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King of the Storeroom, The Antonio Porta1978socialrealistic
Man Who Melted, The Jack Dann1984socialfantastical
Mask for the General, The Lisa Goldstein1987socialrealistic
Perfect People Robert Lieberman1986socialfuturistic
Psalms of Herod, The Esther M. Friesner1995socialfuturistic
Seal of Gaia, The Marlin Maddoux1998socialfuturistic
Soft Apocalypse Will McIntosh2011socialrealistic
Soldier of Light Tom Cool
John DeLancie
Solution Three Naomi Mitchison1975socialrealistic
Three Days in July Etienne Poirier Jr.1997socialfuturistic
Through the Heart Richard Grant1991socialfuturistic
Tom O'Bedlam Robert Silverberg1985socialfuturistic
Turning, The Marissa Carter2000socialrealistic
Views From the Oldest House Richard Grant1989socialfuturistic



James W. Rawles

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse1 1998  
Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse2 2011  
Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse3 2012  



Eric Brown

New York Nights1 2000  
New York Blues2 2001  
New York Dreams3 2004  
Disappearance, The Philip Wylie1951rapturefantastical
Strike Midnight D. M. Matera2000rapturefantastical
Third Millennium, The Paul Meier1993rapturefantastical
Vanished, The John Peel1998rapturerealistic
Vanishing Point Michaela Roessner1993rapturefantastical
Wall, The  Marlen Haushofer1963rapturefantastical



Michael Grant

Gone1 2008  
Hunger2 2009  
Lies3 2010  
Plague4 2011  
Fear5 2012  

Last Gentile, The


Cary Bybee

Last Gentile, The1 2004  
Deacon's Horn2 2004  
Final Witness, The3 2004  

Last on Earth


Marilyn Kaye

Vanishing, The1 1998  
Convergence, The2 1998  
Return, The3 1998  

Left Behind


Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye

Rapture-2 2006  
Regime: Evil Advances-1 2005  
Rising: Antichrist is Born0 2005  
Left Behind1 1995  
Tribulation Force2 1996  
Nicholae3 1997  
Soul Harvest4 1999  
Apollyon5 1999  
Assassins6 1999  
Indwelling7 2000  
Mark8 2000  
Desecration9 2001  
Remnant10 2002  
Armageddon11 2003  
Glorious Appearing12 2004  
Kingdom Come13 2007  

Left Behind: Apocalypse


Mel Odom

Apocalypse Dawn1 2003  
Apocalypse Crucible2 2004  
Apocalypse Burning3 2004  
Apocalypse Unleashed4 2008  

Left Behind: The Kids


Jerry B. Jenkins
Tim LaHaye

Vanishings, The1 1998  
Second Chance2 1998  
Through the Flames3 1998  
Facing the Future4 1998  
Nicolae High5 1999  
Underground6 1999  
Busted!7 2000  
Death Strike8 2000  
Search9 2000  
On the Run10 2000  
Into the Storm11 2000  
Earthquake12 2000  
Showdown, The13 2001  
Judgment Day14 2001  
Battling the Commander15 2001  
Fire From Heaven16 2001  
Terror in the Stadium17 2001  
Darkening Skies18 2001  
Attack of Apollyon19 2002  
Dangerous Plan, A20 2002  
Secrets of New Babylon21 2002  
Escape from New Babylon22 2002  
Horsemen of Terror23 2002  
Uplink from the Underground24 2002  
Death at the Gala25 2003  
Beast Arises, The26 2003  
Wildfire!27 2003  
Mark of the Beast, The28 2003  
Breakout!29 2003  
Murder in the Holy Place30 2003  
Escape to Masada31 2003  
War of the Dragon32 2003  
Attack on Petra33 2004  
Bounty Hunters34 2004  
Rise of the False Messiahs, The35 2004  
Ominous Choices36 2004  
Heat Wave37 2004  
Perils of Love38 2004  
Road to War, The39 2004  
Triumphant Return40 2004  
Arrivedomnibus 2005  
Deceivedomnibus 2005  
Franticomnibus 2004  
Hiddenomnibus 2003  
Huntedomnibus 2005  
Protectedomnibus 2005  
Pursuedomnibus 2003  
Rescuedomnibus 2003  
Shakenomnibus 2005  
Stungomnibus 2003  
Takenomnibus 2003  
Unmaskedomnibus 2005  
Lathe of Heaven, The Ursula K. Le Guin1971plaguefantastical
Stars in Shroud, The Gregory Benford 1970plaguefuturistic
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Kate Wilhelm1975plaguefuturistic



