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2084: The Year of the Liberal

Written By:David L. Hale - 2000

  • 2084: The Year of the Liberal - David L. Hale cover


The year is 2084 and the liberal party has a stranglehold on Fairland. A limited nuclear exchange between Asia and the North Americans in 2033 set both peoples back to the Middle Ages. Conservatives, largely annihilated in the Revolution of 2034, were either prosecuted as enemies of the state or eliminated.

Thus rose the Liberal fairyland, Fairland. Established within the borders of the US and Canada, it was a country of ultimate caring, fairness and equality. Fairland's citizens are cared for with a firm but loving hand by the beneficent dictator, Big Mama, who knows each of her dependents by name. Big Mama loves each of her charges equally, but--as John Winston is to discover--some are more equal than others. 2084 is parody, but also biting satire. As in the satire of Voltaire and Swift, 2084 bends outrageous plot and motley characters to the cause of exposing the hypocrisy of the present and recent past with a humor as irresistible as it is acerbic.