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Ashes, The


William W. Johnstone

From the Ashes: America Reborn26 1998  
Triumph in the Ashes27 1998  
Hatred in the Ashes28 1999  
Standoff in the Ashes29 1999  
Crisis in the Ashes30 2000  
Tyranny in the Ashes31 2000  
Warriors in the Ashes32 2001  
Destiny in the Ashes33 2001  
Enemy in the Ashes34 2002  
Escape from the Ashes35 2003  
The Last Rebel: Survivor36 2004  
Long Loud Silence, The Wilson Tucker1952warrealistic
Year of the Quiet Sun, The Wilson Tucker1970warfantastical
Ice and Iron Wilson Tucker1974ecologicalrealistic
City in the Sea, The  Wilson Tucker1951warrealistic
Cold Fusion Windsor Chorlton1999freezefuturistic
Final Impact Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic
Red Shadows Yvonne Navarro1998cosmicrealistic

Morningstar Strain


Z. A. Recht

Plague of the Dead1 2006  
Thunder and Ashes2 2008  
Survivors3 2012