J. M. Morgan

Desert Eden1 1991  
Beyond Eden2 1992  
Future Eden3 1992  
'48 James Herbert1996pestilencerealistic
Alone Jennifer Reynolds2014pestilencerealistic
Black Flame, The Stanley G. Weinbaum1939pestilence
Blood Music Greg Bear1985pestilencefuturistic
Bohack: Symbiotic Worlds L. Linehan1981pestilencefuturistic
Breed to Come Andre Norton1972pestilencefuturistic
Bubbas of the Apocalypse Selina Rosen2001pestilencerealistic
Carriers Patrick Lynch1995pestilencerealistic
Children of the Plague Kat Hankinson2000pestilencefuturistic
City, Not Long After, The Pat Murphy1989pestilencerealistic
Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles, The Robert Moore Williams1961pestilencefantastical
Dead Heat Del Stone Jr.1996pestilencefanastical
Deadly Messiah, The David Campbell Hill1976pestilencerealistic
Dog Eat Dog David J. Rodger2010pestilence
Dome Steve Perry
Michael Reaves
Earth Abides George R. Stewart1949pestilencerealistic
Empty Cities of the Full Moon Howard V. Hendrix2001pestilencefuturistic
Empty World John Christopher1978pestilencerealistic
Epidemic 9 Richard A. Lerner1980pestilencerealistic
Eternity Road Jack McDevitt1997pestilencefuturistic
Evan's Voice  Sallie Lowenstein1999pestilencerealistic
False Night  Algis Budrys1954pestilencerealistic
FORTEC conspiracy, The Richard M. Garvin1968pestilencefantastical
Fourth Horseman, The Alan E. Nourse1982pestilencerealistic
Full Circle Michael Boyle2003pestilence
Girl Who Owned a City, The O. T. Nelson1975pestilence
Glass Stephen Palmer1997pestilencefuturistic
Groogleman Debra Doyle
James D. Macdonald
Hear Me Scream R M James2013pestilencefantastical
Henry's Quest Graham Oakley1988pestilencerealistic
Hole in the Sky Pete Hautman2001pestilencerealistic
I Am Legend Richard Matheson1954pestilencefantastical
I Spied a Pale Horse Mark Timlin1999pestilencerealistic
IQ83 Arthur Herzog1978pestilencerealistic
Jitterbug Mike McQuay1984pestilencerealistic
Judgment Day Jane Jensen2000pestilencerealistic
Kalki Gore Vidal1978pestilencerealistic
Killing Moon, The Rod Glenn2009pestilence
Last Canadian, The William C. Heine1974pestilence
Last Man, The Mary Shelley1826pestilencerealistic
Last Recall, The Charles Ingrid1990pestilencefuturistic
Marked Man, The Charles Ingrid1989pestilencefuturistic
Monkey Station Ardath Mayhar1989pestilencefantastical
Mother Grimm Catherine Wells1997pestilencefuturistic
Night Shift [Night Surf] Stephen King1974pestilence
Nightmare Factor, The Frank M. Robinson
Thomas N. Scortia
Not Dead in the Heart of Dixie R M Kralik2014pestilencerealistic
Other Nature Stephanie A. Smith1995pestilencefuturistic
Pandemia JohnathanRand
Christopher Knight
Pandora's Clock John J. Nance1995pestilencerealistic
Pestis 18 Sharon Webb1987pestilencerealistic
Plague  Jeremiah L. Donaldson2006pestilencerealistic
Plague Saint, The Rita Donovan1997pestilencefuturistic
Planet for the President, A Alistair Beaton2004pestilencerealistic
Reaper, The Art Wiederhold2001pestilencerealistic
Red Death, The Max Marlow1990pestilencerealistic
Reign of the Dead Len Barnhart2001pestilencerealistic
Resurrection 2027 J. G. Eccarius1995pestilencefuturistic
Ringway Virus, The Russell Foreman1977pestilencerealistic
Scourge, The Thomas Dunne1978pestilencerealistic
Second Angel, The Philip Kerr1998pestilencefuturistic
Sign of the Labrys Margaret St. Clair1963pestilencefantastical
Silent Victor, The Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti2001pestilencerealistic
Slog Richard Jr Bellush2002pestilencefuturistic
Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys1961pestilencerealistic
Stand, The Stephen King1978pestilencefantastical
Starbright and the Dream Eater  Joy Cowley1999pestilencerealistic
Sudden Star
White Death
 Pamela Sargent1979pestilencefuturistic
Survivors Terry Nation1976pestilencerealistic
These Words Are Haunted Scott Edelman2001pestilencerealistic
Third Pandemic, The Pierre Ouellette1996pestilencerealistic
Time of the Fourth Horseman Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1976pestilencefuturistic
Tintagel Paul Cook1981pestilencefantastical
Transall Saga, The Gary Paulsen1998pestilence
Two Journeys Clemens P. Suter2010pestilence
Virility Factor, The Robert Merle1977pestilencefantastical
Wet Work Philip Nutman1993pestilencerealistic
White Plague, The Frank Herbert1982pestilencerealistic
World War Z Max Brooks2006pestilencerealistic
World Without Women Day Keene1965pestilencefantastical
Year Zero Jeff Long2002pestilencefantastical
Zone Soldiers  Daniel Ransom1996pestilencerealistic



Gwyneth Jones

White Queen1 1991  
North Wind2 1994  
Phoenix Cafe3 1997