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City of the Dead Brian Keene2005zombies
Dark and Hollow Places, The Carrie Ryan2011zombies
Dead, The Mark E. Rogers1989zombies
Dead-Tossed Waves, The Carrie Ryan2010zombies
Deadlands Scott A. Johnson2005zombies
First Activation D A Wearmouth2013zombiesfantastical
Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Carrie Ryan2009zombies
Hare Moon Carrie Ryan2011zombies
Rising, The Brian Keene2003zombies
Z: Zombie Stories J M Lassen2011zombiesfantastical

Benny Imura


Jonathan Maberry

Rot & Ruin1 2010  
Dust & Decay2 2011  
Flesh & Bone3 2012  
Fire & Ash4 2013  

Down the Road


Bowie Ibarra

Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story1 2005  
On the Last Day2 2006  
Fall of Austin, The3 2011  



Charlie Higson

Enemy, The1 2009  
Dead, The2 2010  
Fear, The3 2011  
Sacrifice, The4 2012  
Fallen, The5 2013  
Hunted, The6 2014  

Walking Dead, The


Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman

Rise of the Governor1 2011  
The Road to Woodbury2 2012  
The Fall of the Governor: Part One3 2013  
The Fall of the Governor: Part Two4 2014  
Descent5 2014  
Invasion6 2015  



David Wellington

Monster Island1 2006  
Monster Nation2 2006  
Monster Planet3 2007  
Father John VS the Zombies Karl El-Koura2012zombiefantastical
Rise Again Ben Tripp2010zombierealistic
This Dark Earth John Hornor Jacobs2012zombierealistic

Dead World


Joe McKinney

Dead City1 2006  
Apocalypse of the Dead2 2010  
Flesh Eaters3 2011  
Mutated4 2012  

