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Left Behind: The Kids


Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye

Busted!7 2000  
Death Strike8 2000  
Search9 2000  
On the Run10 2000  
Into the Storm11 2000  
Earthquake12 2000  
Showdown, The13 2001  
Judgment Day14 2001  
Battling the Commander15 2001  
Fire From Heaven16 2001  
Terror in the Stadium17 2001  
Darkening Skies18 2001  
Attack of Apollyon19 2002  
Dangerous Plan, A20 2002  
Secrets of New Babylon21 2002  
Escape from New Babylon22 2002  
Horsemen of Terror23 2002  
Uplink from the Underground24 2002  
Death at the Gala25 2003  
Beast Arises, The26 2003  
Wildfire!27 2003  
Mark of the Beast, The28 2003  
Breakout!29 2003  
Murder in the Holy Place30 2003  
Escape to Masada31 2003  
War of the Dragon32 2003  
Attack on Petra33 2004  
Bounty Hunters34 2004  
Rise of the False Messiahs, The35 2004  
Ominous Choices36 2004  
Heat Wave37 2004  
Perils of Love38 2004  
Road to War, The39 2004  
Triumphant Return40 2004  
Takenomnibus 2003  
Pursuedomnibus 2003  
Hiddenomnibus 2003  
Rescuedomnibus 2003  
Stungomnibus 2003  
Franticomnibus 2004  
Shakenomnibus 2005  
Unmaskedomnibus 2005  
Deceivedomnibus 2005  
Protectedomnibus 2005  
Huntedomnibus 2005  
Arrivedomnibus 2005  

Left Behind: Apocalypse


Mel Odom

Apocalypse Dawn1 2003  
Apocalypse Crucible2 2004  
Apocalypse Burning3 2004  
Apocalypse Unleashed4 2008  

Left Behind


Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye

Rapture-2 2006  
Regime: Evil Advances-1 2005  
Rising: Antichrist is Born0 2005  
Left Behind1 1995  
Tribulation Force2 1996  
Nicholae3 1997  
Soul Harvest4 1999  
Apollyon5 1999  
Assassins6 1999  
Indwelling7 2000  
Mark8 2000  
Desecration9 2001  
Remnant10 2002  
Armageddon11 2003  
Glorious Appearing12 2004  
Kingdom Come13 2007  
Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome  Alexander Kluge1973warfuturistic
Lathe of Heaven, The Ursula K. Le Guin1971plaguefantastical
Last Whales, The Lloyd Abbey1990ecologicalrealistic
Last War, The Martyn Godfrey1989warrealistic
Last Vampire, The Kathryn Meyer Griffith1992ecologicalfantastical

Last Survivors


Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life as We Knew It1 2006  
Dead and The Gone, The2 2008  
This World We Live In3 2010  
Last Ship, The William Brinkley1987warrealistic
Last Revolution, The Lord Dunsany1951technology
Last Refuge Elizabeth Ann Scarborough1992warfuturistic
Last Recall, The Charles Ingrid1990pestilencefuturistic

Last Rangers, The


Jake Davis

Last Rangers, The1 1992  
Crime Zone, The2 1993  
Destination: Showdown3 1992  

Last Ranger


Craig Sargent

Last Ranger, The1 1986  
Savage Stronghold, The2 1986  
Madman's Mansion, The3 1986  
Rabid Brigadier, The4 1987  
War Weapons, The5 1987  
Warlord's Revenge, The6 1988  
Vile Village, The7 1988  
Cutthroat Cannibals, The8 1988  
Damned Disciples, The9 1988  
Is This the End?10 1989  
Last Prisoner, The David Lorne1991warfuturistic

Last on Earth


Marilyn Kaye

Vanishing, The1 1998  
Convergence, The2 1998  
Return, The3 1998  
Last of the Dying, The Brittney Stewart2010unknownfuturistic
Last Oasis, The Sue Pace1993ecologicalrealistic
Last Man, The Mary Shelley1826pestilencerealistic
Last Man on Earth, The Anthology
Isaac Asimov
Last Light Alex Scarrow2007technology

Last Legacy


Grace Chetwin

Atheling, The1 1987  
Orborgon, The2 1999  
Hesta, The3 2011  
Last Hope of Earth, The
Creeping Shroud, The
 Lan Wright1965ecologicalrealistic

