Post-Apocalyptic Book List
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Fiddler Fair Mercedes Lackey1998anthologyanthology
Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce Ambrose Bierce1964anthologyanthology
Gravity's Angels Michael Swanwick1991anthologyanthology
In Alien Flesh Gregory Benford1986anthologyanthology
Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, The John Pelan1999anthologyanthology
Last Man on Earth, The Anthology
Isaac Asimov
Legends of the Night Stephen Mark Rainey2002anthologyanthology
New Skies Patrick Nielsen Hayden2003anthologyanthology
No Direction Home Norman Spinrad1975anthologyanthology
Perseids and Other Stories, The Robert Charles Wilson1998anthologyanthology
Personal Demons Christopher Fowler1998anthologyanthology
Phoenix From the Ashes Carl B. Yoke1987anthologyanthology
Prayers to Broken Stones Dan Simmons1990anthologyanthology
Rare Anthology, The Brian Knight2001anthologyanthology
Still I Persist in Wondering Edgar Pangborn1978anthologyfuturistic
Storm Warnings Eric S. Rabkin
Colin Greenland
George E. Slusser
Strange Travelers Gene Wolfe1999anthologyanthology
Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Steven Henderson2000anthologyanthology
Terror Incognita Jeffrey Thomas2000anthologyanthology
This Side of Heaven Robert E. Mandel2001anthologyanthology
Time and Stars Poul Anderson1965anthologyanthology