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Last War, The Martyn Godfrey1989warrealistic
Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome  Alexander Kluge1973warfuturistic
Level 7 Mordecai Roshwald1959warrealistic
Life After War Angela White2010war
Lifeline Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason
Long Loud Silence, The Wilson Tucker1952warrealistic
Long Mynd, The Edward P. Hughes1985warfantastical
Long Tomorrow, The Leigh Bracket1955warrealistic
Long Voyage Back Luke Rhinehart1983warrealistic
Loremasters, The Leslie Gadallah1988warfuturistic
Lost Traveller, The Steve Wilson1977warrealistic
Lot and Lot's Daughter Ward Moore1996warrealistic
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Terry Hayes
George Miller
Magazine Beach Lewis Gannett1996warrealistic
Maiden Flight Eric Vinicoff1988warfuturistic
Malevil Robert Merle1973warfantastical
Man Who Awoke Laurence Manning1933warfuturistic
Man Who Japed, The Philip K. Dick1956warfuturistic
Man who Pulled Down the Sky, The John Barnes1987warfuturistic
Marooned in Realtime Vernor Vinge1986warfuturistic
Masters of the Fist Edward P. Hughes1989warrealistic
Memoirs of a Survivor Doris Lessing1974war
Meridian 144 Meg Files1991warrealistic
Metro 2033 Dmitry Glukhovsky2009war
Midsummer Century James Blish1972warfantastical
Millennium  John Varley1983warfantastical
Moderan David R. Bunch1971war
Mr. Adam Pat Frank1948war
Mutant Henry Kuttner1953warfantastical
My Father Immortal Michael D. Weaver1989warfuturistic
Neena Gathering Valerie Nieman Colander1988warrealistic
Negative Ones, The John E. Muller1965warrealistic
Night of the Big Fire
Moon rocket
 John E. Muller1967warfuturistic
No Night Without Stars Andre Norton1975warfantastical
Nobodaddy's Children Arno Schmidt1995warrealistic
Not This August C.M. Kornbluth1955warrealistic
Nothing Sacred Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1991warfuturistic
Nuclear War Gregory Benford1988waranthology
Oblivion Society, The Marcus Alexander Hart2007war
On the Beach Nevil Shute1957warrealistic
Oneness in a Cocoon S. Egroeg Reklaw2002warfantastical
Orion Shall Rise Poul Anderson1983warfuturistic
Orvis H. M. Hoover1987warfuturistic
Paradigm Red Harold King1975warrealistic
Peace War, The Vernor Vinge1984warfuturistic
Peacemakers, The  Curtis W. Casewit1960warfuturistic
Pebble in the Sky Isaac Asimov1950war
Penultimate Truth, The Philip K. Dick1964warfuturistic
People of the Ruins, The Edward Shanks1920warfantastical
Pesthouse, The Jim Crace2007war
Pilgrimage Drew Mendelson1981warrealistic
Plains of Heaven, The Thomas Bloom2001warrealistic
Pleasures of a Futuroscope, The  Lord Dunsany1955warfuturistic
Postman, The David Brin1985warfantastical
Prodigal Sun, The Philip E. High1964warfuturistic
Public Faces Harold Nicolson1932warrealistic
Pulling Through Dean Ing1983warrealistic
Queen of Darkness, The Miguel Conner1998warfantastical
Radio Hope Sean McLachlan2014warfuturistic
Rankin: Enemy of the State John Osier1986warfuturistic
Re: Colonised Planet 5: Shikasta Doris Lessing1979war
Redbeard Mike Resnick1969warfantastical
Regiments of Night, The
Night of the Robots
 Brian N. Ball1972warfuturistic
Resurrection Day Brendan DuBois1999warrealistic
Return, The
Quiet Place, The
 Richard Maynard1990warrealistic
Revelations: The Final Harvest Douglas J. Edgel1998warrealistic
Riddley Walker Russell Hoban1980warfuturistic
Rider of the White Horse Alan M. Paananen2002warfuturistic
River Rats Caroline Stevermer1991warrealistic
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Walter M. Miller Jr.1997warfantastical
Sar John Robert Russell1974warfuturistic
Saturn 27 Dwight Fiscus2001warfuturistic
Sea Siege Andre Norton1957warfantastical
Second Coming Nicholas Lamano2003warrealistic
Second Variety Philip K. Dick1953war
Seeds of Change Thomas F. Monteleone1975warfuturistic
Seventh Day, The Hans Hellmut Kirst1957warrealistic
Shadow of the Hearth Judith Merril1950warrealistic
Shape of Things To Come H.G. Wells1933warrealistic
Shelter at Papa's Farm, The Elizabeth M. White2012warrealistic
Shore of Women, The Pamela Sargent1986warfuturistic
Silent City, The Elisabeth Vonarburg1988warfuturistic
Sixth Seal, The Mary Wesley1969warrealistic
Slaves To The Metal Horde Milton Lesser1954war
Slynx, The Tatyana Tolstaya2000warfuturistic
Small Armageddon, A Mordecai Roshwald1976warrealistic
Sound of Winter, The Arthur Byron Cover1976warfantastical
Sparrow's Flight, A Margaret Elphinstone1989warrealistic
Speaker to Heaven Atanielle Annyn Nol1987warfuturistic
Specter Is Haunting Texas, A Fritz Leiber1968warfuturistic
Star Man's Son
Daybreak-2250 A.D.
 Andre Norton1952warfantastical
Steel, the Mist, and the Blazing Sun, The Christopher Anvil1980warfuturistic
Stone Gods, The  Jeannette Winterson2007warfuturistic
Strange Deliverance Mary Brown1997warfuturistic
Survivors John Nahmlos1982warrealistic
Swan Song Robert R. McCammon1987warfantastical
Sword of Allah, The Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Taming, The Heather Spears1996warfanastical
Temple of Hashem, The Hyam Yona Becker1998warrealistic
Ten to Midnight Toby Murray2000warrealistic
Testament XXI Guy Snider1973warfuturistic
Texas-Israeli War: 1999, The Howard Waldrop
Jake Saunders
Theodore Savage Cicely Hamilton1922warrealistic
This Immortal Roger Zelazny1966warfantastical
This is the Way the World Ends James Morrow1985warrealistic
Through Darkest America Neal Barrett Jr.1987warfuturistic
Thunder and Roses  Theodore Sturgeon1947warrealistic
Tiger Cruise, The Richard L. Thompson1999warrealistic
Time Capsule Mitch Berman1987warrealistic
Time Connection, The Thomas F. Monteleone1976warfuturistic
Time For Survival, A Philip McCutchan1966warrealistic
Time Gate John Jakes1972warfuturistic
Time of Darkness, a  Sherryl Jordan1990warfantastical
Time-Slip Graham Dunstan Martin1986warrealistic
Time-Swept City, The Thomas F. Monteleone1977warfuturistic
To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories  Poul Anderson2007warfuturistic
To Renew the Ages Robert Coulson1976warfantastical
Tomorrow! Philip Wylie1954warrealistic
Totallyon R. D. Peters2003warrealistic
Toward the End of Time John Updike1997warrealistic
Trinity's Child William Prochnau1983warrealistic
Triton Ultimatum, The Laurence Delaney1977warrealistic
Triumph Philip Wylie1963warrealistic
Twenty-Fifth Hour, The Herbert Best1940warrealistic
Twilight World Poul Anderson1961warfantastical
Unforsaken Hiero, The Sterling E. Lanier1983warfantastical
Valley-Westside War, The Harry Turtledove2008war
Vampire Winter Lois Tilton1990warfantastical
Vault of the Ages Poul Anderson1952warrealistic
Veil of Darkness J. A. Bowman2003warfuturistic
Voices in Time Hugh MacLennan1980warfuturistic
Wall Around Eden, The Joan Slonczewski1989warfuturistic
Warday Whitley Strieber
James Kunetka
Week One Gloria D. Miklowitz1987warrealistic
Westminster Disaster, The Fred Hoyle
Geoffrey Hoyle
Where Is Tomorrow? Daniel R. Barrett2002warrealistic
White Fox Chronicles, The Gary Paulsen2000warfuturistic
Who Fears Death  Nnedi Okorafor2010warrealistic
Wild Harbour Ian MacPherson1936war
Wings of the Valiant Mark Edward Jones1999warfantastical
Winners Poul Anderson1981warfuturistic
Winter Simon Brown1997warfuturistic
Wizard of Linn A.E. Van Vogt1962warfuturistic
Wolf of Shadows Whitley Strieber1985warrealistic
Wool Hugh Howey2012warfuturistic
World Ends in Hickory Hollow, The Ardath Mayhar1985warrealistic
World for the Meek, A Harry Willson1988warfantastical
World Jones Made, The Philip K. Dick1956war
World Next Door, The Brad Ferguson1990warrealistic
World That Never Was, The  Karl Zeigfreid1963warrealistic
World War III Shelford Bidwell1978warrealistic
Wrath of God Bob Gleason1994warfantastical
Year of the Quiet Sun, The Wilson Tucker1970warfantastical
Z for Zachariah Robert C. O'Brien1974warrealistic
Zulus Percival Everett1990warfuturistic