Morningstar Strain


Z. A. Recht

Plague of the Dead1 2006  
Thunder and Ashes2 2008  
Survivors3 2012  



Alden Bell

Exit Kingdom2 2012  



Walter Greatshell

Apocalypse Blues1 2004  
Apocalypticon2 2010  
Apocalypso3 2011  
2011, The Evacuation of Planet Earth G. Cope Schellhorn1997warrealistic
2084: The Year of the Liberal David L. Hale2000warfuturistic
Absolute at Large, The  Karel Capek1927warfantastical
After the Bomb Gloria D. Miklowitz1984warrealistic
After the Flood P. C. Jersild1986warfuturistic
After Things Fell Apart Ron Goulart1970warfuturistic
Against the Fall of Night Arthur C. Clarke1953war
Agviq Michael Armstrong1990warrealistic
Alas, Babylon Pat Frank1959warrealistic
Alejandra Variations, The Paul Cook1984warfantastical
Alien Child  Pamela Sargent1988warfuturistic
All That Remains D. F. Galley2002warfuturistic
American Messiah  James Hall2007warrealistic
Amnesia Moon Jonathan Lethem1995warfantastical
Among Madmen  Jim Starlin
Daina Graziunas
Ape and Essence Aldous Huxley1948warrealistic
Armageddon David Drake
Billie Sue Mosiman
Martin H. Greenberg
Armageddon at Defcon 1 Teretha G. Houston1999warrealistic
Armageddon Blues, The Daniel Keys Moran1988warfantastical
Barefoot in the Head Brian Aldiss1969warrealistic
Beast of Heaven, The Victor Kelleher1984warfuturistic
Beyond Armageddon Walter M. Miller Jr.1985waranthology
Beyond Time  John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Black Snow Days Claudia O'Keefe1990warfuturistic
Bob Bridges: An Apocalyptic Fable Penny Perkins1999warfantastical
Bone Dance Emma Bull1991warfuturistic
Bright Phoenix, The Harold Mead1956warfuturistic
Brother in the Land Robert Swindells1984warrealistic
Burnt Lands Richard Elliott
Richard E Geis
Canticle for Leibowitz, A Walter M. Miller Jr.1959warfantastical
Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Jr.1960warrealistic
Cemetary World Clifford D. Simak1975warfantastical
Central passage Lawrence L. Schoonover1962warfantastical
Chalk Giants, The Keith Roberts1974warfantastical
Chernobyl Syndrome Dean Ing1988warrealistic
Chicago Red R M Meluch1990warfuturistic
Children of the Crisp Paul S. Brittain2004warfuturistic
Children of the Light Susan B. Weston1985warfuturistic
Chronocide Mission, The Lloyd Biggle2002warfantastical
Chrysalids, The John Wyndham1955warfantastical
City and the Stars, The Arthur C. Clarke1956war
City at World's End, The Edmond Hamilton1951warfantastical
City in the Sea, The  Wilson Tucker1951warrealistic
City of Illusions Ursula K. Le Guin1967warfantastical
Clio and Cy: The Apocalypse Christopher Lee2014warfuturistic
Cloud Atlas David Mitchell2004war
Cloud Walker, The  Edmund Cooper1973warfuturistic
Cold Allies Patricia Anthony1993warfuturistic
Cold Sea Rising Richard Moran1986warrealistic
Coming of the Rats, The
Virgin Mistress
 George Henry Smith1961warrealistic
Commander-1 Peter George1965warrealistic
Company of Glory, The Edgar Pangborn1975warfuturistic
Cool War Frederik Pohl1981warfuturistic
Countdown to Midnight H. Bruce Franklin1984waranthology
Cowl Neal Asher2004war
Crazy Horse in Heaven Robert P. Arthur2000warrealistic
Crimson Witch, The  Dean R. Koontz1971warrealistic
Crisp, The Paul S. Brittain2002warfuturistic
Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny1969warfantastical
Dance of the Apocalypse Gordon Eklund1976warfuturistic
Danger Quotient, The Annabel Johnson
Edgar Johnson
Dark December Alfred Coppel1960warrealistic
Dark Universe Daniel F. Galouye1961warfantastical
Darkest of Nights, The
Survival Margin
 Charles Eric Maine1964warrealistic
Davy Edgar Pangborn1964warrealistic
Dawn's Uncertain Light Neal Barrett Jr.1989warfuturistic
Day of the Shield Anthony Alban1973warfantastical
Day the World Died, The John E. Muller1962warfuturistic
Daystar and Shadow James B Johnson1981warfantastical
Dead Morn Roberto Fuentes
Piers Anthony
Deus Irae Roger Zelazny
Philip K. Dick
Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers1985warfuturistic
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K. Dick1966warfuturistic
Doomsday Plus Twelve James D. Forman1984war
Doomsday Story, The Elleston Trevor1952warrealistic
Down to a Sunless Sea David Graham1989warfuturistic
Dr. Bloodmoney Philip K. Dick1965warrealistic
Dracula Unbound  Brian W. Aldiss1990warfantastical
Dream Compass, The Jeff Bredenberg1991warfuturistic
Dream Vessel, The Jeff Bredenberg1992warfuturistic
Dreamsnake Vonda N. McIntyre1978warrealistic
Dry Salvages, The  Caitln R. Kiernan2004warfuturistic
Duende Meadow Paul Cook1985warfantastical
Earth King Michael Youssef1988warrealistic
Earthwreck! Thomas N. Scortia1974warrealistic
Egghead Republic  Arno Schmidt1979warfantastical
Einstein' s Monsters Martin Amis1987waranthology
Eleventh Commandment, The Lester del Rey1962warfuturistic
Eleventh Plague, The Jeff Hirsch2011warrealistic
Emergence David R. Palmer1984warrealistic
Empire of the Atom A.E. Van Vogt1957warfuturistic
End Time George A. Matiasz1996warrealistic
Engine Summer John Crowley1979warfantastical
Epicenter Basil Jackson1971warrealistic
Escape Shaft Peter LeRoux2000warfuturistic
Extinction is Forever Louise Lawrence1990war
Fallen City Gregory Austin2002warfuturistic
Fallen Sky, The Peter Crowcroft1954warrealistic
False Dawn Chelsea Quinn Yarbro1978warrealistic
Farnhams Freehold Robert A. Heinlein1964warfantastical
Fifth Planet, The Geoffrey Hoyle
Fred Hoyle
Fight for Life  Murray Leinster1949warrealistic
Fire Alan Rodgers1990warrealistic
Fiskadoro Denis Johnson1985warfuturistic
Flight of the Horse Larry Niven1973war
Folk of the Fringe, The Orson Scott Card1989warfuturistic
Freak's Amour Tom De Haven1979warrealistic
Free Flight Douglas Terman1980warrealistic
Freefall Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Froomb!  John Lymington1964warrealistic
Fugue For a Darkening Island Christopher Priest1972warrealistic
Galileo's Children [The World Is a Sphere] Arthur C. Clarke2005warrealistic
Game Player's of Titan, The Philip K. Dick1963warfuturistic
Gate to Women's Country, The Sheri S. Tepper1988warfuturistic
Gather, Darkness! Fritz Leiber1943warfuturistic
Gay Hunter J. Leslie Mitchell1934warfantastical
Gift Upon the Shore, A M. K. Wren1990warfuturistic
God's Grace Bernard Malamud1982warrealistic
Golden Days Carolyn See1986warfuturistic
Goodness Gene, The Sonia Levitin2005war
Greybeard Brian Aldiss1964warrealistic
Happy Policeman Patricia Anthony1994warfantastical
Heirs of Babylon, The Glen Cook1972warrealistic
Heroes and Villains Angela Carter1969warrealistic
Homestead, The Sam Mangat2000warfuturistic
Hunger-Light Brian Trent1999warfuturistic
Hunter's Fire, A Floyd D. Dale1989warrealistic
I Feel the Morning Star Gregory Maguire1989warfuturistic
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Harlan Ellison1967war
Ice Anna Kavan1967warrealistic
Icefire Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Immune Cheryl Gray2002warfuturistic
In the Mothers' Land Elisabeth Vonarburg1992warfuturistic
Incomer, The Margaret Elphinstone1987warrealistic
Incredible Tide, The Alexander Key1970war
Indoctrinaire Christopher Priest1970warfantastical
Iron Dream, The Norman Spinrad1972warfantastical
Jesus Factor Edwin Corley1970warrealistic
Jewels of Aptor, The Samuel R. Delany1962warfantastical
Judgment of Eve, The Edgar Pangborn1966warfuturistic
Kairos Gwyneth Jones1988warrealistic
Killing Star, The George Zebrowski
Charles Pellegrino
Kiteworld  Keith Roberts1985warrealistic
Kuldesak  Richard Cowper1972warfuturistic
Lactose the Intolerable in Prophesies of the Ancients S. R. Romano2002warfuturistic
Land of the Golden Clouds Archie Weller1998warfuturistic
Last Children of Schevenborn, The Gudrun Pausewang1988warrealistic
Last Continent, The Edmund Cooper1969warfuturistic
Last Day, The Helen Clarkson1959warrealistic
Last Day, The Glenn Kleier1997warrealistic
Last Galaxy Game, The Karl Klyne1980warfantastical
Last Prisoner, The David Lorne1991warfuturistic
Last Refuge Elizabeth Ann Scarborough1992warfuturistic
Last Ship, The William Brinkley1987warrealistic