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M. John Harrison

Viriconium Nights4 1984  

Walking Dead, The


Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman

Rise of the Governor1 2011  
The Road to Woodbury2 2012  
The Fall of the Governor: Part One3 2013  
The Fall of the Governor: Part Two4 2014  
Descent5 2014  
Invasion6 2015  

Wild Cards


George R. R. Martin

Wild Cards1 1986  
Aces High2 1987  
Jokers Wild3 1987  
Aces Abroad4 1988  
Down and Dirty5 1988  
Ace in the Hole6 1989  
Dead Man's Hand7 1990  
One-Eyed Jacks8 1991  
Jokertown Shuffle9 1991  
Double Solitare10 1992  
Dealer's Choice11 1992  
Turn of the Cards12 1993  
Card Sharks13 1993  
Marked Cards14 1994  
Black Trump15 1995  
Deuces Down16 2002  
Death Draws Five17 2006  
Inside Straight18 2008  
Busted Flush19 2008  
Suicide Kings20 2009  
Fort Freak21 2011  

Windows of Heaven, The


K. G. Powderly Jr.

Dawn-Apocalypse Rising1 2003  
Paladin's Odyssey, The2 2003  
Broken Paradise, A3 2004  
Tide of Nemesis, The4 2005  



Mack Maloney

Wingman1 1987  
Circle War, The2 1987  
Lucifer Crusade, The3 1987  
Thunder in the East4 1988  
Twisted Cross, The5 1988  
Final Storm, The6 1989  
Freedom Express7 1990  
Skyfire8 1990  
Return from the Inferno9 1991  
War of the Sun10 1992  
Ghost War, The11 1993  
Target: Point Zero12 1996  
Death Orbit13 1996  
Sky Ghost, The14 1997  
Return of Sky Ghost15 1998  
Tomorrow War, The16 1999  



Pamela F. Service

Winter of Magic's Return, The1 1985  
Tomorrow's Magic2 1987  
Yesterday's Magic3 2008  

World's End


Lin Carter

Giant of World's End1 1969  
Warrior of World's End, The2 1974  
Enchantress of World's End, The3 1975  
Immortal of World's End, The4 1976  
Barbarian of World's End, The5 1977  
Pirate of World's End, The6 1978  



Walter Greatshell

Apocalypse Blues1 2004  
Apocalypticon2 2010  
Apocalypso3 2011  



John Dalmas

Yngling, The1 1971  
Homecoming2 1984  
Yngling and the Circle of Power, The3 1992  
Yngling in Yamato, The4 1994  



