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Dragon Quartet


Marjorie Bradley Kellogg

Book of Water, The2 1997  
Book of Fire, The3 2000  
Book of Air, The4 2003  
Dragon Isle Keith Michael Mahan2004ecologcialfantastical
Dracula Unbound  Brian W. Aldiss1990warfantastical
Dr. Bloodmoney Philip K. Dick1965warrealistic
Down to a Sunless Sea David Graham1989warfuturistic

Down the Road


Bowie Ibarra

Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story1 2005  
On the Last Day2 2006  
Fall of Austin, The3 2011  

Douglas Convolution


Edward Llewellyn

Douglas Convolution, The1 1979  
Bright Companion2 1980  
Prelude to Chaos3 1983  

Doomsday Warrior


Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy

Doomsday Warrior1 1984  
Red America2 1984  
Last American, The3 1984  
Bloody America4 1985  
America's Last Declaration5 1985  
American Rebellion6 1985  
American Defiance7 1986  
American Glory8 1986  
America's Zero Hour9 1986  
American Nightmare10 1987  
American Eden11 1987  
Death, American Style12 1987  
American Paradise13 1988  
American Death Orbit14 1988  
American Overthrow15 1989  
American Ultimatum16 1989  
America's Sword17 1989  
American Dream Machine18 1990  
America's Final Defense19 1991  
Doomsday Story, The Elleston Trevor1952warrealistic
Doomsday Plus Twelve James D. Forman1984war
Doomsday Effect, The Thomas Wren1986cosmicrealistic
Doomsday Deposit, The Stanley Johnson1980technologyrealistic

Doom Quest of Ara-Karn


Adam Corby

Former King, The1 1981  
Divine Queen, The2 1982  



Dafydd ab Hugh
Brad Linaweaver

Knee-Deep in the Dead1 1995  
Hell on Earth2 1995  
Infernal Sky3 1995  
Endgame4 1995  
Don't Pick the Flowers
Denver is Missing
 D.F. Jones1971ecologicalrealistic
Dome Steve Perry
Michael Reaves
Dome M. J. Rusch2000ecologicalfuturistic



Steve Alten

Domain1 2001  
Resurrection2 2004  
Phobos: Mayan Fear3 2011  
Dog Eat Dog David J. Rodger2010pestilence
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K. Dick1966warfuturistic
Disappearance, The Philip Wylie1951rapturefantastical
Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers1985warfuturistic

Dies the Fire


S. M. Stirling

Dies the Fire1 2004  
Protector's War, The2 2005  
A meeting at Corvallis3 2006  
Sunrise Lands, The4 2007  
Scourge of God, The5 2008  
Sword of the Lady, The6 2009  
Devil on My Back Monica Hughes1984unknownfuturistic
Devil Delivered and Other Tales, The  Steven Erikson2005ecologicalrealistic
Deus X Norman Spinrad1993extraterrestrial
Deus Irae Roger Zelazny
Philip K. Dick
Demons John Shirley2000extraterrestrialfantastical
Deluge S. Fowler Wright1928delugerealistic
Deep Fathom James Rollins2001cosmicrealistic



