sargent1986warfuturistic
Shudderchild Warren Norwood1987earthquakefuturistic
Sigmet Active Thomas Page1978technologyfuturistic
Signal Shattered, A Eric S. Nylund1999extraterrestrialfuturistic
Signal to Noise Eric S. Nylund1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
Silent City, The Elisabeth Vonarburg1988warfuturistic
Sister Alice Robert Reed2003extraterrestrialfuturistic
Slaves of Heaven, The Edmund Cooper1974extraterrestrialfuturistic
Slog Richard Jr Bellush2002pestilencefuturistic
Slynx, The Tatyana Tolstaya2000warfuturistic
Songs of Power  Hilari Bell2000ecologicalfuturistic
Speaker to Heaven Atanielle Annyn Nol1987warfuturistic
Specter Is Haunting Texas, A Fritz Leiber1968warfuturistic
Star of the Sun Charles Schaefer1997cosmicfuturistic
Star's Reach: A Novel Of The Deindustrial Future John Michael Greer2014ecologicalfuturistic
Starfire Charles Sheffield1999cosmicfuturistic
Stars in Shroud, The Gregory Benford 1970plaguefuturistic
Steel, the Mist, and the Blazing Sun, The Christopher Anvil1980warfuturistic
Still I Persist in Wondering Edgar Pangborn1978anthologyfuturistic
Stone Gods, The  Jeannette Winterson2007warfuturistic
Stones of Memory Thomas A. Easton2000ecologicalfuturistic
Strange Deliverance Mary Brown1997warfuturistic
Sudden Star
White Death
 Pamela Sargent1979pestilencefuturistic
Sunfall C. J. Cherryh1981unknownfuturistic
Svaha Charles de Lint1989ecologicalfuturistic
Terminator 2: Hour of The Wolf Mark W. Tiedemann2004technologyfuturistic
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines David Hagberg2003technologyfuturistic
Terraforming Earth  Jack Williamson2001cosmicfuturistic
Test of Fire Ben Bova1982cosmicfuturistic
Testament XXI Guy Snider1973warfuturistic
Third Guardian, The Jason Brandenburg1999unknownfuturistic
This Time of Darkness H. M. Hoover1980ecologicalfuturistic
Three Days in July Etienne Poirier Jr.1997socialfuturistic
Through Darkest America Neal Barrett Jr.1987warfuturistic
Through the Heart Richard Grant1991socialfuturistic
Thunder on Neptune, A Gordon Eklund1989unknownfuturistic
Thunderstrike! Michael McCollum1989cosmicfuturistic
Tiltangle R.W. Mackelworth1970freezefuturistic
Time Connection, The Thomas F. Monteleone1976warfuturistic
Time Gate John Jakes1972warfuturistic
Time of the Fourth Horseman Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1976pestilencefuturistic
Time of the Great Freeze Robert Silverberg1964ecologicalfuturistic
Time-Swept City, The Thomas F. Monteleone1977warfuturistic
To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories  Poul Anderson2007warfuturistic
Tom O'Bedlam Robert Silverberg1985socialfuturistic
Unto the Last Generation Thomas A. Easton2000ecologicalfuturistic
Veil of Darkness J. A. Bowman2003warfuturistic
Views From the Oldest House Richard Grant1989socialfuturistic
Visitor, The Sheri S. Tepper2002cosmicfuturistic
Voices in Time Hugh MacLennan1980warfuturistic
Vultures Also Die James C. Luttaal1977droughtfuturistic
Wall Around Eden, The Joan Slonczewski1989warfuturistic
Wall-E Irene Trimble2008ecologicalfuturistic
Wall-E Intergalactic Guide Catherine Saunders2008ecologicalfuturistic
Warlock  Dean R. Koontz1972ecologicalfuturistic
Way of the Pilgrim Gordon R. Dickson1987extraterrestrialfuturistic
Weather War Leonard Leokum1978technologyfuturistic
When the Sky Burned Ben Bova1973cosmicfuturistic
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Kate Wilhelm1975plaguefuturistic
White Fox Chronicles, The Gary Paulsen2000warfuturistic
White Light William Barton
Michael Capobianco
Who Can Replace a Man? Brian Aldiss1965technologyfuturistic
Winners Poul Anderson1981warfuturistic
Winter Simon Brown1997warfuturistic
Wizard of Linn A.E. Van Vogt1962warfuturistic
Wool Hugh Howey2012warfuturistic
Year Seven, The Molleen Zanger1993unknownfuturistic
Zardoz John Boorman1974unknownfuturistic
Zulus Percival Everett1990warfuturistic



Mary Vigliante

Land, The2 1979  



Gwyneth Jones

White Queen1 1991  
North Wind2 1994  
Phoenix Cafe3 1997  

Android Avenger


Ted White

Android Avenger1 1965  
Spawn of the Death Machine, The2 1968  



Tom McGowen

Magician's Apprentice, The1 1987  
Magician's Company, The2 1988  
Magicians' Challenge, The3 1989  



William Barnwell

Blessing Papers, The1 1980  
Sigma Curve, The2 1981  
Imram3 1981  

Books of the Wars


Mark S. Geston

Lords of the Starship1 1967  
Out of the Mouth of the Dragon2 1969  
Siege of Wonder, The3 1976  



Sarah Crossan

Breathe1 2012  
Resist2 2013  



John Sievert

C.A.D.S.: Computerized Attack/Defense System1 1985  
Tech Battleground2 1986  
Tech Commando3 1986  
Tech Strike Force4 1987  
Tech Satan5 1988  
Tech Inferno6 1988  
Doom Commander7 1989  
Cybertech Killing Zone8 1989  
Suicide Attack9 1990  
Recon by Fire10 1990  
Death Zone Attack11 1991  
Tech Assassins12 1991  

Century Next Door


John Barnes

Orbital Resonance1 1991  
Kaleidoscope Century2 1995  
Candle3 2000  
Sky So Big and Black, The4 2002  

Children of Violence


Doris Lessing

Landlocked1 1952  
Ripple from the Storm, A2 1954  
Proper Marriage, A3 1958  
Martha Quest4 1965  
Four-Gated City, The5 1969  

Chronicles of Scar


Ron Sarti

Chronicles of Scar, The1 1997  
Legacy of the Ancients2 1997  
Lanterns of God, The3 1998  



Catherine Wells

Earth Is All That Lasts, The1 1991