Bill Dolan

Afrikorps1 1991  
Iron Horse2 1991  
White Rhino3 1992  
Sea Stallion4 1992  
Lion Mountain5 1993  
Cobra Curse6 1993  

After The Fall


John Phillip Backus

Hunter1 2010  
Gathering2 2012  



Mary Vigliante

Colony, The1 1979  
Land, The2 1979  

Amtrak Wars


Patrick Tilley

Cloud Warrior1 1983  
First Family, The2 1985  
Iron Master3 1987  
Blood River4 1987  
Death-Bringer5 1989  
Earth-Thunder6 1990  



Robert Rankin

Armageddon: The Musical1 1990  
They Came and Ate Us2 1991  
Suburban Book of the Dead, The3 1992  



Tom McGowen

Magician's Apprentice, The1 1987  
Magician's Company, The2 1988  
Magicians' Challenge, The3 1989  

Ashes, The


William W. Johnstone

Out of the Ashes1 1983  
Fire in the Ashes2 1983  
Anarchy in the Ashes3 1984  
Blood in the Ashes4 1985  
Alone in the Ashes5 1985  
Wind in the Ashes6 1986  
Smoke from the Ashes7 1987  
Danger in the Ashes8 1988  
Valor in the Ashes9 1988  
Trapped in the Ashes10 1989  
Death in the Ashes11 1990  
Survival in the Ashes12 1990  
Fury in the Ashes13 1991  
Courage in the Ashes14 1991  
Terror in the Ashes15 1992  
Vengeance in the Ashes16 1993  
Battle in the Ashes17 1993  
Flames from the Ashes18 1993  
Treason in the Ashes19 1994  
D-Day in the Ashes20 1994  
Betrayal in the Ashes21 1996  
Chaos in the Ashes22 1996  
Slaughter in the Ashes23 1997