James Axler

Encounter0 1999  
Pilgrimage to Hell1 1986  
Red Holocaust2 1986  
Neutron Solstice3 1987  
Crater Lake4 1987  
Homeward Bound5 1989  
Pony Soldiers6 1988  
Dectra Chain7 1988  
Ice and Fire8 1989  
Red Equinox9 1989  
Northstar Rising10 1988  
Time Nomads11 1989  
Latitude Zero12 1991  
Seedling13 1991  
Dark Carnival14 1992  
Chill Factor15 1992  
Moon Fate16 1992  
Fury's Pilgrims17 1993  
Shockscape18 1993  
Deep Empire19 1994  
Cold Asylum20 1994  
Twilight Children21 1994  
Rider, Reaper22 1994  
Road Wars23 1994  
Trader Redux24 1994  
Genesis Echo25 1995  
Shadowfall26 1995  
Ground Zero27 1995  
Emerald Fire28 1995  
Bloodlines29 1995  
Crossways30 1996  
Keepers of the Sun31 1996  
Circle Thrice32 1996  
Eclipse at Noon33 1996  
Stoneface34 1996  
Bitter Fruit35 1997  
Skydark36 1997  
Demons of Eden37 1997  
Mars Arena, The38 1997  
Watersleep39 1997  
Nightmare Passage40 1998  
Freedom Lost41 1998  
Way of the Wolf42 1998  
Dark Emblem43 1998  
Crucible of Time44 1999  
Starfall45 1999  
Gemini Rising46 1999  
Gaia's Demise47 1999  
Dark Reckoning48 2000  
Shadow World49 2000  
Pandora's Redoubt50 2000  
Rat King51 2000  
Zero City52 2000  
Savage Armada53 2001  
Judas Strike54 2001  
Shadow Fortress55 2001  
Sunchild56 2001  
Breakthrough57 2002  
Salvation Road58 2002  
Amazon Gate59 2002  
Destiny's Truth60 2002  
Skydark Spawn61 2003  
Damnation Road Show62 2003  
Devil Riders63 2003  
Bloodfire64 2003  
Hellbenders65 2004  
Separation66 2004  
Death Hunt67 2004  
Shaking Earth68 2004  
Black Harvest69 2005  
Vengeance Trail70 2005  
Ritual Chill71 2005  
Atlantis Reprise72 2005  
Labyrinth73 2006  
Strontium Swamp74 2006  
Shatter Zone75 2006  
Perdition Valley76 2006  
Cannibal Moon77 2007  
Sky Raider78 2007  
Remember Tomorrow79 2007  
Sunspot80 2007  
Desert Kings81 2008  
Apocalypse Unborn82 2008  
Thunder Road83 2008  
Plague Lords84 2008  
Dark Resurrection85 2009  
Eden's Twilight86 2009  
Desolation Crossing87 2009  
Alpha Wave88 2009  
Time Castaways89 2009  
Prophecy90 2010  
Blood Harvest91 2010  
Arcadian's Asylum92 2010  
Baptism of Rage93 2010  
Doom Helix94 2010  
Moonfeast95 2010  
Downrigger Drift96 2011  
Playfair's Axiom97 2011  
Tainted Cascade98 2011  
Perception Fault99 2011  
Prodigal's Return100 2011  
Lost Gates101 2011  
Haven's Blight102 2012  
Hell Road Warriors103 2012  
Deathday William C. Dietz2001extraterrestrialfuturistic
Deadly Messiah, The David Campbell Hill1976pestilencerealistic
Deadline Y2K Mark Joseph1999technologyrealistic
Deadlands Scott A. Johnson2005zombies
Dead-Tossed Waves, The Carrie Ryan2010zombies
Dead, The Mark E. Rogers1989zombies

Dead World


Joe McKinney

Dead City1 2006  
Apocalypse of the Dead2 2010  
Flesh Eaters3 2011  
Mutated4 2012  
Dead Morn Roberto Fuentes
Piers Anthony
Dead Heat Del Stone Jr.1996pestilencefanastical
Daystar and Shadow James B Johnson1981warfantastical



John Barnes

Directive 511 2010  
Daybreak Zero2 2011  
Last President, The3 2012  
Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles, The Robert Moore Williams1961pestilencefantastical
Day the World Died, The John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Day the Oceans Overflowed, The Charles L. Fontenay1964deludgerealistic
Day the Machines Stopped, The Christopher Anvil1964technologyfantastical
Day of the Triffids, The John Wyndham1951extraterrestrialfantastical
Day of the Shield Anthony Alban1973warfantastical
Day New York Went Dry, The Charles Einstein1964droughtrealistic
Day After Judgment, The James Blish1971supernatural
Dawn's Uncertain Light Neal Barrett Jr.1989warfuturistic
Dawn S. Fowler Wright1929delugerealistic
Davy Edgar Pangborn1964warrealistic
David and Arianna Lori J. Gans2003unknownfuturistic

Darkness and Dawn


George Allan England

Vacant World, The1 1912  
Beyond the Great Oblivion2 1913  
Afterglow, The3 1913