Last Gentile, The


Cary Bybee

Last Gentile, The1 2004  
Deacon's Horn2 2004  
Final Witness, The3 2004  
Last Gasp, The Trevor Hoyle1983ecologicalfuturistic
Last Gallon, The William Belanger2013economicrealistic
Last Galaxy Game, The Karl Klyne1980warfantastical
Last Day, The Helen Clarkson1959warrealistic
Last Day, The Glenn Kleier1997warrealistic
Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, The John Pelan1999anthologyanthology
Last Continent, The Edmund Cooper1969warfuturistic
Last Children of Schevenborn, The Gudrun Pausewang1988warrealistic
Last Canadian, The William C. Heine1974pestilence
Last Book in the Universe, The Rodman Philbrick2000earthquakefuturistic
Land's End Frederik Pohl
Jack Williamson
Land of the Golden Clouds Archie Weller1998warfuturistic
Lactose the Intolerable in Prophesies of the Ancients S. R. Romano2002warfuturistic
Kuldesak  Richard Cowper1972warfuturistic
Kraken Wakes, The
Out of the Deeps
 John Wyndham1953extraterrestrialfantastical
Kiteworld  Keith Roberts1985warrealistic
Kingdom Come Carl Huberman2000extraterrestrialfantastical
King of the Storeroom, The Antonio Porta1978socialrealistic
Killing Star, The George Zebrowski
Charles Pellegrino
Killing Moon, The Rod Glenn2009pestilence
Kanshou, The Sally Miller Gearhart2002ecologicalfuturistic
Kalki Gore Vidal1978pestilencerealistic
Kairos Gwyneth Jones1988warrealistic
Juniper Time Kate Wilhelm1979ecologicalfuturistic
Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America Robert Charles Wilson2009social
Judgment of Eve, The Edgar Pangborn1966warfuturistic
Judgment Day Jane Jensen2000pestilencerealistic

Judge Dredd The Mega-City One Archives


August Hahn

Volume I: The Justice Department1 2010  
Volume II: Lawbringers2 2010  
Volume III: Lawbreakers3 2010  

Judge Dredd


DeathmasquesDave Stone1993  
Savage Amusement, TheDavid Bishop1993  
DreddlockedStephen Marley1993  
Cursed Earth AsylumDavid Bishop1993  
Medusa Seed, TheDave Stone1994  
Dread DominionStephen Marley1994  
Hundredfold Problem, TheJohn Grant1994  
SilencerDavid Bishop1994  
WetworksDave Stone1995  
Judge DreddNeal Barrett Jr.1995  
Judge Dredd: The Junior NovelisationGraham Marks1995  
Dredd Vs DeathGordon Rennie2003  
Bad Moon RisingDavid Bishop2004  
Black AtlanticPeter J. Evans
Simon Jowett
EclipseJames Swallow2004  
Kingdom of the BlindDavid Bishop2004  
Final Cut, TheMatt Smith2005  
Swine FeverAmdrew Cartmel2005  
WhiteoutJames Swallow2005  
PsykogeddonDave Stone2006  
Joshua Factor, The Donald Clayton1986unknown?
Jitterbug Mike McQuay1984pestilencerealistic
Jewels of Aptor, The Samuel R. Delany1962warfantastical
Jesus Factor Edwin Corley1970warrealistic
Jericho Iteration, The Allen M. Steele1994technologyfantastical
Jason and the Astronauts Karl Klyne1981unknown?
Jaiyavara Eleanor Glaze1988socialfuturistic
Islands Marta Randall1976deludgefantastical

Isis Rising


Jean Stewart

Return to Isis1 1992  
Isis Rising2 1993  
Warriors of Isis3 1994  
Winged Isis4 2001  
Wizard of Isis5 2004  
Iron Sunrise Charles Stross2004technologyfantastical
Iron Rain, The Donald Malcolm1976extraterrestrialfantastical
Iron Dream, The Norman Spinrad1972warfantastical
IQ83 Arthur Herzog1978pestilencerealistic
Into Wild Places Robert Hoppensteadt1999technologyfantastical
Into the Forest Jean Hegland1996socialfuturistic
Inferno, The Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
Indoctrinaire Christopher Priest1970warfantastical
Incredible Tide, The Alexander Key1970war
Inconstant Moon Larry Niven1973cosmic
Incomer, The Margaret Elphinstone1987warrealistic
In the Mothers' Land Elisabeth Vonarburg1992warfuturistic
In the Drift Michael Swanwick1985technologyfantastical
In the Country of Last Things Paul Auster1987socialfuturistic
In Solitary Garry Kilworth1977extraterrestrialfantastical
In Mortal Fear Jeanne Lucchesi2000extraterrestrialrealistic
In Iron Years Gordon R. Dickson1980economicrealistic
In Alien Flesh Gregory Benford1986anthologyanthology
In a Dark Time Joseph Dewey1990criticismcriticism
Impact! R. V. Fodor1979cosmicrealistic
Immune Cheryl Gray2002warfuturistic
Imagining Apocalypse: Studies in Cultural Crisis David Seed1999criticismcriticism
Ill Wind Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason



Nick Sagan

Idlewild1 2003  
Edenborn2 2004  
Everfree3 2005  
Icequake Crawford Kilian1978ecologicalrealistic
Icequake John Spencer1997ecologicalfuturistic
Icefire Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Ice! Arnold Federbush1978ecologicalrealistic