David Wellington

Monster Island1 2006  
Monster Nation2 2006  
Monster Planet3 2007  
2084: The Year of the Liberal David L. Hale2000warfuturistic
3000 Ad: A New Beginning Jon Fleetwood2001socialfuturistic
905 Tom Pane2001unknownfuturistic
After the Flood P. C. Jersild1986warfuturistic
After Things Fell Apart Ron Goulart1970warfuturistic
Aftermath Charles Sheffield1998cosmicfuturistic
Alien Child  Pamela Sargent1988warfuturistic
Alien Earth: Hope Cometh James R. Meadors Jr.2009extraterrestrialfuturistic
Alien Years, The Robert Silverberg1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
All That Remains D. F. Galley2002warfuturistic
Amnesiascope Steve Erickson1996socialfuturistic
Ancient Future Charles D. Roper2002unknownfuturistic
Anguished Dawn, The James P. Hogan2003cosmicfuturistic
Anvil of Stars Greg Bear1992extraterrestrialfuturistic
Artificer Asylum Nicholas Pacuilla1993technologyfuturistic
As the Curtain Falls Robert Chilson1974ecologicalfuturistic
Autumn World Margaret Howes2000technologyfuturistic
Bander Snatch Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.1979unknownfuturistic
Battlefield Earth L. Ron Hubbard1982extraterrestrialfuturistic
Beacon, The Chris Sanderson2001extraterrestrialfuturistic
Beast of Heaven, The Victor Kelleher1984warfuturistic
Beyond the Apocalypse Michael Mozeleski2003cosmicfuturistic
Beyond Time  John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Black Hole Affair, The Jeffrey Klein1991technologyfuturistic
Black Snow Days Claudia O'Keefe1990warfuturistic
Blind Worm, The Brian Stableford1970unknownfuturistic
Blood Music Greg Bear1985pestilencefuturistic
Bohack: Symbiotic Worlds L. Linehan1981pestilencefuturistic
Bone Dance Emma Bull1991warfuturistic
Breed to Come Andre Norton1972pestilencefuturistic
Bridge Janine Ellen Young2000extraterrestrialfuturistic
Bridge, The D. Keith Mano1974socialfuturistic
Bright Phoenix, The Harold Mead1956warfuturistic
Catch a Falling Star
100th Millennium, The
 John Brunner1959unknownfuturistic
Chicago Red R M Meluch1990warfuturistic
Children of Men, The P. D. James1992ecologicalfuturistic
Children of the Crisp Paul S. Brittain2004warfuturistic
Children of the Light Susan B. Weston1985warfuturistic
Children of the Plague Kat Hankinson2000pestilencefuturistic
Chilling Warmth: A Tale of Global Warming, A Jay Kaplan2002ecologicalfuturistic
Cinderblock Janine Ellen Young1997technologyfuturistic
City of Bones Martha Wells1995droughtfuturistic
Clio and Cy: The Apocalypse Christopher Lee2014warfuturistic
Cloud of Desolation, The Sam Baneham1982extraterrestrialfuturistic
Cloud Walker, The  Edmund Cooper1973warfuturistic
Cold Allies Patricia Anthony1993warfuturistic
Cold Fusion Windsor Chorlton1999freezefuturistic
Company of Glory, The Edgar Pangborn1975warfuturistic
Computer One Warwick Collins1993technologyfuturistic
Cool War Frederik Pohl1981warfuturistic
Copper Elephant, The Adam Rapp1999ecologicalfuturistic
Council of Light Illya Illya2000extraterrestrialfuturistic
Crack in the Sky, The Richard A Lupoff1976unknownfuturistic
Cradle of Saturn James P. Hogan1999cosmicfuturistic
Crisp, The Paul S. Brittain2002warfuturistic
Crucible of Time, The John Brunner1983cosmicfuturistic
Crystals Dennis L. Smith2001unknownfuturistic
Curse of the Coral Bride  Brian M. Stableford2004cosmicfuturistic
Cyberneural Symbiote Rick A. Mullins1999extraterrestrialfuturistic
Dance of the Apocalypse Gordon Eklund1976warfuturistic
Danger Quotient, The Annabel Johnson
Edgar Johnson
Dark Earth: The Torch Robert Weinberg1999cosmicfuturistic
Dark Heavens Roger Levy2003ecologicalfuturistic
David and Arianna Lori J. Gans2003unknownfuturistic
Dawn's Uncertain Light Neal Barrett Jr.1989warfuturistic
Day the World Died, The John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Deathday William C. Dietz2001extraterrestrialfuturistic
Devil on My Back Monica Hughes1984unknownfuturistic
Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers1985warfuturistic
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K. Dick1966warfuturistic
Dome Steve Perry
Michael Reaves
Dome M. J. Rusch2000ecologicalfuturistic
Down to a Sunless Sea David Graham1989warfuturistic
Dream Catcher, The Monica Hughes1986unknownfuturistic
Dream Compass, The Jeff Bredenberg1991warfuturistic
Dream Vessel, The Jeff Bredenberg1992warfuturistic
Drowned World, The J.G. Ballard1962delugefuturistic
Drowning Towers
Sea and Summer
 George Turner1987deludgefuturistic
Dry Salvages, The  Caitln R. Kiernan2004warfuturistic
Drylands, The Mary Rosenblum1993droughtfuturistic
Dusk of Demons, A John Christopher1993socialfuturistic
Dying Sun, The Gary L. Blackwood1989ecologicalfuturistic
Earth Defiant Steven M. Vaught2000extraterrestrialfuturistic
Earthchange Clare Cooper1985unknownfuturistic
Earthfall Joel Dodd2000cosmicfuturistic
Earthling Tony Daniel1997earthquakefuturistic
Earthrise William C. Dietz2002extraterrestrialfuturistic
Earthweb Marc Stiegler1998extraterrestrialfuturistic
Eco-2025 John Landis2000ecologicalfuturistic
Eleventh Commandment, The Lester del Rey1962warfuturistic
Empire of the Atom A.E. Van Vogt1957warfuturistic
Empty Cities of the Full Moon Howard V. Hendrix2001pestilencefuturistic
Escape Shaft Peter LeRoux2000warfuturistic
Eternity Road Jack McDevitt1997pestilencefuturistic
Ethnic Wars, The Peter Carnahan2001socialfuturistic
Fallen Angels Michael F. Flynn
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Fallen City Gregory Austin2002warfuturistic
Faraday's Orphans N. Lee Wood1996ecologicalfuturistic
Farewell Horizontal K. W. Jeter1989unknownfuturistic
Fishers of Darksea, The Roger Eldridge1984unknownfuturistic
Fiskadoro Denis Johnson1985warfuturistic
Flare Roger Zelazny
Thomas T. Thomas
Folk of the Fringe, The Orson Scott Card1989warfuturistic
Forge of God, The Greg Bear1987extraterrestrialfuturistic
Game Player's of Titan, The Philip K. Dick1963warfuturistic
Gate to Women's Country, The Sheri S. Tepper1988warfuturistic
Gather, Darkness! Fritz Leiber1943warfuturistic
Gift Upon the Shore, A M. K. Wren1990warfuturistic
Glass Stephen Palmer1997pestilencefuturistic
Glimmering  Elizabeth Hand1997ecologicalfuturistic
Goddess Rising Melissa Bowersock2001geologicalfuturistic
Golden Days Carolyn See1986warfuturistic
Green Gods, The C J Cherryh1980ecologicalfuturistic
Greenhouse Summer Norman Spinrad1999ecologicalfuturistic
Groogleman Debra Doyle
James D. Macdonald
Halo Paul Cook1986cosmicfuturistic
Hammer of God, The Arthur C. Clarke1993cosmicfuturistic
Harmony Marjorie Bradley Kellogg1991ecologicalfuturistic
Hello America  J. G. Ballard1981ecologicalfuturistic
Hermit Thrush Sings, The Susan Butler1999cosmicfuturistic
Hero of Downways, The Michael G. Coney1973unknownfuturistic
High Arena and Buttercup's Run James Nathan Post2001unknownfuturistic
Homestead, The Sam Mangat2000warfuturistic
Hot Sky at Midnight Robert Silverberg1993ecologicalfuturistic
Hunger-Light Brian Trent1999warfuturistic
I Feel the Morning Star Gregory Maguire1989warfuturistic
I Who Have Never Known Men Jacqueline Harpman
Ros Schwartz (Translator)
Icequake John Spencer1997ecologicalfuturistic
Immune Cheryl Gray2002warfuturistic
In the Country of Last Things Paul Auster1987socialfuturistic
In the Mothers' Land Elisabeth Vonarburg1992warfuturistic
Into the Forest Jean Hegland1996socialfuturistic
Jaiyavara Eleanor Glaze1988socialfuturistic